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When you visit a website with a variety of interactive elements whose positions or looks change without you pressing F5, it’s probably written in JavaScript. To see JavaScript in action, just visit Facebook, Netflix, or Airbnb.

Looks good, right?  

Of course, having to manually write all the code for such pages would be daunting and time-consuming. That’s why there is a JS library used specifically for building interactive elements on websites.

Hire React developers

This JavaScript library is called React (or React.js). It’s a fast and simple open-source library. A skilled React developer can quickly create a good-looking user interface or a single-page web application. If this developer also knows how to work with React Native framework, they can write mobile applications for you too. 

With this in mind, it’s no surprise it can be difficult to recruit the right specialist. “Should I hire a React developer? Or should I hire a React Native developer?” Get ready to puzzle over these questions too. 

Besides, these developers are in high demand, and to find one people often bounce around all kinds of online marketplaces or job boards. It can be effective but requires time and effort, and often brings dangers that may not be obvious. 

This is what we’ll cover next

The not-so-reliable ways to hire a React developer 

Meet Mary. She has just started her small business. Her idea is to connect elderly people living in her neighborhood with local volunteers. The volunteers will provide care and company to those who cannot go outside and search for it. To realize her idea, Mary wants to develop an easy-to-use matching web app. 

She’s heard a thing or two about React app development, and now she wants to hire a React Native developer. What options does she have?

  • Hiring (from) friends

    The first thing that comes to mind is to hire ReactJS Developers among friends. Perhaps, some of them know skilled devs. And, by the way, wasn’t her former classmate, Jerry, a developer himself? 

    Mary asks around. Some of her friends do know web developers, but they are already employed. Or they don’t work with React.js. Or, their rates are too high for Mary, whose budget is pretty modest. 

    In a week, Mary calls Jerry. “If you want to hire React Native developer, I’m currently looking for a job,” he tells her on the phone. Bingo! Enthusiastic, they meet up to discuss the details of their collaboration. Mary quickly notices that Jerry is more into reminiscing about their college days rather than elaborating on his skills. And when he does, he seems to mistake React.js for React Native. Besides, he’s already acting unprofessional – even though Mary could be his future boss.

    When Mary returns home, she thinks that friendship and business don’t mix.   
  • Job boards

    On the next day, Mary starts browsing job boards. She discovers React Job Board, GitHub Jobs, and other similar resources, and spends several days browsing. Not exactly sure about skills and competencies ReactJS developers should have, she still selects several candidates who look promising.
  • Social networks

    Of course, LinkedIn! How could she forget? Good, even more candidates to interview. 
  • Development companies

    Upon mature consideration, Mary decides to not use the services of development companies. She just cannot afford them now. 
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Which is better to hire: in-house or remote developers?

Now, Mary has a list of candidates to choose from. Some live in her town, others are based in other states. 

Mary thinks it’s even better to work with remote developers. In her case, hiring in-house developers can be expensive. Mary would have to: 

  • Rent an office. Her town is small, but rent is costly anyways
  • Hire staff not related to web development (office manager, janitors, etc.)
  • Buy equipment for her employees to work on
The real cost of working with freelance developers | Lemon.io

On the other hand, remote React developers can be difficult to manage. 

And anyways, official employment (in-house or remote) means that Mary must: 

  • Pay salaries, regardless of whether her business is profitable, or not
  • Make insurance payments, taxes, pay for sick days and days off
  • Pay even when there is no work to do.

Discouraged, Mary starts googling and types in, “React developer salary.” 

Now she is shocked.

React developers salary

React developer salary

Turns out that to hire a React developer in the United States Mary would have to pay a fortune annually.

The average React developer salary grows the closer you search to the Silicon Valley area. In New York, you can hire a React programmer for ~$64K. But in San Francisco, salaries jump up to ~$129K per year! 

react developer salary in new york
Source: glassdoor.com
react dev salary san francisco
Source: glassdoor.com

In the English-speaking part of Europe costs to hire a React developer are disappointing, too.

react js developer salary in London
Source: glassdoor.com

And, if Mary wanted to develop a mobile application, she would have to pay even more. The average React Native developer salary (React Native is the framework used to build mobile apps) is even higher. 

react native salary NY
Source: glassdoor.com
react native dev salary SF
Source: glassdoor.com
London react native dev salary
Source: glassdoor.com

For a business that is just starting out, paying this much for React Native app development can be difficult. 

The best way to hire React developers

The best way to hire React developers

It looks like neither in-house nor remote developers make a good solution for a new company. If you are like Mary and just started your business, the problems we described above could be your problems as well. And, if you fail to find React devs in time, your project might suffer. 

So, what should you do? 

The only reasonable option here is to hire freelance React developers. 

Why freelancers? 

