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Your smartphone’s ruling the world!

You’ve probably felt the application boom of the last few years, right? The world and his wife own a smartphone. No meeting can go without people constantly peering into their colorful screens. Sometimes, it seems the reality started losing points to the interface design a long time ago. For the lovers of natural communication, it’s a curse. For mobile startups, a blessing.

The interface is the king

You can’t be indifferent to the interfaces if your startup is bound to mobile applications. The interface is the cover your app will be judged by. The competition is enormous: you are lost forever if you don’t catch the attention at first glance. If your app isn’t intuitive, it will surely end its days in the trash bin, so you’d better finance your app development properly.

If you plan to conquer the startup world, you need to hire Angularjs developers. Lone wolves aren’t an option here. To build an app startup from scratch, monetize it, and make it successful, carefully consider all the needs and find the necessary skillful masters. One of the masters you need is an Angular developer.

What is Angular?

Angular is a web application framework made by the Angular Team at Google. It’s best suited for building web and mobile applications, but it was initially considered a pure front-end framework. In 2015, the team rewrote AngularJS into what it is today.

This open-source framework is perfect for building desktop, mobile, and web applications. It’s written in a simplified and structured JavaScript language. Its numerous benefits are modularity, HTML attribute extensions, event handling, routing, configuration, controllers, services, ease for beginners, and unit testing. Companies can create multifold apps to meet any target using the Angular framework.

What can you do with Angular?

Any web page or interface element can be coded with Angular. Properly planned drop-down tabs, sliders, scroll bars, and buttons determine your application’s speed, functionality, and commercial success — and, of course, they are frequently created with the help of the Angular framework.

The framework comes in handy for performing numerous tasks:

  • Creating dynamic and interactive apps with intuitive UI/UX;
  • Following the bounce rate and user behavior;
  • Measuring website performance;
  • Performing unit and integration tests;
  • Implementing an enjoyable user experience and a first-class codebase.

Angular developers ensure the right mixture of creativity and interactivity, forming a positive frontend experience.

What are the main benefits of the Angular framework?

One of the core features of Angular is that it is a visual framework (as opposed to React, which is merely a visual library). That said, Angular can provide a rigid and guided environment for your programming experiments. Furthermore…

  • CA structured language guarantees stability and consistency of UI across devices;
  • Plenty of the Angular tools are beneficial and developer-friendly;
  • Angular frameworks are often used by the top companies (Microsoft, Paypal, and Samsung are among them);
  • Thanks to Angular’s positive reputation and general popularity, the framework boasts high adoption rates.

Do you have any reasons for switching to Angular from other frameworks? Yes!

It is highly readable

Newer versions use Typescript, a programming language that’s easy to read and follow. Therefore, the developers deeper understand the code they write.

It is modular

Angular separates code into functional modules. Modular code helps apps function better. Furthermore, reusable chunks are much easier to organize.

It is test-friendly

Since units or elements are independent, the app testing is simple. Having chosen the most efficient and practical order, you can confirm and optimize the performance of each system block.

It’s consistent and maintainable

Uniform code is crucial for reducing errors and keeping high efficiency. Angular uses a simple MVC (model-view-controller for AngularJS) or MVVM (model-view-view-model) architecture allowing it to run without building additional code for connecting controllers or components. Less code means faster processing. Just keep in mind that for every 100-millisecond increase in page load time, you can expect a 1% revenue growth.

Who are Angular developers?

Angular developers are JavaScript programmers experienced in the field of software engineering. That said, to hire Angular js developers, you should look for decent JavaScript programmers well-acquainted with the principles of the Angular framework. Angular web development aces’ daily bread is implementing web and mobile apps’ complete user interface (front-end).

What do Angular developers pay attention to in job descriptions?

What red flags can stop real masters of application development from joining your startup team? The job role, the position description, the number and type of interviews, and the final salary greatly influence the type of candidates you’re hoping to attract. What information will help you hire dedicated Angular developers?

Broadly speaking, an excellent full- or part-time Angular js development professional is eager to come across the following information:

  • A clear description of the working duties (type of application, programming language, core aims, etc.);
  • Technical skills (version of Angular, additional programs to work with);
  • Project scope (short-term or long-term, type of application, etc.);
  • Required experience level (junior, mid-level, senior);
  • Compensation;
  • Working conditions (schedule, overtime, team description).

