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Hire the best Flutter developers for your startup and take a leap for glory. We know how to help your business skyrocket.

The flood of mobile applications

Our life is unimaginable without mobiles. The old Internet riddle asks what you will open first in the morning. Among the many options, «eyes» finally turn out to be the correct answer. However, people often open their social media apps before their eyes.

When our (post-)pandemic lives went online, applications substituted humans on various levels: education, culture, delivery, medicine, etc. Since then, the app development trend has stayed in place and continues to gain traction.

There are probably no reasons to wonder why middle and senior Flutter developers are so popular in the world of ubiquitous mobile applications where every new component of reality needs an app.

Move on, we’ll answer all your questions.

What we’ll cover?

If your startup already has Vue.js, Android, and AWS developers, maybe Flutter engineers is all you need? Read along to widen your horizons and learn mpre about Flutter and its benefits.

Let’s roll!


Choose your mighty dev

Why is Flutter a new normal in the app development world?

Flutter is defined by two core components united by a single codebase:

  • SDK (software development kit) used for (bingo!) building apps;
  • A framework (library for building user interfaces).

Multiple widgets (buttons, sliders, etc.) are reusable and convenient. With a codebase that allows building applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and, of course, for the web itself, Flutter becomes irreplaceable for your star applications and programs since it’s open-source and cross-platform.

Since convenience and universality have long ago become cornerstones of the positive Flutter experience reviews, no wonder Flutter is enjoying stellar success.

To topple all the mentioned, it’s worth saying Flutter is enterprise-grade and loaded with numerous convenient features. They surely help break through the rows of the grey mediocrities in the IT world.

Who are Flutter developers, and what’s good about them?

  • Flutter developers/consultants are front-end software developers having experience in Flutter network and, consequently, in Dart programming language (so, they’re also Dart developers: very convenient!).
  • Mainly, Flutter devs work on mobile apps. They may also be proficient in JavaScript or other languages, but it’s not a rule of thumb.
  • The Flutter development is intertwined with UI design (based on widgets and their functionality).
  • One of the outstanding and valuable features of Flutter is its customizable library of widgets that’ll be of great use for designing apps.
  • Flutter developers should be proficient in optimizing graphical interfaces and user interactions with those interfaces.
  • Flutter doesn’t need any «bridges» between the framework and native applications. It quickens all the interactions and boosts performance.

How will you find dedicated middle/senior Flutter app developers with all the necessary skills?

You don’t need unchecked rookies who’ve rapidly finished a random online IT course and are eager to develop something fashionable. If your aim is a startup developing an app that will be popular AND convenient, you need seasoned experts. Let them be mid-level at the very least (seniors are better, of course, but middles can also be a good choice thanks to the lower pricing). Below, we’re explaining how you can hire Flutter developers with absolutely no pain in the neck. Two core options for the online search and hiring of Flutter developers are bidding and vetting marketplaces.

Bidding platforms

At bidding marketplaces, everyone can post their offer (tech stack and price) for you to choose the most suitable and affordable option. The candidates are plenty, and the tech stacks and specializations are also rich and diversified. So far, so good. Which are the minuses? The most significant disadvantage of the bidding is its absence of quality control. Without any hard and soft skill checks, your found dev can quickly turn into a devil and demonstrate the inferior quality or even dump you at the most unfit moment (although there are hardly any fit moments for that).

Why are vetting marketplaces a better choice?

Vetting marketplaces provide employers with more guarantees. Generally speaking, all the developers you hire at such platforms have already been pre-checked. Mechanisms and vetting schemes vary tremendously from platform to platform, so you’d better find out all the nitty-gritty in advance. Nevertheless, be sure: front-end, back-end, or full-stack developers you found on the vetting platforms aren’t Tom, Dick, and Harry with no background. They’ve all done their homework; the question is if they suit your particular needs.

But stop. Just to make it all transparent, we should mention one more possibility. Naturally, you can spare your money and efforts and hire Flutter developers yourself. Nevertheless, this option does have plenty of caveats. What are they?

You surely don’t want to hire Flutter app developers yourself. Why so?

Hiring the developers yourself, you should find them yourself too.

How do you imagine looking for a developer? The process is more complicated than just opening your search engine and typing «best developers asap.»‎ Chances are, you will still end up on one of the marketplaces: the developers are registering there to have guarantees of decent company-backed hiring.‎

Seasoned professionals are always busy on full-time projects. Newbies are free but unqualified.

Frequently, to find and track a skillful pro, you just need a company.

You should check and test your devs.

Unless you are a programmer, that’s a challenging task. Start answering yourself a multitude of possible questions, and your head will be fuzzy in a moment. What should I check? In how many steps? Do I need to check credentials? How will I check the soft skills? (Naturally, Google is almighty, but Google surely doesn’t know all your project requirements and mainly offers some simple recipes.

