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Scala developer job description template

Are you looking for a Scala developer for hire? We have created an ultimate template for writing a job description that will help you fill the Scala developer position in your company. Come check it out!

Company description

Company description is the opening paragraph of any job post. It should be an attention grabber. This paragraph serves as an introduction of your company to a potential Scala developer candidate, so take your time drafting it since the first impression, although quick to acquire, lasts long. Consider discussing the company history, mission statement, goals, and work culture. Think of including facts or statements that could be a great selling proposition, differentiating you from the other job posts as a result.


“ABC” startup is a fast-growing eCommerce platform that strives to make online shopping easy and convenient. Our mission focuses on delivering excellent customer service, making sure every transaction goes smoothly. 

We value creativity and collaboration above all else – these qualities lead us to success as a team! Our work culture encourages open communication between teams so everyone can contribute to how we should move forward together. Therefore, a Scala developer joining our ranks must share the same passion for problem-solving through teamwork rather than working autonomously or independently from colleagues.

Scala developer job brief

The job brief should be a short, informative introduction to the advertised position. It has to provide potential candidates with key details about the position, such as duties and responsibilities and required qualifications, without going into too many details. Thus, it makes it possible for candidates to know whether or not they are suitable for the role before reading further on. Moreover, it also helps you, as a recruiter, to narrow down the search by providing specific criteria that must be met to fill the role successfully. Lastly, it allows you to set expectations early so both parties can start off on equal ground when assessing applications and interviewing applicants later in the hiring process.


As we aim to make online shopping easier and more convenient than ever, we need a skilled Scala programmer who will help us reach this goal through the development of scalable web applications using the Scala programming language. In this job role, you will be responsible for designing software solutions that meet customer requirements, debugging existing programs as needed, writing code in accordance with accepted industry standards, and closely collaborating with other team members. This position requires excellent problem-solving skills and experience working within distributed systems architectures such as Akka or Spark Streaming. Knowledge of HTML5/CSS3 technologies would also be beneficial but not essential!

Scala developer skills, qualifications, and requirements

This paragraph serves as a more detailed continuation of the one above. Here, aim to provide potential Scala applicants with an understanding of the specific technical requirements, skills, and qualifications that are required for the role. This should provide clarity on what experience, education, or certification may be necessary to qualify for the role. Not only is this paragraph important to the applicants, but also to you as an employer by ensuring only qualified individuals apply. Thus saving time for both parties.


  • An understanding of design patterns, object-oriented principles, and best practices of software development;
  • Skills in working with data warehouse: PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Clickhouse;
  • 3+ years experience with Scala;
  • Knowledge of Java and Python;
  • Basic knowledge of Spark, Hadoop and MapReduce;
  • Experience working with Cassandra or MongoDB databases; 
  • Knowledge of fundamental ideas in functional programming (ex., unchangeability);
  • Practical familiarity with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform; 
  • Working knowledge of build tools like SBT, Maven, or Gradle;
  • Experience creating RESTful web services and APIs;
  • Expertise with libraries written in Scala, such as Scalaz and Akka Streams;
  • Practical knowledge of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Scala developer duties and responsibilities

When drafting this section, be sure to include all the tasks you expect your Scala software dev to be responsible for, and perform well. This paragraph also helps applicants understand whether the tasks they will be given align with their career interests and if your company fits them.


  • Design, develop and deploy high-quality applications using Scala language; 
  • Integrate user interfaces with server-side logic for improved performance; 
  • Monitor application health and troubleshoot issues as needed; 
  • Develop automated test suites to ensure code stability in production environments; 
  • Collaborate closely with other developers to design effective solutions that meet customer requirements;  
  • Utilize third-party libraries or frameworks when appropriate;   
  • Stay up-to-date on emerging technologies related to the development of scalable distributed systems; 
  • Write clean, well-documented code that is easy to maintain and debug; 
  • Work with databases such as MongoDB or Cassandra for data storage purposes.

Benefits and perks for Scala developers

Last but not least, this paragraph outlines the type of compensation employees in your company can expect to receive. Consider including any additional benefits such as health insurance, memberships, education, or other financial incentives and bonus available to Scala developers here. By outlining these details upfront, you can attract top talent who are looking for more than just a paycheck when considering employment opportunities and demonstrate the value of people in the company.


“ABC” startup offers its Scala engineer a competitive salary along with dental and vision insurance as part of their benefits. We recognize and value the need for vacation and free time. Thus, we offer our employees 30 days of paid vacation and six days of paid sick leave. In order to maintain health and life-work balance, our startup will cover a sports membership of your choice. Lastly, we encourage your professional growth by covering the tuition of any course related to your occupation in the company.


  • What is Scala, and what is it used for?

    Scala is a general-purpose programming language that combines both object-oriented and functional programming. Scala can be used for building web applications as well as data analysis tasks such as machine learning algorithms.

  • Is Scala similar to Java?

    Yes, Scala is similar to Java in many ways. Both languages are object-oriented and compiled into bytecode that can run on a JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Scala also has access to the same vast library of existing Java code and interoperability with other JVM languages such as Groovy or Clojure.

  • How much does a Scala developer make?

    According to Glassdoor, in San Franciso, a senior-level Scala developer makes between 139k USD to 224k USD per year or a median hourly salary setting at 83 USD. 
    Moving east, in New York, a senior Scala developer will be earning between 125k USD to 198k USD per year, or a median hourly salary of 74 USD.  

  • Are Scala programmers in demand?

    Yes! Scala’s ability to take advantage of multiple programming paradigms and its use of static typing, along with a concise syntax and compatibility with Java, make it an ideal tool for developers looking to maximize their efficiency and productivity. With fewer lines of code needed than in other languages, projects can be completed more quickly while also reducing the risk of bugs early on in development processes – ultimately leading to improved end-user experiences when operating your program.

  • Is Scala frontend or backend?

    Scala is a backend language.

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