  • React freelancers are cost-effective. You don’t have to pay for anything but the project cost you agreed upon
  • Freelance React developers charge less for their services
  • With in-house developers, you have a limited range of skills at your disposal. Unusual tasks and new challenges will require different skillsets. You will either have to train your in-house devs (which is costly) or to hire new ones with appropriate skills. It is easier and cheaper to hire freelancers with the required skillsets for the duration of the project 
  • To manage your freelancer(s) just write them a message
  • Freelance React developers are easy to find.

Misconceptions about hiring freelancers 

People often look for independent contractors on websites like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer. Based on their bad experiences with these services or on scary stories from the internet, this is what customers usually think about hiring React js freelance developers: 

  • “If I hire freelance developer online, they will take the prepayment and disappear.”
  • “I will run into a scammer who will hack my computer and steal my project data.”
  • “Freelancers work reluctantly, and I will have to micromanage everything.”
  • “The quality of work done by freelancers is very poor.”
  • “It’s a waste of time and money, finding a decent developer is a guessing game.” 

These preconceptions are true only if you are hiring at online crowdsourcing marketplaces. They are large, global, overpeopled services. Naturally, these platforms cannot afford to check each React freelancer’s professional skills and reliability. 

The only safe way to hire freelance React developers

The dangers of recruiting developers online can be easily negated if you know where to search for them. 

We are talking about freelance platforms for vetted developers. There, you can safely hire a skilled developer who will never let you down, and do the job on time, 

How is this possible?  

  1. Every vetting platform has a talent pool, from which it assigns developers to customers’ projects. When a customer posts an order, the platform selects a developer whose skills and experience perfectly match project requirements
  2. Not just any freelance developer makes it to the talent pool. First, they must successfully pass numerous tests and proficiency checks. Each platform has its own methods of ensuring the competencies of the freelancers it employs
  3. Once a developer is assigned to a project, the platform monitors their performance and provides customers with support and assistance 
  4. The platform guarantees the security of your project-related data and the quality of the final product

Freelance platforms for vetted developers are better than generic crowdsourcing marketplaces because they take responsibility for the final product’s quality

Websites to safely hire a React developer

Websites to safely hire a React developer

Now, which platforms should you use to look for React JS developers? We suggest you pay attention to the following services. 


All you need to know is that Elon Musk’s Tesla trusts Gun’s freelancers. Imagine how much they paid for the services. Can you pay that much too?

  • Gun.io vetting procedures are thorough even compared to the high standards of other platforms on the list
  • The money you pay to the freelancer goes directly to their bank account
  • You pay for the code – you own it
  • But you pay a lot. Freelance developers working for Gun.io can charge you up to $150 per hour. 

Overall, a great option if you can afford it.


  • The platform takes vetting procedures very seriously. Even if a developer successfully passes all the tests, they must successfully complete a 45-days trial period  
  • Hourly rates start at $60. The platform also adds a 17.5% fee on top of your project estimate
  • PayPal, SafeCharge, and escrow policies guarantee that all money transactions you make are safe
  • Codeable’s support team is quick, but not always helpful (according to some user reviews on Trustpilot).


If there is a perfect hiring solution for startups and companies that are gaining momentum, Lemon.io is pretty close to it. 

  • Lemon.io can find a developer suitable for your needs within 24 hours. That’s good news when your project is time-sensitive
  • Specializing in software and web development, Lemon.io knows what you need. 98% of the platform’s customers stick to the first candidate Lemon.io offers them
  • And these are not just “any” devs. To ensure that your project is in good hands, Lemon.io uses a 4-stage vetting procedure. It includes:

    – Background checks. Platform’s recruiters look through the candidate’s profiles on GitHub and Stack Overflow (it’s like LinkedIn for developers), and on social media.    
    – Proficiency assessment. Lemon.io recruiters delegate the candidate practical test tasks and evaluate the freelancer’s performance on them. Time taken, solutions used, overall quality – these are some of the parameters Lemon.io managers evaluate.
    – Code quality control.
    – Live interview. Sometimes, good pros are difficult to work with. Interviews help Lemon.io managers understand how comfortable it will be for customers to work with the platform’s freelancers.

    Only when the candidate passes all stages of the vetting procedure, Lemon.io adds them to its talent pool and starts assigning them to customer orders.
  • Lemon.io helps you with everything related to working with its freelancers. Customer support is fast and responsive. 
  • For additional security, sign an NDA agreement with the freelancer Lemon.io assigns to your order. This way, you will protect yourself and your project. 
  • Lemon.io developers are more than affordable. Here is a brief list of hourly rates:
  1. WordPress – $30
  2. JavaScript – $35-$40
  3. Python – $40-$45
  4. Django – $40-$45 
  5. PHP – $30-$45
  6. Mobile Apps Development – $40
  7. React.js – $42-$44
  8. Node.js – $42-$45
  9. Angular.js – $38-$44
  10. HTML/CSS – $20-$25

As you can see, Lemon.io provides the best price-quality balance among other platforms on the list. No bustle, no sky-high prices – just safe and affordable web development. 

Hire your React or React Native developer now.

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