Vetting Developers at Our Mighty Way is a marketplace delivering the best European programmers to the top American companies since 2015. Many entrepreneurs inquire, how do we make sure our devs are the best ones. There are two ways to answer. The short one is a pic on our main page. For the lovers of long-form narratives, we proudly offer […]

How to Start Freelancing as a Front End Developer?

10 tips for getting clients as a freelance front-end developer: define your why, choose a niche, legal research, set an income goal, find your audience, decide on the price, create a portfolio, choose a platform, work on your brand, join a community.

Pet projects: why you want your dev candidate to have some

A simple yet reliable way to evaluate a developer When you are looking for a new developer, at some point all resumes start looking more or less the same. Pretty often, it all boils down to what technologies a developer is familiar with, and what projects they’ve had experience with before.  There is nothing wrong […]