Hire iOS developers and gain time to actually run your business

Your company is getting bigger every day. You lack employees, every task is urgent, and you feel overwhelmed with work. Not that you didn’t like it. On the contrary, your startup is your life. But honestly, when things get intense you generally want to keep them under control and focus on the most pressing matters.

And then you realize your company needs an iOS application.

It does. Applications help enhance customer loyalty, make your brand closer to customers in their daily lives, and access your product whenever they want.

But, building an application also means a thousand collateral tasks. You will need to find, test, and hire iOS developers. Plan and execute the whole app development cycle. Learn in the process.

All this while still having to run a company.

Hire ios developers

There are shortcuts to avoid the hiring hassle. Even better: you get to save your company’s resources and avoid diverting efforts from your priorities.

You don’t have to do everything on your own. But let’s first take a look at what awaits you, if you do.

App development routine you don’t have time for

Supposedly, you’ve already done your homework. You know exactly what your app is going to do and whom it’ll be designed for. Now, the actual fun begins. Except that it’s not fun at all.

escape development routine

Recruiting iOS developers will distract you from your main tasks

Perhaps you noticed how giddily we mentioned hiring iOS developers before. This is not because it’s easy, but because the process description requires additional space.

There is a default set of skills that an iOS developer must have. You must make sure that your candidate:

  • Has solid Objective-C and Swift skills
  • Has read Apple Human Interface Guidelines (and actually goes by them)
  • Is familiar with Git and SVN
  • Knows what MVC, MVP, MVVN, Viper architecture patterns are
  • Is familiar with different methods of creating UIs (Programmatic UI, Xibs, Storyboarding)
  • Knows how (geo)location works on iOS.

Evaluating a candidate by each of these parameters will take too much of your CTO time. You’d need to figure out the technicalities yourself. Or to already have iOS developers in your staff to check the skills of the new employees (if that was true, you would not be reading this).

Besides, tech skills alone aren’t enough to hire a candidate. You probably know someone who is a great pro, but also a complete jerk impossible to work with. We all do. Which leads us to the list of soft skills your iOS dev should have.

Some of them include:


A developer must clearly report bottlenecks, problems, requirements, and solutions.


Forget the image of a lonely geek tinkering ingenious soft in their basement. An iOS developer today knows how to operate within a team.


If there is a problem a dev cannot solve or bypass, they can figure out the solution using company resources at their disposal.


A developer takes ownership of the mistakes and failures caused by them, and can offer a plan of action to deal with the consequences.


Multi-tasking is still a thing. When a developer has too much on their plate at once, knowing how to effectively deal with their tasks becomes crucial.

The list is far from complete. The only way you can make sure an iOS developer has these qualities is to interview them. Or to contact their previous employers for reference.

And it’s still just a tip of the iceberg known as the hiring process.

You’ll waste weeks and $$$ before you hire iOS developer online

Dangers of hiring online

When you typed in Google, «hire iOS developer» you must have seen websites like Freelancer or Upwork in the top search results. These are crowdsourcing marketplaces, where registered users and contractors can meet each other. These platforms are crowded with iOS devs.

Come and take, right?

In reality, there are too many problems when you hire freelance developers on such marketplaces.

Dozens of applicants

They often rely on bidding when matching clients with freelancers. Because of it, you will need to manually look through portfolios and testimonials of dozens of applicants before you find your perfect contractor. Imagine how much time it takes.

Too much fakes

Good-looking portfolios and testimonials can be fake. Scamming is still a thing on popular crowdsourcing marketplaces.

You risk hiring a complete newbie

You risk hiring a complete newbie who pretends to be a pro. On platforms like Upwork or Freelancer, there are few real means to check contractors’ qualifications prior to hiring them. Some freelancers can overstate their skills to look more professional and get hired.

It’s not that bad. Online marketplaces do have strong sides such as the diversity of available skillsets or low hourly rates. But if you asked us, the risks outweigh the advantages.

So far, just know that there are services where you can safely hire skilled freelance iOS developers. We’ll get to them later.

Hiring in-house iOS developers can cost your company a fortune

It really can. If you are hiring in the United States, you probably imagine how much an iOS developer may cost your business.

If you don’t, take a small glimpse at the average iOS developer salary in two cities where devs are in demand.

New York iOS developers will expect you to pay them almost $95K annually.

yearly salary for ios developers in New york

We didn’t show you all the screenshots, but the tendency is that the closer you get to Silicon Valley, the more expensive iOS app developers become. Like, here is what hiring in San Francisco will cost you.

salary for ios devs in SF

Maybe, that would still be fine if it was just about salaries. Alas, when you hire in-house developers, you must get prepared for extra expenses. What are those?

In brief, along with a regular iOS developer salary, here is what you will need to pay additionally:

  • FICA taxes (Social Security and Medicare taxes)
  • Office rent

    There is no workaround. If you want in-house devs, you need to provide them with an office. In a comfortable area. With coffee and cookies. And a Playstation. And a lounge zone.

