Leave app development nuances to experts

Jim is a CEO. He likes to be in control, and currently, he’s planning to launch a mobile application. His company is still new and lacks an HR manager, so Jim decides to hire app developers himself. “It can’t be too difficult,” Jim thinks. Now, he’s spent five days straight browsing through resumes. He screams, for he never knew what was coming for him. 

You, on the other hand, can start your work day confidently. Plan the launch of your app while jogging in the nearby park. Cycle to your office listening to how Nathan Latka grills yet another startup founder in his podcast show. Skim through your company’s yesterday stats, making sure it’s doing great. Enjoy your morning coffee – it tastes especially good when flavored with a pinch of daily success. 

And when you need to hire app developers to build a solid application for your business, you know that you don’t need to understand all the subtleties of programming. With us on your side, you can stay in full control of more important matters without distracting yourself to micromanage the hiring process. 

Think you can hire app developers on your own? Then answer these questions first

how to find an app developer

Can you tell a good developer from a bad one?

Do you know what skills you should pay attention to when hiring a mobile app developer? Or will the code you saw in a dev’s portfolio actually work? Are you ready to put your project at risk by hiring a developer yourself?

Can you make random strangers work as a team?

You will need to make a bunch of devs who see each other for the first time work as a team. It’s a pain in the neck. You already run a startup and have your own staff to manage. Do you want to hold a team of strangers by the hand all the time?

Or would you rather delegate this hassle to someone who makes a living on recruitment, instead?

Do you know what language will work best for your mobile app? 

Here is the sad truth. Just like in web app development, for each mobile platform, there are multiple programming languages used to write mobile apps. Guess who will have to spend weeks figuring out the nuances of developing apps in Java, Javascript, React/React Native, Kotlin, Objective-C, C#, Swift, etc?

You don’t have to do this, really. Contact us. 

Do you know how to lower additional development costs?

You will have to choose devs based on their rates in addition to their skillsets. If you thought to hire in-house devs because they are reliable and work well, think again. When you work with in-house devs, you automatically add extra costs to the overall price of your mobile app:   

  • salaries
  • FICA taxes
  • insurances
  • office rent
  • equipment
  • paid vacations and sick days.

Speaking of salaries

In-house app developers in the US cost a lot, regardless of whether you are looking on the Westside or Eastside. 

Right away: Palo-Alto area annual rates are so crazy we’re not even rating them here.

Besides Palo Alto, the most expensive mobile app development in the US is in San-Francisco. Gentle people there will expect you to pay them up to $98K annually.

Average mobile applications developer salary in San Francisco

These rates are closely followed by those in New York. An app developer in the NYC area earns on average $85K per year.

Average mobile applications developer salary in New York

Mobile app development in Chicago is more affordable and costs about $76K per year. 

Just remember that when we say “more affordable” we mean “still expensive, but at least you’ll have enough money left to buy a cupcake.”)

Average mobile applications developer salary in Chicago

Mobile app development in Los Angeles costs about the same as in Chicago: you pay an app dev $77K annually, and they are all yours.

Average mobile applications developer salary in Los Angeles

If you still want to hire in the United States, we’d recommend you check out the app development in Atlanta. With salary expectations around $67K per year, Atlanta developers are probably the most affordable ones in the US. 

Average mobile applications developer salary in Atlanta

It looks like hiring in the United States can cost you a fortune. A team of just two app developers hired in New York will expect you to pay them $170K a year. And probably, this is going to be a year of development. Creating an app is not that easy, and you will probably need a larger team to speed up the process.

And we’re not even talking about the costs of working with app development companies! Perhaps, when your business grows old and mature, you will want to afford the luxury of an app development company. An average mobile app development agency has staff to sustain, taxes to pay, and operational costs to cover. Guess who will be paying for all this? 

Now, when you are starting out and every dollar counts, a company might not be the best choice. 

Cheap alternatives don’t end up well

If you’re thinking of hiring in India, think twice. Indian developers are well-known for how low their annual salary rates are. Before you type in Google, “Hire mobile app developers in India,” consider these important notes:

– High-quality app development can be more or less affordable but is never cheap. Regardless of the country, qualified app devs will charge you respectively. 

