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How often have you come up with a bright startup idea — but couldn’t turn it into life because there were no free high-level software engineers around? Without lynchpin hires bearing a well-chosen tech collective, any idea is dust in the wind. This new article will explain who a Kotlin engineer is and why you should consider hiring Kotlin developers for your startup. In addition, we will elaborate on Kotlin benefits, required skills for a proficient Kotlin specialist, and bonuses of Lemon.io for hiring Kotlin devs.

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Yuriy P.

// senior mobile developer

Senior software developer with nine years of experience in the industry. In recent years, his focus area has been mobile development with Kotlin and Android SDK.

  • android
  • java
  • +2 skills
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Vsevolod K.

// senior mobile developer

Vsevolod is a skilled and diverse Android developer and an experienced feature lead. He's been writing code in Kotlin since its first beta versions and has worked a lot for the Chinese market.

  • android
  • java
  • kotlin

Huseyin B.

// strong middle mobile developer

Huseyin is a mobile developer who knows everything of his job. He's been coding for 7 years, and his primary expertise is Android. Open to new challenges.

  • android
  • kotlin

Who exactly is a Kotlin developer? 

Kotlin developers are software specialists with expertise and experience in the Kotlin programming language. What’s Kotlin, then? Well, Kotlin is an up-to-date statically typed language running on JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Web developers often code on Kotlin while creating Android mobile and web applications. Using Kotlin for backend development is reasonable and beneficial. 

What are Kotlin developers typically proficient in?

Kotlin programming language

Software development principles & design patterns

IDEs and version control systems (GitLab, GitHub)

Why prefer Kotlin for your app development?

Now that we’ve discovered who Kotlin developers are and what they should be professionals at, let’s answer one more crucial question:

Why prefer Kotlin for your applications?

First of all, Kotlin is more concise than its main competitor Java. Secondly, it dramatically reduces the number of runtime errors and code bugs. Thirdly, it’s engineer-friendly and easier to maintain. Last but not least, many famous companies have joined the crowd of Kotlin implementation (e.g., Atlassian, Pinterest, Coursera, or Basecamp).

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Benefits of hiring dedicated Kotlin app developers

Dedicated onsite or remote Kotlin developers will surely bring your startup much-needed traction, letting it overcome all the staffing difficulties and reach the MVP stage sooner. 

Why are Kotlin expert programmers so much needed for you?

  • High adoption rate
  • Rich performance 
  • Language security

What to look for when hiring a Kotlin developer?

When hiring Kotlin programmers, there are a few things you have to consider, including experience, rates, and the type of work arrangement. Your desirable engineer specialization also depends on the project type and the skills you need to complete it.

Here is a list of the essential Kotlin skills one should look for in the developers:

  • Kotlin server-side programming
  • Classes (+abstract) and objects
  • Website back-end scripting
  • Data storage on memory-limited devices
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP)
  • Kotlin’s standard library and the Java Class Library
  • Testing and debugging Kotlin programs

Kotlin and Java tech skills are tremendous and crucial. Nevertheless, brilliant Kotlin developers should also have all the essential soft skills — to productively work in groups, deliver timely intermittent and final results, keep up with the deadlines, and restrain from emotional meltdowns amid the important development phase. 

What soft skills are needed for Kotlin programmers?

Time management

All the developers should keep the deadlines and deliver results before bespoken dates.


Language proficiency

In the international teams, English is often a lingua franca, and language proficiency is needed for smooth collaboration.



Feeling the team vibe, boosting your peers’ morale, and avoiding desperate pitfalls is the #1 priority.


Teamwork skills

Not everyone is created for collaboration, but if you decide to step on the IT road, you’d better train your teamwork abilities.

Where can you hire Kotlin developers?

If you’ve already decided you need programmers delivering Kotlin development services, you’re ready to tackle the next question.

Where should you look for them?

Here, as usual, there are several options for you to choose from. Either you hire them yourself or use the help of bidding/vetting marketplaces.

Below, we’ll analyze main pros and cons of each variant.