Common mistakes to avoid when looking for Angular developers

Mistake #1: Hiring a complete rookie

Of course, newbies cost less. Frequently, they don’t know how much to ask for their code or work for a CV. But think twice: do you need an army of cheap greenfinches or a pair of real pros? The former can ruin your startup; the latter will get the work done, although they’ll definitely charge you more. Angularjs programmers with a lot of experience are surely better.

Mistake #2: Limiting candidates to local developers

Naturally, you trust people of your origin more than strangers. Especially when the strangers are from some faraway country, right? But what if your native job market has weak points in your zones of interest? Refusing to use Angular js developers from other countries can often result in significant cost escalation. Read along, and we’ll show you the actual numbers.

Mistake #3: Hiring for speed rather than quality

Early bird gets the worm — or haste makes waste? Speed dramatically increases your chances of success, but first of all, your product has to be of decent quality. Otherwise, it will never become popular and won’t satisfy the customers’ needs. Before admiring the promises, study the subject matter and learn how long it generally takes to make a viable MVP for similar apps. Afterward, you’ll be able to evaluate the potential employers’ warranties with the sober confidence of a pro.

Why hire dedicated Angular developers from Lemon.io?

What will you get with Lemon.io?

4-step vetting process

We offer you a completely transparent 4-step vetting process. Its main parts are a reference check, English language proficiency check, soft skills check, and, naturally, a technical screening conducted by our top developers. By the way, the said developers are our contractors, so they get paid for the proper testing (and don’t have any reasons to upvote particular candidates).


We find suitable Angular remote developers for your project really fast. Already in 2-3 working days, you’ll have our first offer. Nevertheless, you can always reject it if something goes wrong: we won’t place any additional charges and substitute your candidate as smoothly as possible.


All our Angular developers for hire are primarily from Eastern or Central Europe. That means their time zone is very convenient for distant collaboration if you want to hire angular js programmers. If you are a UK- or Western Europe-based startup, all the processes go simultaneously, undisturbed by the time shifts (since the difference is 2 hours max). You’ll get daily updates from your European developers right before your morning coffee if you’re from the USA.

Choose your mighty dev


Eugene S.

// senior full-stack web developer

A full-stack developer with 14+ years of experience. His core stacks are C#, .NET, and JS. Eugene is also proficient in AWS and has team-leading experience.

  • .net
  • angular
  • +4 skills

Alex U.

// strong middle front-end developer

Alex is a high-skilled front-end engineer who knows Angular from top to bottom. Problem-solving attitude and new feature implementation are his winning sides.

  • angular x
  • backbone.js
  • +3 skills

How much does it cost to hire Angular programmers at Lemon.io?

That’s a complicated question that can have multiple answers — depending on your request specifications. At Lemon.io, one can hire remote Angular developers from multiple countries and regions (for them to suit your time zone preferences), with different additional skills and stacks, and with multifaceted experience in creating startup web/mobile products.

If you’re looking for full-stack experts, we will offer you a lot of candidates (Angular/Vue + PHP/Node.js/NET) for approximately $40–60 per hour. Strong middles want less, seniors request for more, and if you’d like a full-stack tech lead, be prepared to part with $65–75 per hour.

Front-end developers (Angular + JS/TypeScript) will request $25–45 per hour, whereas front-end tech leads will work with you for $45–55.
The prices are quite reasonable — especially if you consider all the Lemon.io labor that eventually filters out the unworthy and leaves only the most gifted Angular prodigies for your team.

More developers

How to hire an Angular developer from Lemon.io?

Profile creation

Efficient and straightforward dev profiles will make your choice easy and perfectly trimmed.

Matching and onboarding

Our Matching and Customer Success teams will make your collaboration with top Angular developers smooth and productive.

Extremely fast hiring

We will complete your star team diabolically fast. If your needs alter in the course of the startup development, we will do our best to comply.

In addition to Angular developers, we can also offer Flutter, AWK, Android, and many more — so don’t constrain your entrepreneurial imagination.

And now it's FAQ time! Do you have any questions left?

  • Can I hire part-time Angular developers at Lemon.io?

