QA Engineer

When recruiting a quality assurance engineer, finding someone with the correct mentality and the necessary talents is important. A QA engineer is someone who routinely goes above and beyond their usual duties to think broadly about the overall project.

A QA engineer has to be able to: think like a developer and see how a developer would interpret and implement business requirements; completely comprehend what project managers and product owners anticipate; and envision what end users need and how they will engage with the product.

The role of QA engineers, sometimes known as “test engineers,” is extensive throughout the software development life cycle.

They must plan, develop, implement, and oversee procedures that guarantee the finished product fulfills the end customers’ needs and demands while ensuring that no outside factor will cause the product to malfunction.

Company description 

Make a brief yet compelling paragraph describing your business. Don’t forget to include the company’s culture and advantages. Mention office hours, remote work options, and any other appealing aspects you believe it has.


At Digihaven, we’ve raised over $40M from leading Silicon Valley investors. Cyberhaven is backed by founders, executives, and security leaders who have built transformational technologies at Nutanix, Palo Alto Networks, Uber, Slack, Cloudera, AsterData, and others. We have strong demand for our product from the world’s largest companies.

Workload: Fulltime ONLY (onboarding takes one month), ongoing, starting within a month, European working hours

Quality assurance engineer job brief 

Briefly describe the job you’re hiring for. What’s the core team? Are there any obligations about time overlap with the central office for remote workers? What’s the selection process? Make sure to cover all the essential moments — so that you didn’t have to return to them later. 


Team: 5 devs, weekly call via Zoom

Overlap: 3 hours minimum

Start: ASAP (tomorrow counts)

Workload: full-time ( can consider PT)

Selection: 1-2 calls, online interview with the code analysis

We need you to ensure we are shipping a shiny and polished product free from hitches, glitches, snags, hiccups, crashes, or other defects. You’ll be architecting and developing a safety net that makes it hard for bugs to sneak through. This involves manual testing, defining quality assurance procedures, and using other weapons in your arsenal. You won’t be afraid to speak up for quality when a deadline is approaching and there is pressure to roll features out. You’ll be in close contact with the development and product teams, company founders, and executives.

QA engineer role and responsibilities 

Different QA jobs have different roles and responsibilities. What are they for the job you’re hiring for? Be precise. Mention as many of them as possible. 


What you’ll do as a QA specialist at

You’ll define and implement a testing strategy

You will be Implementing manual testing procedures

You’ll help prepare product releases

You’ll participate in product management discussions, keeping close track of how the product specifications are implemented.

Quality assurance engineer requirements 

Here, you basically enumerate every requirement of your company for the QA specialists you want to recruit. QA requirements can be versatile, so don’t fret about listing something extra. 


Who you are

You are a QA developer who has a break-it mentality: can identify, anticipate, and prevent subtle software defects and various corner cases where things can go wrong

Your strong sides are great attention to detail and focus on the highest product quality and QA work standards.

You’re experienced in modern CI/CD methodologies and tools

You have a solid command of REST APIs and client-server architecture

You have extensive desktop app testing experience

You’re comfortable working in a fast-moving environment

Quality assurance engineer skills and qualifications 

Here’s a basic set of skills and qualifications for a QA engineer. Pick the necessary ones, add yours — and create a tailored list that reflects your company’s policies: 

  • Appropriate software quality assurance experience;
  • Strong familiarity with software QA approaches, procedures, and tools;
  • Hands-on knowledge of automated testing tools;
  • Keen attention to detail and dedication to quality;
  • Readiness to assist colleagues, impart information to them, and absorb knowledge from them;
  • Be receptive to hearing criticism that may be used to enhance processes.

Benefits and perks for QA engineers

List all of your company’s bonuses and perks. Don’t lie — the truth is always better than lies since you’ll have to explain yourself later. Make the mentioned perks relevant to your business profile: if you’re a healthcare company, it’s highly logical that you can propose some discernible benefits on sports, health, home office arrangements, or insurance. 

If your bonuses are insignificant or irrelevant, don’t mention them to avoid being ridiculous. 


What you can count on:

Competitive salary and stock options

Health benefits – 100% paid for you and your family

Flexible time off (paid)

Career advancement opportunities

hire remote devs

Need something extra? Grab our FAQ!

  • What does a QA engineer do? 

    Quality assurance (QA) engineers design and develop the QA management systems and tools of an organization. They define test requirements and automate test procedures to help create and maintain an exceptional user experience. They often work in manufacturing or technology companies.

  • What are the advantages of working as a QA? 

    – Opportunities to improve the quality of the product; 
    – Permanent use of analytical skills and constant learning;
    – Thorough verification of all the issues not taken into account by programmers.

  • What are the disadvantages of working as a QA? 

    One of the main disadvantages of QA engineer work is that it can be quite monotonous due to incessant checks and trials.

  • Why do companies hire a QA engineer? 

    Quality Assurance has become one of the IT industry’s most significant and necessary aspects. The main reason for this is that clients all around the world require flawlessly tested software or applications. Before submissions, all industry leaders desire a well-tested and activated product.

  • How do I hire a good QA engineer? 

    1. Employ the cost per hire (CPH) metrics;
    2. Think over the outreach strategy;
    3. Make your job interviews like a tester;
    4. Ask the candidate to work with your team for a trial period;
    5. Check the candidates’ tech skills (yourself or via third parties).

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