Hire talented devs yourself

Suppose you’re a sole businessman wishing to collect the benefits of your startup all by yourself — after laying all the necessary foundations for its success. Hiring Kotlin developers for your business by yourself — what are the pros and cons of this option?


  • You will spare funds otherwise spent on HR, testers, and vetters.
  • You will evade relying on third-party likes in hiring and testing.
  • You can find trusted people via acquaintances.


  • Hiring yourself means testing yourself, deciding yourself, onboarding yourself, and finding superb substitutions in time of need… also by yourself. Can you cope with it?
  • No one will aid you to look for additional hands if your hires dissolve in the thin air. Every one of your dev acquaintances will be busy. No one will look for work.
  • It’s difficult to dig into the IT wisdom mounds if you’re not an IT pundit. Or… are you?

Use outsource/outstaff schemes

Outsourcing specialists are OK if you have limited open positions with pre-planned responsibilities.

If you don’t know how many hours are required to get to the MVP stage (or another defined milestone), employ the whole team monthly. One caveat not to overlook: if you outstaff, you should pay employees for full-time work.

What are benefits and downsides of this hiring model?


  • No need to hire one by one: get the whole dev team at once!
  • Most often, team members are familiar with one another and can start working with no initial problems and quarrels.
  • Fixed payrolls allow you to forget about time tracking headaches.


  • If you don’t have the precise hour count, you will pay for full-time
  • You can’t be confident about each team member you outstaff.
  • You have to choose the company you hire devs from carefully.

Use talent marketplaces

You surely know them — Upwork, Freelancer, Lemon.io… They are plentiful out there, and each of them offers its bonuses. Some of them offer an unstrained choice from the pool of devs with different skill sets and seniority, and some boast their clear-cut and efficient pre-testing procedure that eliminates noobs. How do they differ? Which one to choose?

Bidding or vetting? If you don’t know the difference, here’s a concise explainer. 

Bidding marketplaces work by the reverse auction principle: the lesser the engineers’ rate, the more chances they’ve got to be hired. After posting a bid, you wait several hours and pick the most fitting engineer. Benefits? With the unrestricted access, options are bountiful. Downsides? Most often, you’ll have hard time finding seniors or at least strong middles: they vote for confidence and pick vetting platforms.


Vetting platforms test all the candidates they offer to businessmen.

Several vetting stages suffice to filter off mediocre noobs (professional networks check, soft (communication, time management, planning) skills check, English language proficiency check, and live coding sessions). After you explain your demands, Sales and Matching teams start working on your request — and offer the first candidates in 2-3 business days. We at Lemon.io are proud of our short hiring span: developers we offer start working with our clients in 14 days after they come to us with their requests.

What will you get when you hire a developer with Lemon.io? 

  • After you leave your mail via the form, our sales team will contact you ASAP and discuss all the requirements in detail
  • In 2-3 business days, we will offer you 1-2 vetted candidates you can choose from (we give you only the most suitable devs, that’s why they aren’t 5 but only 2).
  • Next, we will arrange a job interview with the candidate where you can ask questions and perform a code analysis. 
  • We will settle all the documents as soon as you are OK with the candidate
  • In 2 weeks after the intro call, you will be able to get the first work results from your developer.
  • We don’t take any hidden extra commissions: the numbers you hear during the meeting are the numbers that appear in your paycheck, 
  • If something goes sour, we will offer you another pro.


Our experience with Lemon was second-to-none.

Our experience with Lemon was second-to-none. We were matched with a great engineer who’s incredibly smart, proactive and punctual. We will be using Lemon again for upcoming dev project!!

Oct 22, 2020
Great communication + Sourcing

Lemon was excellent to work with! They are quick to respond and I have always have positive interactions with them. Not to mention the most important part – they sourced us a great iOS engineer who was better than what we were expecting!

Apr 19, 2021
I was looking for a backend rails...

I was looking for a backend rails developer to lead the charge on developing our APIs and platform integrations. We reached out to Lemon.io and they found the perfect engineer in a day. He’s been on the project for almost 2 months and has consistently delivered quality work.