Testing the devs yourself, you are likely to miss some crucial evaluation points you don’t want to remain unchecked.

Probably, the best choice is to trust the filtration process to skillful professionals. The second pair of eyes (or multiple pairs, for that matter) are impassable for testing people. It’s them who help you hire Flutter developers to satisfy all the needs of your project.

Not everyone whom you find will go for the startup.

Despite the multiple benefits of the startups compared to the established big tech companies (feeling of the personal importance, corporate culture in the making, faster innovations and their implementation, rapid movement up the business ladder — you name it!), Google and its brothers are still on the very high positions in the dream world of the IT crowd. In addition to this, looking for the devs yourself, you will probably face the no rep problem: people rarely sign up for the full-time jobs for the noname company (even if you’re a real pro in planning and your starship will fly to the Moon and back!).

Our experience with Lemon was second-to-none.

Our experience with Lemon was second-to-none. We were matched with a great engineer who’s incredibly smart, proactive and punctual. We will be using Lemon again for upcoming dev project!!

Oct 22, 2020
Great communication + Sourcing

Lemon was excellent to work with! They are quick to respond and I have always have positive interactions with them. Not to mention the most important part – they sourced us a great iOS engineer who was better than what we were expecting!

Apr 19, 2021
I was looking for a backend rails...

I was looking for a backend rails developer to lead the charge on developing our APIs and platform integrations. We reached out to Lemon.io and they found the perfect engineer in a day. He’s been on the project for almost 2 months and has consistently delivered quality work.

Dec 22, 2020

What are the skills you want a Flutter developer to have?

Like any other developer, a Flutter developer you’re looking for should probably be able to:

  • Manage their working schedule to reach the discussed goals.
  • Be well-versed in the new technologies and implement them where it’s suitable.
  • Discuss possible problems with possibly multinational colleagues on the project.
  • Share the company values and participate in their creation.

Well, it’s probably time for some bad news and bitter truth. (We know, we know, no time is perfect for that, but alas, even in such lightweight articles, it is inevitable. Sorry for that.)

If you want to hire remote Flutter developers, be prepared that it is challenging and pricey. Their hourly rates are relatively high since good app development costs big money.

Are you shrugging shoulders in disbelief? No problem, we can google it for you and find some proof. First of all, let’s clarify where you will hire them.

Of course, the USA is the first obvious choice. But don’t run for the American devs as your only option. Before signing contracts, let’s compare the prices. So… the USA, right?

The average Flutter developer’s salary in the USA is $96,726 yearly. Are your pockets that deep? Remember that if you want a senior pro, you’d better be ready to spend $100,000 and more for a year of full-time collaboration.

Now that you’re already getting second thoughts let’s check the UK for a change! British developers are also reputable.

46,000 pounds yearly! Not bad.

Your head starts rapidly searching for cheaper variants, and India is the first available right on the top of the list. Naturally! Indian devs are reasonably priced and numerous, so it’s easier to pick the skillful ones, right?

Well, that’s not so simple. Numbers don’t always easily translate into quality. Many talented Indian devs are delivering Flutter app development services because there are many Indian devs in general. If they’re many, there’re more top heads among them!

Still, let’s see the price. To understand the number correctly, we’ll say that 43 000 rupees equal $530, and that’s low even for the monthly salary. True, this sum won’t be even noticeable for your startup budget — but you don’t know what you will get. Seriously, do you want to throw away several hundred dollars for nothing? Isn’t it better to address the company that gives you top candidates, considering your project specifications?

Where can you possibly hire Flutter developers?

The company matches the top 1% of the developers with the Valley startups. Using a «talent cloud» approach to dev filtering and at least partly AI-based testing, Turing.com is undoubtedly an exciting choice if you want to try the power of artificial intelligence.

PeoplePerHour is the «longest-running freelance website in the UK» (est. 2007), where you can quickly obtain available local talent for your projects. Throughout its existence, PPH arranged an extensive contact database suitable for even the pickiest clients.

Codeable is one more freelance marketplace platform where you can pick vetted coders and developers for your IT projects. Most focus on WordPress, but some Flutter devs are also available.

The most popular bidding marketplace, where you can quickly get some free hands for all the tasks you need. The pros and cons of bidding marketplaces included: Flutter developers for hire are always plentiful, but you never know if their proficiency suffices.

Is there a company we advise you to choose? Yes! Lemon.io!

We’ve already found a bunch of skillful Flutter devs — just come and get them! Don’t bother: they’re aces of programming. We aim high, so the mediocrities just don’t pass all our tests.

With Lemon.io, you no longer have to choose between reasonable prices and decent skills. We offer both!

Since our developers are mainly from Central European countries where life is much cheaper than in the US or UK, and the working culture and available skillsets are the same, we can offer reasonable prices for outstanding talents.

How do we test our developers?

