• + - Do I own the IP?


      We have this covered in our Terms of Use, but you can go further and sign MSA or any other necessary documents directly with the developer.

    • + - Who owns the intellectual property rights?

      You, the client.

      We have this covered in our Terms of Use, but you can go further and sign MSA or any other necessary documents directly with the developer.

    • + - Do I get a project estimation before the start?


      Based on details about your project and requirements, the developer will estimate the amount of the hours needed to deliver the work. 

      You can use this number to project the total cost.

    • + - What technologies do you work with?

      The most common technologies among our contractors are: 

      JavaScript, Python, RoR, Data Science, Blockchain, Java, SWIFT, but go ahead and ask us what the stack you are looking for.

    • + - Do your developers speak good English?

      Yes, we only accept those developers who speak English good enough to ensure clear and productive communication.

    • + - How do you vet the developers?

      Every developer who applies to join our network has to go through 5 stages of our vetting process: 


      1. CV & portfolio evaluation 
      2. Background and identity check 
      3. Oral and written English proficiency tests 
      4. Coding test task
      5. Live interview
    • + - Are there any additional fees?

      No, just the fixed hourly rate.

    • + - What are the hourly rates?

      Hourly rates start at $35- $55/hour for JavaScript, Python, RoR, Data Science, Blockchain, Java and SWIFT professionals.

    • + - How does the payment work?

      Lemon’s payment system works like a pre-paid card.

      To have your task/project started and kept in progress, you should have a credit on your account. If you hire on a full-time basis, your account should have at least 40 hours in the beginning of each week. 


    • + - Can the developers work in my office?

      Developers hired for fulltime positions can visit and meet your team in the office. All travel expenses will be covered by you.

      Relocation can be discussed in each case individually.

    • + - Do I get to communicate with the developer directly?


    • + - Where are your developers located?

      96% of our freelancers are located in Eastern Europe. 

    • + - Do I get a refund if the developer doesn’t meet my expectations?

      Our developers have a 98.6% job success score, delivering perfect results on time. 

      And while failed projects are unlikely, in the worst-case scenario, we will examine the situation, and if fair, will provide a partial or complete refund.

    • + - Can I interview and test the developer on my own?


    • + - Are there any upfront fees?


      Your first payment happens right before the start of the project, once you’ve approved the estimations and the candidates you want to work with. 

    • + - How long does it take to start the project?

      The exact answer depends on the scope of the project and your requirements. 

      On average, it takes us 1-2 days to find the perfect candidate and up to 2 more days for them to start working.

    • + - How do I hire a developer from you?
      1. Answer a few questions about your project.
      2. We offer you 1 candidate that is the best fit for the role.
      3. Fund your account and start working.
    • + - How are you different from the other freelance platforms?


      There are 2 main differences: 


      1. We test and interview every developer who applies to join our network. Our vetting process allows us to make sure that every single client gets to work with professionals with strong work ethics and soft skills.
      2. We match you with only one candidate at a time. We always choose those candidates who we believe suit your project best and are available to start when you need them.
    • + - What is Lemon?

      Lemon is a platform for hiring vetted freelance developers on-demand. 

    • + - How do I start?


      1. Fill out this form.
      2. Wait for our managers to contact you for additional details.
      3. Meet your assigned candidate and approve them.
      4. Provide the first payment.
      5. Start working.
    • + - Can I see the developer’s CV?


    • + - How experienced are your developers?

      On average, our developers have at least 4 years of experience. The minimum requirement to join our network is 2.5 years.

    • + - How is my confidentiality protected?

      For data protection, we use SSL-certificates, HTTPS-protocol, and data encapsulation.