  • Equipment

    You can ask your devs to work on their laptops – and they probably will. But there is still a whole bunch of necessary office equipment that you’ll need to buy. Starting with phones and ending up with fax machines and fridges.

  • Paid vacations and sick days

    This is self-explanatory.

  • Unstable workloads

    As a startup, sometimes you’re on fire, and sometimes there is no work at all. But, when working with in-house developers, you will have to pay them either way.

What about Indian iOS developers?

In India, the average iOS developer salary is 470K rupees. This looks like a lot of money, but actually it’s somewhere around $6K annually (exchange rate as of April, 2020).

Indian salary for ios devs

Indian developers are a popular solution among younger companies. There are many skill sets available for hire in India, and the rates there are more than affordable.

  • «Affordable» does not mean cheap. Really skilled Indian developers may charge not much less than their Western colleagues. But still, high-quality iOS app development is still going to cost you.
  • Plain cheap solutions often mean poor quality.
  • Think about whether you want to make advantage of the living conditions in India? The principles of fair trade imply fair payment for work well-done. Do you want to develop your business using the labor of people who have to work almost for free hoping to get hired?

Anyway, who needs in-house devs after COVID-19?

who needs in-house developers?

Coronavirus is giving the world hot and strong. But every cloud has a silver lining.

Now we know that if a developer has a laptop and an internet connection, they can effectively build an app for you wherever they are. If you thought that hiring in-house devs is a must, you might want to reconsider. The world has changed – make sure you’ve adapted to reap the benefits.

Focus on what’s really important for your business. We’ve already sorted all the mess out.

Experienced ios devs

Lack iOS development experience? Keep cool, our devs will back you up

If you lack iOS development experience and have little idea on how to start building your app, our developers got you covered. Used to working as a team on projects of all profiles and complexities, they will guide your app through all the development cycles. From the initial concept to publishing your app in App Store – Lemon devs will back you up.

Be in control of your business

«Look ma, no hands!»

We hire and match you with only those iOS developers who can solve your problem even if you choose to take your hands off the steering wheel. Monitor and control them all you like, or completely turn a blind eye on them – Lemon iOS devs will continue developing your app nonetheless..

Save your budget

Save your budget for something more pressing

We hacked the system and found a way to provide affordable iOS app development without resorting to hiring in India or working with hungry students.

Our Objective-C/Swift developers are available for as low as $40-$45 per hour, anytime.

Hire affordable iOS app develper

How do we do all this?

We are Lemon

We snatch iOS developers from their natural habitats, and make them undergo accelerated natural selection to distill the best of the best. Then we assign the champions to your projects.

Survival of the fittest developers: why you can trust us

We work with freelance iOS developers from Eastern Europe and Ukraine. With the help of our unique vetting method, we handpick devs whose professional and personal qualities meet our unrealistic quality standards. Then we assign them to your projects.

In detail, this is what we do:

Only after a developer successfully passes all 4 stages, we add them to our talent pool. From it, we assign devs to your projects, based on your requirements, and their skills and experience.

No sweat

If a developer fails at at least one stage, we say «good bye» to them. Sorry, devs who failed, Lemon has no work for you.

The Final Ultimate Test

AND FINALLY, we squeeze Lemons into the eyes of our candidates. If they don’t cry like babies, we hire them. ARRGH!!!

Hiring the strongest ios developers

Why so affordable?

$40-$45/h for iOS app development, really? How is that possible?

«Easy-peasy Lemon squeezy», we say. Lemon works with Eastern European developers (most of which come from Ukraine). Costs of living there are about 40% lower than in the United States. On the other hand, work ethic and quality standards are the same.

These two factors combined allow you to hire a highly qualified freelance iOS developer for a reasonable price.

Discover how Lemons can be… suspiciously good

350+ handpicked Lemon developers at your disposal

Any tasks. Any skill sets. Any project complexity. Anytime.

Lemon matching is accurate like a sniper shot

There is a 99% chance that our devs either worked on projects similar to yours, or know the technologies necessary to successfully complete the job.

Lemon matches you with devs in 24 hours

We know our developers like the back of our hand. You tell us what you need, and the next day you start working with the developer we found for you.

Lemon’s customer support is omnipresent

You just start typing, «What the…» and our support team will jump in to save your day and help you out, whatever your problem is. That is, IF you ever have any problems with our service.

We always have a backup developer up our sleeve for you

If you are not satisfied with the match we found for you, we will instantly provide you with a developer of similar qualification, free of charge.


  • Lemon.io provides you with iOS developers who do not require you to micromanage them.
  • Lemon.io allows you to quickly hire iOS developers no sweat, even if you gave little to none experience. iPhone app development with Lemon? Easy. iPad app development? Still easy!
  • Lemon.io perfectly balances between price and quality. Our iOS developers are available for as low as $40-$45 per hour.
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