First of all, our matching team looks for their online credentials. Web sites, professional forums, completed projects, you name it. Simultaneously, our specialists examine their CVs.

Afterward, we invite those who pass the first stage for the live call. We check soft skills and English language proficiency — so you will indeed find a common language with the people implementing your ideas into reality.

The next step is tech vetting. All the tech vetters are our contractors, so they’re always passionate about their filtering job and won’t pass any insufficient candidates.

Professional networks check (LinkedIn, GitHub, forums)

English proficiency test (oral/written communication)

Soft skills test (communication, time management, empathy)

Coding proficiency test (live coding & code analysis)

that’s it. you are ready to hire your first engineer

After such a thorough procedure, only 4% of the candidates are proudly transferred to the AVAILABLE position. Let me get this number straight for you: out of 100 candidates, 96 don’t pass our vetting and have to go home. The lucky four become eligible for successful startups (like yours!).

If you still have questions about our vetting process, read our thoroughly detailed article on that topic.

What will you get from working with the team of Flutter developers from Lemon.io?

  • Excellent teamwork (our company is suited for remote since all of its members are remote workers);
  • Flexible hiring (part-time or full-time remote up to your choice);
  • Transparent pricing options (no hidden taxes or percents);
  • Using of Scrum and Agile for smooth and controlled workflow;
  • Extra fast matching (1-2 working days) and the possibility of substitution;
  • Large programmers’ pool (in case you realize you need more hands and heads);
  • Top-notch customer support and success department.

Hire your tech legend

Choose your mighty dev


Yevhen A.

// middle front end web developer

Yevhen is an experienced middle front-end developer. He’s proficient in React, knows JavaScript fundamentals quite well, and writes clean good-looking code.

  • javascript
  • react
  • typescript

Viktor Y.

// senior software engineer

Meet a senior dev with 6 years of experience. He’s an expert at JavaScript with superior HTML and CSS skills, bridging the gap between design and development.

  • javascript
  • next.js
  • react

Taras K.

// tech lead / senior front-end web developer

Taras is a tech lead with a proper understanding of his role of a dev practitioner. He is an expert in agile methodologies and all the required engineering procedures.

  • javascript
  • react
  • typescript

Liviu Z.

//senior front-end web developer

Liviu is a passionate developer with over 10 years of industry experience, tech-leading experience, and a solid understanding of numerous business domains.

  • react
  • vue

Bogdan С.

// strong senior front-end web developer

Bogdan is a mature engineer who can work autonomously and asynchronously, delivering high-quality code and communicating well with rest of the team.

  • javascript
  • vue

Alex U.

// strong middle front-end developer

Alex is a high-skilled front-end engineer who knows Angular from top to bottom. Problem-solving attitude and new feature implementation are his winning sides.

  • angular x
  • backbone.js
  • +3 skills


  • How much does it cost to hire a full-stack Flutter engineer?

    At Lemon.io, our prices start from $35-45 per hour. The hourly rate lets you calculate your spending for any number of hours you need to complete the required tasks.

  • Is it possible to make online games with Flutter?

    Yes! With the Flame engine’s help, you can build any kind of game using the Flutter framework.

  • What tools do you use for remote work with Flutter developers?

    For remote work at Lemon.io, we use Slack and Jira software to allocate tasks, set deadlines, and connect tasks to people.

  • What questions do Flutter developers get at the Lemon.io interview?

    Developers who pass the CV and background check will participate in the next stage of several video interviews. On the first one, soft skills and English language proficiency are checked. Our developers conduct the tech interview with problem-solving and possible live coding tasks on the next one.

  • What is the average flutter developer salary at Lemon.io?

    The wages of our programmers start from $30-35 per hour. That’s really nice and reasonably low since we’re hiring devs in Eastern Europe, where the price range is lower than in the Western European countries or the USA. Our programmers’ rich skillset and decent working culture make them desired candidates for every startup.

  • Why choose Flutter as your app development platform?

    Cross-platform frameworks (React Native, Xamarin, Cordova, Flutter) allow developers to create applications that work on various platforms. Making one adaptable, hybrid, or cross-platform app is much cheaper and faster than writing a few native apps from scratch. Without cross-platform frameworks, different devices and multifaceted operating systems would require massive amendments and a significant number of working hours. That’s why it will be reasonable to claim that Flutter makes application development much cheaper and more manageable.

    Which Flutter features make it the top choice for cross-platform app creation?

    ○ Hot Reload feature (any changes in the code are instantly reflected in the app);

    ○ Flutter online editor

    ○ It’s a perfect tool for making MVPs of your startups;

    ○ Shared codebase, design, and widgets for iOS and Android;

    ○ The same UI for your old and new devices.

How can you find your Flutter developer with us?

account manager
kate is online

Explore our stacks and pages: MLOps, Polkadot, asyncio, SceneGraph, MacOS

Hire your mighty devs at Lemon.io.

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