Application Developer

Application developer

If your company is expanding and you want to hire a mobile app developer, the process of finding a perfect candidate can be a challenge. In this article, we will help you figure out how to build a clear job description step by step to make this search easier for you. Below, we’ll outline the sections you should include in your job description and explain what each of them must consist of to weed out wasted applications.

Company description

In this section, include a brief introduction to your company that defines your work culture and may motivate the candidates to pay attention to your organization.

For example:

Founded in 1993, *CompanyName* is a supplier of software development services. We began as a tiny AI product firm before transitioning to IT services in 2005, and we have since assisted non-IT businesses and software product companies in improving business performance, mobile app development, and gaining new clients.

Here you can add whatever is interesting about your company and describes it in the best way.

Mobile app developer job description

Mention your criteria as well as the tasks that the potential employee will have once they join your firm. Make your objectives clear and concise for the candidate to understand exactly what to expect from this employment opportunity.

For instance:

We are looking for an experienced and skilled Application Developer to join our team! When you take over this role, you will be given a number of important responsibilities, such as developing online and mobile applications and software for iOS and  Android operating systems, as well as testing and maintaining them to ensure they function effectively.

Furthermore, you would monitor application performance and strive to develop new ways to improve it in accordance with current IT industry trends.

The applicant must have great written communication skills, as well as excellent team working abilities. Furthermore, good business and time management skills are a big asset in our company.

App developer requirements and skills

Here you should make a list of all the technical skills that are essential for this job.

Mention all of the academic and professional qualities that an applicant must have in order to apply for this position.

Some of them are:

  • Advanced knowledge of programming languages such as Java,  
  • Proven portfolio of apps available on the Android Market or App Store;
  • Able to navigate Swift, SwiftUI, and/or Kotlin for iOS and Android development;
  • Knowledge of Flutter or ReactNative for cross-platform development;
  • Experience with APIs;
  • Analytical and mathematical abilities;
  • Experience creating user interfaces;
  • A BA or MA degree in computer engineering, computer science, or a related subject;
  • 2-5 years (depending on your needs) of experience developing cross-platform/native mobile apps.

Application developer duties and responsibilities

Application developers are responsible for a wide range of tasks linked to the lifecycle of an app. Under this section, you should list the main of them, which include:


  • Creating new applications and software solutions to fulfill the customer’s demands;
  • Developing and supporting mobile software applications;
  • Debugging and testing source code;
  • Assessing current applications and carrying out updates;
  • Performing software analysis, troubleshooting, and debugging tasks;
  • Designing interfaces that increase UX;
  • Providing user support;
  • Working with the development and IT teams.

Benefits and perks for mobile app developers

There is a wide range of jobs for app developers on the market, so this is an attractive section made to hunt the devs. Here you should mention all the benefits the candidates get from joining your team. Everyone likes to receive some bonuses and rewards from the workplace. You may write down which of them they can get in your company: medical insurance, outdoor (abroad) teambuilding, prepaid courses, career growth opportunities, competitive salary, gym membership, etc.


  • <strong>How much does it cost to hire an app developer?</strong>

    Here’s a general estimate of an average apps developer’s hourly pricing according to Pangea:
    iOS developer: $45-$75 per hour
    Android developer: $25-$85+ per hour
    React Native developer: $25-$70 per hour
    Xamarin developer: $25-$50+ per hour

  • <strong>How do you hire someone to develop an app?</strong>

    There are many hiring resources, but we suggest you use our site to find the best dedicated mobile engineers.

  • <strong>What does an application developer do?</strong>

    Designs and develops mobile applications;
    Creates application prototypes in accordance with the specs;
    Prepares releases of dynamic application components;
    Conducts tests prior to launch;
    Debugs and troubleshoots;
    Assesses existing apps and adds new features, reprogramming them.

  • <strong>What should I look for when hiring an app developer?</strong>

    Looking for an app developer can be tough. You can use one of the skills tests to shorten the time of reading countless CVs. It can help to screen the candidate’s knowledge and capabilities. Pay attention to their communication skills and relevant experience.

  • <strong>How many hours does it take to develop an app?</strong>

    When we compare apps of varying feature sets, the average timeline would be 4-6 months. Of course, it can depend on complexity: 2-4 months for the simple app and starting from 9 months for more complex ones.

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