We are Lemon

We’re not your usual freelance platform.
We’re not a dev shop either.
We’re not a software development company.

Lemon is the exclusive community of startup sidekicks.

You are the hero of your story.
The one who fights the dragon and rescues the princess.
Us? We’re just here to help you find that extra pair of hands.


Commandments we live by

bullshit not
Bullshit not
Honor thy neighbor's startup
Help the shorthanded

Our legacy

Building startups is all about the joy of creating something that did not exist before. Lucky you!

Sometimes, people who work for Lemon wish they knew the feeling too.

But we have our own prophecy to fulfill.
The one told in the ancient manuscript we pass on from generation to generation:

The Tale Of Lemon Eyeo.

The testament visible only to those destined to see. The rest? Programmed to ignore, unable to escape the illusion, they simply walk past the mystery, unnoticing.

Will you be able to read the age-old text?

lemon book

// allowed to be publicly displayed


face of a human

Aleksandr Volodarsky

// co-founder, CEO

The man behind the Juice Conspiracy and our founding father.

pic face

Vasyl Dzesa

// co-founder, COO

Handles the operations.
Which kind?
The secret ones.

man face

Anvar Azizov

// co-founder, CTO

The guardian of the code.

big face

Eugene Lata

// head of marketing

Remember how you got here? Exactly.
Just what he does.


Yevgeniya Kruglova

// head of talent acquisition

Defines the good
and sorts out the evil in our midst.


Malky Volodarsky

// head of client support

Your family was
unsupportive? It’s okay,
we’re your family now.

hand through lemon

Action unavailable. Resistance is futile.
Leave the fear behind and accept your fate.