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Let’s start with defining what Flutter is.

Flutter is an open-source UI software development tool created by Google. It is used to develop Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and web applications from a single codebase. Moreover, Flutter’s widgets contain all of the key variations between iOS and Android, such as icons, scrolling, fonts, and navigation. This allows full native performance on both platforms. Additionally, the framework includes a rich set of Material Design (Android) or Cupertino (iOS) widgets, allowing developers to easily customize app’s appearance.

If you are looking for a Flutter developer and don’t know where to start, this job description template is exactly what you need!

Company description

The company description section in the job post has to provide potential candidates with an understanding of what kind of organization they are applying to and whether or not it would be a good fit for them. Consider mentioning some insights into the company’s culture, values, goals, and objectives, which can make all the difference when choosing between multiple job offers. By including this information, applicants will have a better idea about what working at your company could look like.


“We are a web design agency “ABC” that is dedicated to providing our clients with top-notch, creative, and user-friendly websites. Our mission is to design unique digital experiences that meet clients’ needs and exceed their expectations in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness. “ABC” strives to deliver high-quality work by utilizing the latest technologies and team collaboration. We value and prioritize innovation, customer service, teamwork, and professionalism within all aspects of our business operations while maintaining an enjoyable workplace culture where creativity can thrive”.

Flutter developer job brief

The Flutter developer job brief section is an important part of the job description, as it outlines some of the specific skills and qualifications a successful candidate is required to have. It also helps to ensure that all applicants clearly understand what is expected of them in this role. Additionally, by providing brief information about the responsibilities and tasks associated with this position, you allow potential candidates to decide if it’s something they truly want to pursue without needing to read further on in the post.


“ABC” web design agency is seeking an experienced Flutter developer to join our team. The ideal candidate should have mobile app development experience using Flutter and be able to work independently on complex tasks. The Flutter engineer at our company will be responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining user interfaces for various projects, ensuring that all designs meet customer specifications and performance and scalability requirements. Flutter app developers must also possess excellent problem-solving skills to identify any issues or bugs during the development process quickly. Good communication skills are essential in order to collaborate with other members of our team and clients effectively”.

Flutter developer skills, qualifications, and requirements

This paragraph is an essential part of the recruitment process, as it aims to outline specific qualifications an applicant must meet in order to be considered for hire. Make sure to include all the qualifications you want your candidate to possess in order to be successful in this job position. 


  • Experience with Dart and Flutter 3+ years; 
  • Solid technical understanding of object-oriented design principles and development methodologies;
  • Experience with web technologies (JavaScript and AJAX);
  • Familiarity with source control systems (Git) and versioning tools (e.g., GitHub); 
  • Experience using Flutter libraries to create mobile applications for Android or iOS devices; 
  • Knowledge of user interface guidelines;
  • Ability to debug code effectively and identify performance issues quickly;  
  • Understanding of cross-platform application architecture best practices; 
  • Good communication skills.

Flutter developer duties and responsibilities

This part of the job description post is meant to depict the scope of work for a potential candidate, and help understand what tasks will be expected from them if hired and how their skillset may fit into the position. This section also provides applicants with a clear picture of what to expect in terms of daily activities and routine.


  • Flutter experience designing and developing user interfaces for applications using ;
  • Integrate UI with back-end services, such as databases or APIs;
  • Troubleshoot and debug application issues in a timely manner; 
  • Create automated tests to ensure the quality of the codebase; 
  • Optimize performance, scalability, and reliability of applications; 
  • Collaborate closely with design teams to create intuitive User Interfaces (UIs);
  • Implement third-party libraries into existing projects when necessary.

Benefits and perks for Flutter developer

This is the last paragraph of the job post that will help an applicant make the final decision of whether your company is the right fit for them. It can offer insight into how much value a company places on its people by demonstrating the types of rewards it is willing to provide in exchange for quality work. Think of your company’s values and what benefits could arise based on that— medical insurance coverage, vacation time, retirement plans, and other incentives such as gym memberships, retreats, courses for knowledge expansion, etc.


“Working as a Flutter Developer at a web design agency is an incredibly rewarding experience. In addition to the competitive salary, you’ll have access to many great benefits and perks. “ABC” offers flexible working hours and gym membership, allowing you to manage your own time and create the balance between work and life that works best for you. Furthermore, you’ll get access to some of the latest technology tools and platforms which can help make your job easier and more efficient. Finally, there are plenty of opportunities for professional growth within the company – from attending conferences or workshops related to development technologies such as Flutter or networking events with other developers – so there is always something new to learn and upgrade your skills!”


  • What language is Flutter?

    The programming language used in Flutter is Dart.

  • Why hire a Flutter developer?

    Hiring a Flutter developer is an excellent choice for any company looking to create modern, cross-platform mobile apps with minimal effort. A skilled Flutter developer can help you create intuitive and attractive user interfaces that are easy to use across both Android and iOS devices. 

  • Why are companies choosing Flutter?

    Companies choose Flutter because it is a powerful and intuitive tool for creating beautiful mobile applications with native performance. It provides developers with an easy-to-use, single codebase that can be used to develop both Android and iOS apps quickly and efficiently. Additionally, it has a hot reload feature that allows developers to make real-time changes without restarting the application or emulator. Finally, Flutter’s widget library offers a wide variety of customizable elements, making app design easier than ever.

  • What to look for in a Flutter developer?

    A Flutter developer should have strong experience in developing mobile applications with the Flutter framework and knowledge of the Dart programming language. They should also be familiar with integrating APIs and third-party libraries into their projects, debugging and troubleshooting issues, following coding standards, and optimizing code for performance and scalability. Additionally, they should possess an understanding of material design principles and responsive design techniques to create cross-platform apps that look great on any device.

  • How much do Flutter developers earn?

    The salary of a Flutter developer can vary greatly depending on experience and location. As per Glassdoor, the average base pay for a Flutter Developer in the United States is around 115,000 USD per year or 55 USD per hour. At Lemon.io, you can find vetted middle to senior Flutter developers for hire at 20 USD to 40 USD an hour. Considering that our talent pool has developers from all over the world, we are confident we can match you with the perfect candidate according to your requirements, time zone, and budget! 

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