Dec 22, 2020

Benefits of hiring Kotlin developers with Lemon.io

4-step vetting procedure

Transparent payments

100% replacement guarantee


  • What is Kotlin app development?

    Kotlin is a modern, statically-typed programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and is primarily designed to be a more concise, safe, and expressive alternative to Java. Kotlin is also used for developing Android applications and provides several advantages, including interoperability with existing Java code, improved readability and maintainability, and reduced coding errors.

  • What is Kotlin used for?

    Kotlin is a versatile programming language that can be used for a wide range of software development tasks, including:

    • Android app development: Kotlin is an officially supported language for Android app development and provides several benefits, including improved readability and maintainability, reduced coding errors, and interoperability with existing Java code.
    • Server-side development: Kotlin can be used for developing server-side applications and is often used in combination with popular frameworks and libraries like Spring and Ktor.
    • Web development: Kotlin can also be used for building web applications and can be used with popular web frameworks like Ktor and Spark.
    • Desktop application development: Kotlin can develop desktop applications and supports building native GUI applications on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
    • Game development: Kotlin can be used for developing games using popular game engines like LibGDX and Unity.
    • Machine learning and data analysis: Kotlin can be used for developing machine learning models and for data analysis using libraries like Koma and KotlinDL.
  • Are Kotlin developers in demand?

    Yes, Kotlin developers are in demand, particularly for Android app development. Google officially supported Kotlin as an Android development language in 2017. Since then, it has gained popularity among Android developers due to its ease of use, reduced boilerplate code, and strong type-checking.

  • What makes Kotlin better than Java?

    1. Concise code: Kotlin has a more concise syntax than Java, reducing the boilerplate code developers need to write. This can lead to increased productivity and reduced coding errors.
    2. Null safety: Kotlin has built-in null safety, which helps to eliminate null pointer exceptions, one of the most common sources of errors in Java code.
    3. Interoperability: Kotlin is interoperable with Java, which means that Kotlin code can be used with existing Java code. This makes it easy to migrate to Kotlin from Java.
    4. Enhanced readability: Kotlin’s syntax is designed to be more readable and understandable than Java. This makes it easier for developers to understand other developers’ code and maintain and update existing code.
    5. Extension functions: Kotlin supports extension functions, allowing developers to extend the functionality of existing classes without inheriting them. This can lead to cleaner, more organized code.
    6. Coroutines: Kotlin has built-in support for coroutines, which are lightweight threads that can help to simplify asynchronous programming.
  • Does Kotlin has a future?

    Yes, Kotlin has a promising future in the software development industry. Here are some reasons why Kotlin is likely to continue growing in popularity:

    1. Android app development: Kotlin is an officially supported language for Android app development by Google, and its popularity is growing in the Android developer community. As more developers adopt Kotlin for Android development, its use will likely increase.
    2. Increased productivity: Kotlin’s concise syntax and built-in features like null safety and extension functions help developers write cleaner, more maintainable code. This can lead to increased productivity and reduced coding errors.
    3. Interoperability with Java: Kotlin is interoperable with Java, which means that developers can use Kotlin with existing Java code. This makes it easier for organizations to adopt Kotlin without needing to rewrite their existing codebase completely.
  • What big companies use Kotlin?

    1. Google: Google is one of the biggest companies using Kotlin, and it’s no surprise, as Google officially supports Kotlin for Android app development. In addition, Google has been migrating some of its existing Android apps to Kotlin, including Google Home and Google Play Console.
    2. Pinterest: Pinterest has been using Kotlin for its Android app development since 2016. The company has reported that using Kotlin has helped it to write more concise and maintainable code, reducing the time and effort required for development.
    3. Uber: Uber uses Kotlin for its mobile app development, and it has been adopted in various components of the app. Kotlin has helped Uber to increase its app’s performance and to reduce the size of the codebase.
    4. Trello: Trello is a popular project management tool that uses Kotlin for its Android app development. Kotlin has helped Trello to improve the stability of its app and to reduce the amount of boilerplate code required.
    5. Atlassian: Atlassian, the company behind popular software tools like Jira and Confluence, uses Kotlin for server-side development.