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Deadlines burning bright? Hire startup developers to handle your project needs

Let us paint you a picture:

Where you are now

A year ago you could only dream about the number of customers and orders you have today.

But now your dreams are reality, and sometimes you probably think you have too much on your plate at once.

  • А product to constantly develop and update
  • Planned releases of the features you promised your product would have 
  • An army of investors and users who won’t let you back down on your promises 
  • The budget that you are running short of
  • The lack of qualified working hands to work on all the tasks.

If you continuously fail to keep up with the paces, chances are your product withers and your disappointed users migrate to a more competitive alternative.

Reality can be a bitch.

Where you could be

But, there is also another way around. A better, easier way. The one where everyone is smiling and dancing, and a fresh morning breeze gently blows in your face as you walk to your office, knowing that:

  • The development goes on without your permanent control 24/7.
  • You always have emergency hands able to quickly hop on any extra tasks without needing to be hand-held (sic!).
  • You have all the time in the world to work on your CTO matters that you can’t delegate to anyone else.

The only thing you need to do to step on that road to happiness is to find a programmer for startup. A skilled, reliable, and affordable professional, a nietzschean Übermensch among regular devs. Actually, better hire several.

You probably knew that all along.

But what about the typical concerns arising when it comes to hiring? Like:

Relax. We got you covered.

Your shortest road to happiness

Here is what you can do:

Take a safe shortcut, and get help with your project within just 24 hours. Tomorrow, you will start working with a startup developer whose experience perfectly matches your project needs.

Choose to go all the way, and expose yourself to numerous trials and errors. We will prepare you for whatever awaits you on this damned road. But, you will have to walk all the way and find a programmer for startup yourself.

What will you choose?

The long road: when you hire startup developers yourself

Okay, so you like to figure things out on your own. Good.

Then, let’s take a closer look at what options you typically have as a startup CTO in a crunch. We’ll start from the most expensive options, and move to the most affordable ones.

Development companies

Finding a startup developer? Pfft, baby talk. Better use the services of a whole development company. Right?


  • You pay for the full development cycle, from layouts to the finished product.
  • Your project is in the hands of a big professional team with distributed roles and responsibilities.
  • Deadlines are clearly communicated and rarely postponed.
  • Your project manager will serve as a mediator between you and the development team, and will keep you updated about the development process.


  • Development companies have huge expenses that have nothing to do with your project, but are included into its cost (office rent, salaries, insurances, etc.)
  • Apart from communicating your concerns or wishes to the project manager, you have little control over what is going on during the course of development.
  • Even small changes may take time and money to implement. Making changes on the fly is not the strongest suit of any dev company.
  • Too much depends on flawlessly clear communication and management.
  • Expect like one free revision, if any at all. Usually, development companies charge you for everything.
  • It may turn out that you don’t have the intellectual property rights when the dev company finishes your project.

Development companies rates

Well, every company will have its own rates. Developing a mobile or a web app is complicated, and it can be difficult to calculate the estimated costs in advance.

Still, out of curiosity, we used several online calculators to figure out the approximate price of building a mobile app.

Let’s say you want to build a video streaming app for both iOS and Android. It would have some basic security features, integration with popular social networks, messaging and ratings, user profiles, multi-language support, and a tablet version.

How much do you think such an app would cost you?

Anywhere between $250,000 – $320,000.

This is not a 100% accurate estimation. More like a demo. Different calculators show different results. But there IS one common thing about them: six-digit numbers.

Hire startup developers to work in-house


  • You can traditionally expect better performance and higher quality of work.
  • You own the intellectual property rights from the beginning.
  • In-house developers usually work under strict NDAs and other regulations.
  • Supporting, updating, and maintaining your product is easier.
  • You can handle critical situations better when your whole team is gathered in one place.


  • You need to rent an office for devs and hire additional staff to maintain it.
  • You will be obliged to pay FICA taxes (Medicare and Social Security) and insurances.
  • Your in-house devs can get sick or tired, so get ready to pay for their sick days and vacations.
  • Even during off-seasons, you will have to pay your in-house devs in full.

You might ask, «Okay, but how is that different from employing any other worker?»

All these expenses are just the tip of the iceberg calle Startup developer salary. If you try to find a programmer for startup in the United States, the average pay would look like this:

Web development approximately $68,000 to $92,500 (startup junior developers could cost less, though).

Need a hand?
we got plenty.

lemon hand

Startup developer salary gets even higher when it comes to mobile app development. An average startup programmer who builds applications will cost you around $96,000 to $127,000.

A startup app developer in New York city will work for almost $100,000.

Developers’ work is worth the money for sure. But the question is, can your company afford sustaining in-house developers?

They are good for established companies with a more stable financial position. For startups, it can be a costly option.

Freelancers from generic online marketplaces

Okay, so prepare for a mind-blowing bold statement.

All the scary stories you probably heard about working with freelancers are bullshit.

Well, most of them.

In the research we did in 2020, over 300 respondents from the United States pointed out that they not just had the experience of working with freelance developers, but were actually satisfied with the results.

See for yourself:

In other words, if you want to find a programmer for startup, the sky won’t crumble if you try working with freelancers.

This applies even to generic freelance marketplaces such as Fiverr or Upwork.


