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software developer job description template

Software engineers and developers are the backbones of any tech startup’s software development. They are essential to any business since the software engineer is an ace who can build software efficiently, saving you money and time.

If you’re a startup, both factors matter for you even more than for big tech giants (because you mostly don’t have bottomless reserves). Besides, excellent software developers are meticulous problem-solvers who can break down complicated and long-term software projects into feasible tasks. With their deep expertise in different computer technologies, frameworks, and programming languages, software engineers are flexible professionals who can help your business build its unique software from scratch, refine someone else’s products, and reach the MVP stage really fast.

You need a bright, noticeable, and actionable job description to hire such professionals. In it, you should describe your company, provide a succinct job brief, and explain this role’s core responsibilities and functions. Besides, it’s always preferable to mention corporate perks and benefits (if any) to lure prospective candidates stronger. 

Let’s analyze each part of the job description in detail.

Company description 

The rubric is simple as it is: describe your company, mentioning its profile, working mode, country of origin, number of employees, and plans for the future (useful to know for the candidates wishing to connect their professional life with your business). 


Our company is a USA startup that works with data analysis. We offer clients a tool for setting up personalized and valid pre-employment tests. Our tool automatically analyzes all the necessary metrics for important trends, projections, and outliers — and offers a tailored solution for HR departments. We already have some clients, but we need to implement several additional improvements in their workflows.

Our web provides information about electronics needed for space apps. Right now, we need a team of React/Python software engineers who will refactor and improve the react code. After that, I would like the developer to add features, such as logging which users visit which pages, more search features, etc.

Software engineer job brief 

Here, it’s the right place to describe who you’re looking for briefly. Don’t get into too much detail about roles and responsibilities: we’ll have a separate section. Concisely explain who you’re looking for and their core tasks. 


We are looking for a passionate Software Engineer to design, develop and install software solutions. Their main tasks include gathering user requirements, defining system functionality, and creating code in a few languages, like Java, Ruby on Rails, or .NET (e.g., C++ or JScript.NET.) Our ideal candidates should be familiar with the software development life cycle (SDLC) from preliminary system analysis to tests and deployment.

Role and responsibilities of a software engineer

And here it is — the section you’ll use to elaborate on your perfect candidate’s responsibilities. If you’re new to web development, don’t know the exact scope of responsibilities, and create this job description from scratch, you can take some of them from our example list. 


What should a software engineer be capable of doing?

  • Executing full lifecycle software development;
  • Creating efficient and clearly structured code;
  • Determining usable specifications and their feasibility;
  • Identifying requirements and solutions with the help of flowcharts, layouts, and documentation;
  • Integrating software components into the system and tracking its functionality boost/downgrade;
  • Scheduling updates, verifications, and quality assurance procedures;
  • Evaluating user feedback and employing it to improve the software.

Software engineer skills and qualifications

Having read the previous part of the job description, the candidates should evaluate their skills and qualifications and answer the crucial question: if they are enough for the job completion. Simple as it may seem, this question requires self-evaluation and analysis. This rubric can serve as a ready-made reference with checkboxes. 

Working as a software engineer for our company, you should have…

  • Proven work experience as a coding engineer or software developer;
  • Experience in designing and testing software applications;
  • Ability to develop software in Java, Python, C++, or other platforms and programming languages;
  • Working knowledge of databases, SQL, and ORM technologies (Hibernate, JPA2);
  • Experience in web app design and development using at least one of the following frameworks: Node.js, React.js, Django, Laravel;
  • Experience with test-driven development;
  • Proficiency in software engineering instruments;
  • Mgr. in Computer Science (strongly recommended).

Benefits and perks for software engineers

Now that’s plain as a pikestaff: name all the corporate benefits and perks your company offers to its software engineers. Don’t lie: truth is better than a thousand sweet lies, and by telling the truth you’ll save yourself an embarrassing experience. Don’t list some minor bonuses: if your company just doesn’t have anything to show, omit the rubric. 


For all the back-end software developers, we offer:

  • 28 workdays off in a year (take them when you need them);
  • 7 paid sick days;
  • Annual sport, self-development, and traveling bonuses;
  • Regular growth courses and workshops.
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Need some more info? Here's our FAQ!

  • How to use this job description template?

    That’s an easy one. You can borrow some rubrics, amend them, correct or alter them according to the actual situation, and compose your job description. Post it on the job boards or websites for job search — or, alternatively, use it for the discovery call at, where you can also find experienced software developers for your company.

  • Who is this job description template for?

    Its essential target audience consists of HR specialists (they can correct the description according to actual preferences), startup owners (who just don’t have so much hiring experience but would like to get some instructions or examples), and software programmers (these can use our job descriptions to understand the core requirements of all the potential employers).

  • What do software engineers do?

    They build software, test it, propose improvements, solve complex technological problems, and help businesses plan and construct their own software.

  • How much does a software developer earn?

    Their salary is determined by work experience, soft and hard skillsets, and the scale of responsibilities connected with the position.

  • What skills are needed for a software engineer?

    – Proficient knowledge of computer architecture;
    – Interest and passion in web development;
    – Ability to accept and use feedback;
    – Learning under pressure
    – Meticulous attention to details;
    – Problem-solving skills;
    – Teamwork experience.

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