– The lower you pay, the poorer quality of work you get. It’s an axiom.  

– Fair trade is always better than profiteering. So do pay fairly. You don’t want to develop your company exploiting the labor of those who are forced to work for pennies. 

Here is what awaits your app if you make poor hiring decisions

If you feel like you lack hiring experience, chances are you hire an inexperienced or unskilled developer. A freelance app developer who is not competent enough can subject your app to a number of unnecessary problems such as:

– Trying to build a poly-functional suite that flies to space and orders a beer. A simple but focused app is more than enough.

– The lack of beta-testing. This can cause the final version of the app not working as intended, lacking functionality, malfunctioning, etc. 

– Neglecting functionality in favor of UI/UX, and vice versa. It’s never good. This is why you need a worked team of devs: to do both sides of the development right.

– Developing for too many platforms at once. This leads to expenses, optimization issues, and missed deadlines (because in many cases devs need to write code for each new platform from scratch)

– Bugs, spaghetti code, poor technical execution.

Skip all that work and hire app developers in a blink of an eye

If you are planning to hire a mobile application developer on your own, prepare to spend your time and resources to: 

– Learn the basics of recruitment. But you are a CEO, not an HR manager, remember?

– Figure out the nuances of programming in different languages.

– Wade through dozens (if not hundreds) of app developers resumes searching for “the right one.”

We are sure you have more important matters to tend to. So, why don’t you skip all the boring recruitment routines, and get to the actual app development ASAP?

The fastest way to start developing your app now

You tell us what you want, we tell you whom to hire. We are a freelance marketplace for vetted developers. We do this for a living.

Before you tense up because of the F-word, know that we completely negate nearly all known risks of working with freelancers. Outsource app development with Lemon is perfectly safe.


We’ve already hired 350+ developers for you

We’ve already hired devs for all possible tasks, mobile app development included. Many of them are used to working together in teams. 

If you are unsure whom you should hire and what platform you want an app for, we’ll help you make an informed decision. 

We’ll help you to select the best possible dev

98% of our customers hire the first freelancer dev we offer them. If you know you want an app but have no idea what developer you should hire, just rely on us. Lemon.io knows what’s best for your project. 

Combine skills of multiple devs for maximum result

From Megaman to Ultra-Mega-Mega-Man. Our broad talent pool allows you to get all-stars developers to work on your specific tasks. We’ll help you choose the right specialists for your project. 

Hire at 50% of the US developers rates

affordable app developers

We mostly vet and hire app developers from Ukraine and Eastern Europe. 

Compared to the US, Ukraine has 40% lower costs of living, which results in lower salary expectations. 

On the other hand, as a European country, Ukraine has high standards of quality and developed work ethic. 

For you, it means that you can find app developer for as low as 50% of the US rates. Just check out the hourly rates of our freelance developers:  

– WordPress – $30

– JavaScript – $35-$40

– Python – $40-$45

– Django – $40-$45 

– PHP – $30-$45

– Mobile Apps Development – $40

– React.js – $42-$44

– Node.js – $42-$45

– Angular.js – $38-$44

– HTML/CSS – $20-$25

Forget your concerns

Many mobile app developers do the coding thing just to make a living. 

Ours don’t. 

They eat app development, drink app development, breathe with app development, and marry app development. Their children are app development, too. 

Here is how we make sure of it. 

Preliminary checks

We make sure our candidate speaks good English, has a diverse portfolio of successfully accomplished projects, and has outstaffing experience.

Reputation checks

We care about your experience with our devs. Before hiring them we make sure that their previous employers were satisfied with our candidates. 

Skill checks

There is no point in hiring nice people if they can’t code. So, we put them to multiple proficiency tests. And trust us, those tests make one hell of a ride. 

Live interview

We want to know how committed our candidates are, what their work ethic is, and how it feels working with them. For this purpose, we interview them live. 

If a candidate fails a single stage (even the last one!) we never hire them. Yep, we’re that badass. 

Solve any project-related issues right away

Our customer support gets in touch with you at the moment you ask for assistance. It stays with you until you say, “Thanks for the help, it’s okay now.”

