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Why do you need Vue.js development aces ASAP?

Some say women rule the world. Some say big data does. Someone can even be brave enough to claim that all the power has been transferred to the giant reptiloids long ago, and their government moves us, the pawns, through the spacious chequered field.

Many people — many thoughts. However, if you are a startup owner, you probably are 100% sure that the world we know now has quickly become possessed by applications. There will be no place for people without smartphones very soon, right? The pandemic of COVID-19 left us no choice but to go online looking for life essentials. We discovered the newly developed apps’ strong (and weak) points when the world locked down. Some of us caught the wave — and are now looking for a team of outsource Vue js developers who will help create top services. (Yes, it’s you we’re talking about!)

Just keep on reading. We do have what you need — if you need to hire a Vue.js developer.

What we’ll cover?

You’ve already found React, Flutter, or Angular pros? Time to hire top Vue.js developers. Having all of them at your fingertips is helpful — and we’ll explain why.

Let’s roll!

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Vue.JS and its benefits

Choosing a JavaScript framework, one should consider the maturity and ecosystem of the technology. The older and more vibrant the community behind it, the easier the usage is. The more famous companies and apps use it, the lower the risk of going outdated.

Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework that makes developing the front end for web apps a piece of the cake. The main components of Vue.js are the core library, the Vuex state management pattern, and the Vue-Router. Its adaptability is also worth mentioning: you can use it as a library and a fully-fledged framework. Your Vue.js project has never been easier!

Created in 2014 by Evan You (a former employee at Google), Vue JavasScript is a community-driven open-source framework. Large companies don’t contribute to its repositories; however, numerous corporations and startups rely on Vue.js to develop their interfaces. Alibaba, Baidu, Grammarly, and GitLab are in the pool — to name a few.

As of now, Vue has unleashed three major versions and keeps them maintainable. The development team worked on the third version for two years and energetically employed their community in the software development process. Since the development of such a framework is anything but simple, one needs quite a lot of time to stabilize new versions, update third-party libraries, and secure the migration between versions.

What is Vue.js used for?

Developers use Vue.js to create advanced web apps with a neatly organized, maintainable, and testable codebase. Vue is an excellent choice for building dynamic interfaces with numerous interactive components.

What are the three main benefits of Vue.js?

Component-based architecture


Keeping up with alternatives

Such a progressive framework as Vue.js can be used for building brand-new applications from scratch and making some parts of your current project more vibrant and interactive.

What companies use Vue?

Front-end developers of young startups and big tech corporations have been reaping the benefits of the Vue.js framework. Grammarly and Alibaba have used the framework to build their apps from scratch, whereas Behance and GitLab have transferred their codebases to Vue.js from their home solutions.

What are the skills you want a Vue developer to have?

Like any other developers, remote Vue.js developers for hire should presumably be:

  • The masters of their working schedule, having no need for external control;
  • Well-informed in the world of new technologies and implement them in the places where it brings the most significant use and profit;
  • Able to discuss possible problems with multinational colleagues on the project;
  • Actively involved in creating and cultivating the values of the budding business.

Where can you hire Vue.JS programmers?

There are two main options. Either you roll up your sleeves and go seeking them yourself — or use the available marketplaces that will possibly ease the search process.

Hire them yourself? Sounds great, although…

Hiring yourself means searching for yourself

When was the last time you searched for software developers? Opening your search engine and typing “best developers asap” doesn’t guarantee anything. Google is overcrowded with people pushing their services out of every hole. Even if you choose this path, there’s still a chance you will end up on one of the marketplaces. It’s always better for the dev to use some decent platform. The platform’s own staff takes care of your CV and LinkedIn. You pass the tests, register in the system, and wait — presumably, for not so long.

Talented specialists are constantly engaged in full-time projects. Rookies are free but unqualified

You often need a company to find and track a skillful remote developer.

Nobody checks your IT crowd but you

Unless you are a programmer, checking turns out to be challenging. What should you check? In how many steps? How rigidly? Do I need to check the credentials? How will I check soft skills? (What are they, by the way?) The omniscient Google can offer some handy recipes to hire Vue developers — but do you want some mediocre set of generic advice to become the cornerstone of your vetting procedure?

Who is to blame for missing points? You are

Let the seasoned HR or Talent Acquisition department professionals do their job. They have many more valuable tips and successful matches (and failures to learn from, for that matter) than you. They will find a team of Vue.js developers who will bravely meet your project’s needs.

Not everyone whom you find will work for the startup

Notwithstanding the multiple benefits of the startups compared to the established big tech companies (feeling of the personal importance, corporate culture in the making, faster innovations and their implementation, rapid movement up the business ladder — you name it!), Google and other IT veterans are still the dream heroes for the IT crowd. Wait, there’s more to it: if you hire alone, you have nothing to back you with (especially if your name tells nothing to search engines).

Told you. Hiring alone is not for the faint of heart. So, you’d better find a nice company — say, a marketplace company. Marketplaces help you catch the goldfish in the troubled waters of the labor market. Moreover, sometimes, they won’t even charge extra money since their toll is already included in the developers’ rates! What’s not to like?

Our experience with Lemon was second-to-none.

Our experience with Lemon was second-to-none. We were matched with a great engineer who’s incredibly smart, proactive and punctual. We will be using Lemon again for upcoming dev project!!

Oct 22, 2020
Great communication + Sourcing

Lemon was excellent to work with! They are quick to respond and I have always have positive interactions with them. Not to mention the most important part – they sourced us a great iOS engineer who was better than what we were expecting!

