Ksenia is our Content & Brand Owner by title and a devoted writer by nature – it has been Ksenia’s passion for her entire life.

6+ years deep in digital marketing, Ksenia loves being a part of the team that’s building something from scratch. This is why her job is to basically start early-stage companies up. Currently taking pride in creating the universe of Lemon.io, Ksenia somehow finds enough time to write mega-useful marketing guides for our blog.

An obsessive reader and coffee maniac, Ksenia loves clanky clacking typewriters from the 1970s and TV shows about psychopaths. If you notice her staring through your windows at night, do not panic – it’s just for the research purposes. Mostly.

Pet projects: why you want your dev candidate to have some

A simple yet reliable way to evaluate a developer When you are looking for a new developer, at some point all resumes start looking more or less the same. Pretty often, it all boils down to what technologies a developer is familiar with, and what projects they’ve had experience with before.  There is nothing wrong […]

Client ghosts: how to deal with ghosting customers?

The scariest ghosts are the employers who disappear without paying you. Learn what you can do to minimize the risks of being ghosted, and how to act if you have become subject to such behavior.

Startups vs. Web Development: Biggest Challenges

Beginner web development startups often face unexpected difficulties. Learn about the typical web development challenges and problems young startups have to deal with, and learn how to overcome them.

Brief Your Web Devs: Create Briefs That Are Actually Useful

As a project manager, you may need to deliver technical requirements for new websites to developers – even if you lack coding experience. Fret not, our detailed guide on briefing web developers will help you survive this daunting task

How to get first clients as a startup

As a new company, your clients are the measure of your success. Want to get them? Then use these proven and effective customer acquisition strategies from our list.

How to Lose Your Biggest Client and Survive

Why do clients leave? How can you prevent that? What should you do if you’ve just lost your best customer? Read on to learn how to survive the loss of your biggest client, and push your digital agency back to the top

How to Minimize Chances of Being Ghosted as a Client

If you do not want a freelancer to abandon your project right in the middle, you need to know how to avoid ghosting or minimize its risks. This guide will teach you some precautionary measures