    Naturally! Lemon.io offers plenty of top talent part-time Angular developers (both front-end and back-end ones) whom we connect with the prominent Western IT startups. As we are the vetting marketplace, we pre-check all the specialists before adding them to our database. First of all, we check their online credentials, social networks, and professional forums. Next, we perform soft skills (time management, active listening, empathy), and an English language check. For all the heroes who pass the previous stages, the stakes become incredibly high: they have to pass the tech interview with one of our most prominent in-house developers. Those who will be smart and brave enough to get through it, get into our final talent pool. You’re free to choose anyone, they are all excellent. 

  • How much does it cost to hire an Angular developer in 2022?

    Software engineers have been enjoying tremendous popularity for the last 10 years — and the steep development of the IT segment in many countries is a clear indication that this tendency will continue revealing itself. So, how much does it cost to hire an Angular developer in 2022? Naturally, the answers will differ depending on the geography, the proficiency level of the employee, and the project specifications. 
    Angular programs are easily manageable — what’s more, the reusable components save the startups time and money. That’s why Angular has become a popular choice for product delivery in the IT sector.
    What factors influence the final cost of hiring the Angular specialist? 
    Project size. Small projects get completed by Angular specialists in practically no time thanks to comparably low requirements and simple functionality. Enterprise-grade projects, in turn, mostly demand the whole dev team with QA and technical support. Moreover, customized requirements will surely boost the overall cost. 
    Developer’s skillset. The average cost of hiring an Angular developer greatly varies depending on the skills the developer possesses. Junior devs (those who started working in the app development environment 0-3 years ago) have basic knowledge of database concepts and the Angular working environment — and their rates are commonly from $10 to $30 per hour. Mid-level architects are more experienced (4-6 years), thus they take more money — near $35 or more, depending on the project specifications. Senior Angular specialists have been working for around 8 years, and deeply understand the concepts and trends of the technology in question, therefore their rates are the highest — up to $100/hour.
    App complexity. Naturally, the more complex is the app, the more money you will pay to the developer. Advanced features are based on more code, and more code means more time spent on development. 
    Geography. Not all Angular developers with the same experience level get the same rate. You surely know that the US devs are far more expensive than the Eastern European ones — independently of their skills. Moreover, a European Senior will most often be cheaper for you to hire than the US Middle. That’s how the business logic works. Devs from Turkey, India, or South America will be even less pricey. 
    Engagement mode. Which option is the best for you — a fixed price model, a time and material model, or a team model? Each of them has its own advantages, so you’d better study the use cases in advance.
    Freelance or in-house? A good offshore dev is by no means worse than a good in-house employee whom you should pay for the full day, no matter how much work they do. FICA taxes, insurance, paid sick leaves… Quite a lot of additional expenses connected with in-house make startup owners turn their eyes to the freelance market.

  • Are Angular developers in demand? 

    Considering the ongoing app popularity surge (starting long before the pandemics, but actually skyrocketing during those two years everyone had to pass in seclusion), it’s easy to answer this question positively. For sure, Angular (a Typescript-based JS framework made by Google for creating powerful multiplatform applications on the front-end) has been (and will be) enjoying great demand in the coming years. Thanks to cheek-by-jowl competition between different app builders and startups, Angular programmers will be more popular than cool cones of ice cream on a hot summer day. In our days, every new thing needs an app to persist — and there is a constant need for front-end developers with in-depth knowledge of systems and environments.

  • Why do big companies use Angular? 

    One of the core reasons big tech companies love Angular is that this front-end framework is cross-platform — so you can create applications that will suit both Android and Apple, sparing the budget of the company. Popular websites use this framework to make their design more straightforward and simple. What popular websites are constructed with the help of Angular? We’ll make just a few:

    Among the most prominent websites built with the help of Angular, we can name Samsung, Upwork, Deutsche Bank, and Forbes. Quite impressive, huh?

How can you find your Angular developer with us?

account manager
kate is online

Our experience with Lemon was second-to-none.

Our experience with Lemon was second-to-none. We were matched with a great engineer who’s incredibly smart, proactive and punctual. We will be using Lemon again for upcoming dev project!!

Oct 22, 2020
Great communication + Sourcing

Lemon was excellent to work with! They are quick to respond and I have always have positive interactions with them. Not to mention the most important part – they sourced us a great iOS engineer who was better than what we were expecting!

Apr 19, 2021
I was looking for a backend rails...

I was looking for a backend rails developer to lead the charge on developing our APIs and platform integrations. We reached out to Lemon.io and they found the perfect engineer in a day. He’s been on the project for almost 2 months and has consistently delivered quality work.

Dec 22, 2020

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