We control our devs 24/7

We constantly monitor the work of our freelancers when they work on your projects. Join us, it’s fun! We have a special time-tracker that lets you keep a record of the number of hours a dev spent working on your mobile app. If they slack off, you’ll know it.

(Trust us, they won’t. We have cameras installed all over their homes. We’ve taken their favorite dakimakura pillows hostage. They have nowhere to hide. Lemon is omnipresent.)

App developers you can hire right now

We’ve already selected some app devs who’d make a great team. Together, they can create an app your users will spend hours on. They can work on your order right away. 

Whom do you choose?

Android developers

Vasyl P.

A natural talent when it comes to leading middle-sized teams, Vasyl is a guru of Android development and applied mathematics. Hire him to crown your dev team with a Lead Android developer who knows their drill. 

Tech Skills


Android SDK







Android Annotations


Facebook SDK

Twitter SDK

PayPal SDK


Google Analytics

Google Maps


Hire Vasyl!

Vsevolod K.

An experienced team and feature Lead, Vsevolod is a skilled Android developer who has been writing code in Kotlin since its first beta-versions and secretly wrote “War and Peace” in Java.

Tech Skills

– Java, Kotlin, Dart with Flutter, Ktor with MongoDB, SQL

– OOP, Design patterns (SOLID, GOF)

– MVP, MVC, MVVM, Clean Architecture, Architecture Components, Databinding

– RxJava 1/2, Coroutines

– ExoPlayer

– DI, Dagger 2, Koin

– TDD, Unit testing, Mockito

– REST, HTTP(s), Sockets, Web sockets, gRPC

– SQLite, Room, Realm

– Maven, Gradle

– Retrofit, OkHttp

– Google Services

– Social Networks

– Ads

– Custom UI (Views, ViewGroups), Animations

– Firebase, Push-notifications


– CI

– RenderScript (beginner level)

– Chinese market (Baidu store, Baidu pushes, Baidu map/aMap, WeChat login, 360store).

Hire Vsevolod

Stanislav M.

Stanislav is the star of 2D/3D games development and mobile apps development. With a solid knowledge of Java, Kotlin, and C# Stanislav can crack any task you throw at him.

Tech Skills

– Jave

– Kotlin

– Xamarin

– C#

– Architecture Components

– Dagger2

– RxAndroid

– ReactiveUI

– Firebase

– SQLite

– OrmLite

– GreenDao

– JUnit

– Mockito

– Appium



Hire Stanislav

iOS developers

Igor K.

With 4+ years in iOS app development, Igor can help you develop anything, from banking client apps to fitness trackers. Igor is our Objective-C and Swift king!

Tech Skills 







Google, Facebook, Twitter APIs






Estimote Proximity




Google Maps








Hire Igor

Max S.

When it comes to an application’s lifecycle from modeling to development, Max is the expert you want to have on hand. 7+ years of mobile app development are no joke!

Tech Skills

– Swift

– Objective-C

– CoreData

– Parse

– Firebase


– Realm

– Xcode

– AppCode

– Application Loader

– File Merge

– Instruments

– Simulator

– Source Tree

– Git

– Agile


– Kanban

Hire Max


4+ years in iOS app development require dedication. In fact, dedication is Bogdan’s second name. Skilled in developing, designing, and testing iOS applications, Bogdan will be a valuable addition to your dream team of mobile app devs.

Tech Skills

– Objective-C 

– Swift

– Xcode 

– UIKit


– Core Media

– AVFoundation

– Foundation

– Core Graphics

– Core Animation GCD

– Code Runner

– Application Loader

– File Merge

– Source Tree

– Git

– Testflight

Hire Bogdan

Which one do you choose?

Android developers

iOS developers

I want both!

Don’t like a dev? Ask for a free replacement

f you don’t like how the developer we assigned to your task performs, do request a replacement. It’s instant and free of charge.


  • Lemon knows everything about app development.
  • We have front and back end developers who know all possible languages used for mobile app development.
  • We are a freelance marketplace with a strong emphasis on vetting and quality assurance.
  • Our prices are affordable because we hire developers in Eastern Europe.
  • We support and accompany our clients while they work with our devs.

Contact us! We make app development easy.