Apr 19, 2021
I was looking for a backend rails...

I was looking for a backend rails developer to lead the charge on developing our APIs and platform integrations. We reached out to Lemon.io and they found the perfect engineer in a day. He’s been on the project for almost 2 months and has consistently delivered quality work.

Dec 22, 2020

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Why hire Vue.js developers from Lemon?

  • Flawless teamwork (our company is suited for remote since all of its members are remote workers);
  • Adjustable hiring (part-time or full-time remote up to your choice);
  • Transparent pricing options (no hidden taxes or percents);
  • Using Scrum and Agile for smooth and controlled workflow;
  • Extra fast matching (1-2 working days) and the possibility of substitution;
  • Large programmers’ pool (in case you realize you need more hands and heads);
  • Top-notch customer support and success department.

How to hire Vue.js developers with Lemon?

First of all, our matching team checks their credentials. Web sites, professional forums, completed projects, you name it. Simultaneously, our specialists examine their CVs.

Afterward, we invite those who pass the first stage for the live call. We check soft skills and English proficiency — so you will find a common language with the people implementing your ideas into reality.

The next step is tech vetting. All the tech vetters are our contractors, so they’re always passionate about their filtering job and won’t pass any insufficient candidates.

Professional networks check (LinkedIn, GitHub, forums)

English proficiency test (oral/written communication)

Soft skills test (communication, time management, empathy)

Coding proficiency test (live coding & code analysis)

that’s it. you are ready to hire your first engineer

After such a tough procedure, not many candidates are proudly transferred to the AVAILABLE position. The lucky four become eligible for successful startups (like yours!).

As soon as a client leaves us their contacts, our Sales team arranges a discovery call where you can specify all your requests and demands for the top Vue.js developers you want to hire. In 48-72 hours, we will find you the first couple of candidates. We don’t offer dozens because all our offers are carefully tailored to customers’ requests. Afterward, we arrange the first interview between the client and Vue.js programmers they like. Code analysis? Feel free to perform it; we won’t mind.

If everything goes fine, we will start the documentation arrangement. In 4-5 business days max, you can start collaborating.
If something goes wrong, we offer the next Vue.js developers for hire, and the process goes again.

After you start co-working, we won’t intrude or micromanage either side. However, our Customer Success department is always ready to handle any troubles.

If you still have questions about our vetting process, read our insightful article on that topic.

Hire your tech legend


Yevhen A.

// middle front end web developer

Yevhen is an experienced middle front-end developer. He’s proficient in React, knows JavaScript fundamentals quite well, and writes clean good-looking code.

  • javascript
  • react
  • typescript

Viktor Y.

// senior software engineer

Meet a senior dev with 6 years of experience. He’s an expert at JavaScript with superior HTML and CSS skills, bridging the gap between design and development.

  • javascript
  • next.js
  • react

Taras K.

// tech lead / senior front-end web developer

Taras is a tech lead with a proper understanding of his role of a dev practitioner. He is an expert in agile methodologies and all the required engineering procedures.

  • javascript
  • react
  • typescript

Liviu Z.

//senior front-end web developer

Liviu is a passionate developer with over 10 years of industry experience, tech-leading experience, and a solid understanding of numerous business domains.

  • react
  • vue

Bogdan С.

// strong senior front-end web developer

Bogdan is a mature engineer who can work autonomously and asynchronously, delivering high-quality code and communicating well with rest of the team.

  • javascript
  • vue

Alex U.

// strong middle front-end developer

Alex is a high-skilled front-end engineer who knows Angular from top to bottom. Problem-solving attitude and new feature implementation are his winning sides.

  • angular x
  • backbone.js
  • +3 skills


  • What interview questions do Vue.js developers get at Lemon.io?

    In the course of the vetting process, all the developers at Lemon.io (Vue.js included) should pass the CV and background check, the soft skills/language proficiency check, and the hard (programming) skills check. Our experienced developers conduct the last test and try to make sure that the programmer in question can deliver the promised results in the relevant field. The tasks of this paid test are efficient and highly relevant to the stack dev will work with.

  • Can I hire part-time developers at Lemon.io?

    Naturally, you can choose the working model you like, and we will look for the devoted masters who are best suited to your mode. Besides, it is effortless to change the model if you eventually realize you need a whole offshore team instead of one part-timer.

  • What is the payment schedule of your developers?

    Our devs get paid every week. Each client we work with should also make a one-week deposit payment in advance so that in case of any complications the developer won’t be left unpaid.

  • How much does it cost to hire Vue.js developers at Lemon.io?

    At Lemon.io, our prices start from $35-45 per hour. Hourly rate lets you calculate your spending for any number of hours you need to complete the required tasks.

  • What tools for remote work do you use at Lemon.io?

    We use Slack, Jira, and all the proper tools of the Atlassian software. We don’t offer any time-tracking tools, but we promptly solve all the possible time-related issues with maximal benefits for all sides.

  • Where are you based? How many developers do you have?

    All our staff works remotely from different locations and countries, although the majority of people are based in Ukraine. Legally, we are registered in the USA and pay taxes there. Currently, we have around 150 developers, and their number is constantly growing. Chances are, while you’re reading this, some new hothead pros appeared in our pool, so be quick and grab them first!

How can you find your Vue.js developer with us?

account manager
kate is online

Explore our stacks and pages: Remix, Swagger, Netlify, Grape, Android Studio

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