  • Fixed and hourly rates on freelance marketplaces are often affordable even for the smallest companies.
  • You WILL eventually find the skill set you are looking for: crowdsourcing platforms accommodate millions of freelancers from all over the world.
  • You are the only person responsible for the recruitment choices being made.
  • If you communicate and process payments on-site, watch out for the red flags, and don’t give out your personal data to just anyone, working with generic freelance marketplaces is rather safe.


  • Generic freelance marketplaces often accommodate strangers from all over the world, who might have different work culture and ethics.
  • Usually weak security measures allow some freelancers to ghost you mid-project, or run off with your money after receiving the prepayment.
  • When you finally find a suitable candidate through trial and error, you will be several weeks closer to death: the bidding system that such platforms often rely on is a problem on its own.
  • Freelance marketplaces can be infamously reluctant when it comes to troubleshooting and support.

Thousands of people come to crowdsourcing marketplaces to find a programmer for startup, and are content with the outcomes.
But what if we told you there is another, more secure and reliable source of freelance developers?

Vetting platforms: your best bet, really

So, what should you do if you need to find startup developer fast, but none of the listed options works for you?

Thank God there are vetting platforms.

Among humanity’s greatest inventions, freelance platforms for vetted developers sit right next to the hygiene and space flights. This is your ultimate way to negate ALL risks of working with freelance developers.

Forget everything you knew about the freelancers. At least 5 years have passed since scary stories about freelance developers were the ultimate truth. It’s time to catch up with the new reality.


  • Vetting platforms test freelancers’ abilities and sign contracts with the best of them.
  • They are also responsible for your experience with the developer.
  • You don’t need hiring experience: state your need and the platform will assign a suitable developer to your project.
  • Scammers, ghosts, data thieves, and other rubbish never pass screening procedures.
  • Hiring from vetting platforms is faster than manually browsing through hundreds of candidates on Upwork or Fiverr.


  • Some platforms for vetted developers can be pricey, though still more affordable than in-house devs.
  • You don’t get to choose a freelancer you want to work with.

That’s honestly it. We honestly couldn’t think of other downsides.

Anyway, we doubt you want to drag yourself through all the hiring routine. You just want to hire startup developer to work on your project. And since you are here, we know a vetting platform specifically for you.

Lemon.io: a vetting platform designed for your startup

That’s right. A vetting platform created with the problems early-stage startups face every day. A source of qualified and reliable developers who won’t ravage your budget and pillage the remains of your company.

A service matching you with some of the best devs faster than anyone.

Lemon is just that. And some more.

Devs you don’t want to part with

Just recently, we had a Japanese customer buy out one of our DevOps engineers to work for their company full-time.

Because our dev was THAT good.

Hourly rates that other platforms hate us for

Want to find a programmer for startup fast, easy, for as low as $40 per hour? That’s totally possible.

Check out some of the rates that our startup front end and back end devs will ceaselessly toil for:

$45-$85 JavaScript
$50-$90 Python
$50-$85 Ruby on Rails
$55-$90 Golang
$45-$80 PHP
$45-$80 .Net
$50-$85 Mobile Development
$55-$95 Blockchain
$55-$95 AI
$55-$95 Data Science

We know what you need

Whatever your project needs are, we’ll match you with a developer with 100% relevant skills and experience.

Hey, did we just read your mind? You never know.

Burning deadlines are no longer a problem

As a startup, you often need things to be done ASAP.

Don’t worry. You can start working with our best startup developers in just 24 hours.

Point-and-click hiring

If you played old school games like The Neverhood, you remember how the whole gameplay was tied to just two simple actions: pointing at objects and clicking to interact with them.

Lemon.io works just as easy. Point at any yellow button you find on this page and click on it to access over 350+ amazing developers right now.

most of our developers live in Ukraine – the country in Eastern Europe with the costs of living about 40% lower than in the United States.

so, we can afford charging lower commissions than our big competitors.

we do have a legal address, but we don’t have an office. We don’t need it! All of our employees work remotely.

our maintenance costs are mostly salaries.

our overhead expenses don’t exceed $60,000.

so, we can afford charging lower commissions than our big competitors.

our maintenance costs are mostly salaries.

How do we ensure the quality and reliability of our freelancers?

This is the heart and soul of Lemon.io – our vetting process!

Our customers want to work only with the best freelance developers. To make it so, we’ve designed a vetting process that filters out 96% of the candidate devs applying to work with Lemon.io.

Here are the things about every freelancer that we scrupulously check.

How safe is it to work with Lemon.io?

Lemon.io is a Delaware C-corp based in Ukraine.

Our terms and conditions fully comply with the laws of the United States. You are fully protected by the American laws when working with us.

When freelance developers agree to our terms of use, they automatically oblige to

  • Keep your project details in secret
  • Transfer the intellectual property rights to you when you pay for the finished work.

The best way to hire startup developers

We’d say, the best way is to ask your friends and partners for referrals of some cool pros they worked with. But, this doesn’t always work. Your network is limited, and sooner or later you’ll hit the point when you can’t hire based on referrals only.

In Lemon.io, we only work with the people we’d recommend to our dearest friends and partners. And if your network knew them, they’d recommend them too. So, if you don’t want to hire from a freelance marketplace, don’t. Consider Lemon.io as the expansion of your network, that old friend who definitely knows someone cool they can introduce you to.

In fact, that friend’s name is Kate. You can call her right now. She definitely knows a dev you’ve been looking for.

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