Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineer

Are you looking for a machine learning developer for your startup? We have created a full guide on how to write a job role description to post it on job boards and career pages. With our list of ML (machine learning) software engineer duties and responsibilities, assessment of your candidate’s resume will be an easy job to do. Check it out!

Company description

Start your job post with a brief company description, including company values, goals, history, and mission statement. In this section aim to describe the company culture and how it feels to be working there. Dedicate time to this paragraph as it is an introductory one. It will leave the first impression on a potential Machine learning engineer and make it clear whether there is any point in reading further. 


LL is an educational applications development company empowering learners of all ages as its core mission. Our team works hard to develop both fun and informative applications, so students can learn in their own way and pace while having the best experience possible. 

Here at LL, we value innovation, collaboration, creativity, and excellence in everything we do. We have established our work culture around these things. While each employee brings something unique to the table, allowing us all to learn and build on one another’s ideas.

Our goal at LL is simple: create high-quality education tools which will help equip people with valuable skills they need throughout life- no matter what path they take or where it takes them!

Machine learning engineer job brief

The name speaks for itself. In this section, make a short yet informative description of how the job will look like. Point out some of the main responsibilities and what qualities a candidate should have to be able to accomplish them successfully. 


LL is looking for a Machine learning developer to join our team and help develop educational applications using cutting-edge technology. The ideal candidate has to have experience developing machine learning models and be familiar with the most current algorithms in natural language processing (NLP) or computer vision. 

You will be expected to collaborate with data engineers and product designers to create innovative solutions that improve user experiences on our platforms. Experience deploying ML/AI systems into production will be an advantage. If you think this is an exciting opportunity to grow, we look forward to hearing from you!

Machine learning engineer duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities paragraph could be considered an extension of the one before. In detail, describe what are the responsibilities of Machine learning engineers within your company and what their daily tasks are. This will help a potential candidate to picture what the routine will look like, as well as help them decide whether it is something they would dedicate themselves to.  


  • Design and develop machine learning algorithms; 
  • Develop data analysis pipelines to clean, process, and visualize large datasets; 
  • Research new methods for improving model accuracy and performance;  
  • Optimize the parameters of Machine learning algorithms;  
  • Ideate and run experiments on various machine learning methods for our computer vision problems;
  • Building end-to-end systems for production use cases using ML frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch;
  • Create collections of training and test data;               
  • Deploy trained models into a live system environment; 
  • Build the needed infrastructure to train and test ML algorithms;
  • Troubleshoot complex technical problems associated with AI development;    
  • Collaborate closely with product and ML research teams.

Machine learning engineer skills, requirements, and qualifications

Moving onto the next section, this one focuses on what it takes to be able to accomplish the tasks we talked about above. Make sure to mention all the qualifications and skills you want your ML engineer to possess, so there won’t be miscommunications further down the road. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering or related field;
  • Working knowledge of at least one of the common deep learning frameworks such as Pytorch, Keras, or Tensorflow;
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as R, Java or Python;
  • Familiarity with ML platforms like MLflow, Kubeflow, and AWS SageMaker;
  • Ability to develop machine learning algorithms; 
  • Knowledge of data mining techniques like clustering, classification, and regression; 
  • Experience with big data tools such as Sparkor Hadoop; 
  • Understanding of AI concepts such as deep learning and neural networks;  
  • Familiarity with natural language processing (NLP) methods;                            
  • Working knowledge of cloud computing platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS);  
  • Strong mathematical foundation, including statistics, linear algebra, calculus, etc.

Benefits and perks for Machine learning engineer

Finally, the closing paragraph of your job post should focus on rewards your company can offer its employees for their hard work. Does your compensation include any bonuses or memberships, medical insurance, or a certain amount of paid sick leaves? Consider offering perks that would align with your company values. Lastly, don’t miss this section, as it gives a candidate an idea of how valued people are in the startup, as well as whether it is worth their time and effort to apply. 


Our team of engineers is provided with the latest technology, training, and support to ensure they are successful in their roles. In addition to competitive salaries, our engineers receive medical, dental, and vision insurance and flexible vacation time. We value our employees and strive to provide meaningful opportunities for their personal and professional growth. LL is proud to be an employer of choice and looks forward to helping its Machine learning programmers reach their full potential. 

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  • What is a Machine learning engineer?

    A Machine learning engineer is in charge of developing algorithms and models using machine learning techniques to solve complex problems. They work in areas such as data mining, artificial intelligence, natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, big data analytics, and more. Their job involves designing systems that can learn from past experiences or patterns without being explicitly programmed to do so.

  • How much do Machine learning engineers make?

    According to Galssdoor, the average annual salary for a senior-level machine learning engineer is 145,000 USD, making it an hourly wage of 68 USD. Moving west, the prices grow, setting at an average of 158,000 USD per year for a senior machine learning engineer in San Francisco, or an hourly rate of 75 USD. Upsetting? Hang on! We got a solution so your wallet doesn’t go thin. Hire with us, In our talent pool of vetted developers, we got programmers from all over the world. At, you can get a machine learning engineer who fits your requirements, time zone, and budget ranging from 30 USD to 40 USD per hour for a strong middle-level dev, 40 USD to 60 USD per hour for a senior programmer, and a maximum of 65-70 USD per hour for CTO level dev. Not bad, right?

  • What qualities make a good Machine learning engineer?

    Machine learning engineering requires a strong technical background in mathematics, computer science, and engineering. They need excellent problem-solving skills to diagnose issues within existing systems. Finally, machine learning engineers also require great communication abilities in order to explain their ideas clearly, both written and spoken.

  • Who does a ML engineer work with?

    A Machine Learning engineer typically works with a team of data scientists, software engineers, product managers, and business stakeholders to develop machine learning models that are used in products or services. They may also collaborate closely with other professionals, such as database administrators and DevOps teams.

  • What jobs are similar to a ML engineer role?

    Some of the careers similar to ML engineer jobs are Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Data Scientist, Software Development Engineer in AI, Research Scientist (Machine Learning), Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer, Computer Vision Architect/Engineer, Deep Learning Developer, and Robotics Programmer.

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