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Are you dreaming about a prosperous, popular startup without needing to shave thousands of dollars off your accounts and spend them on hiring a team of experienced senior web engineers? The success of your project thangs on HR strategies, so don’t jump head-first into a new tech realm without a well-planned hiring approach. Our new article will help you hire remote Java developers fast and pain-free.

App building doesn’t come without its fair share of challenges — and if you’re an entrepreneur, you should know how to overcome them quickly.

In this article, we will try to clarify various burning questions:

  • Why your business probably needs Java coders even if you still don’t know it
  • What are the benefits of Java app development
  • How to hire a Java programmer and where it’s better to do it
  • What are Java developers’ responsibilities and rates
  • What are the core steps for hiring Java remote coders
  • How does Lemon.io help you hire the best Java professionals

Let’s go!

Who should hire a Java developer?

Since Java is a multi-faceted and widely employed language, Java engineers will be a much-needed addition to different startup types. Here are jut some examples of domains where they will bring on tremendous added value:

Software development firms

Software development companies use Java for building software applications (web or mobile) and enterprise-level software systems.

Technology firms

Building data analysis instruments, developing software platforms, or maintaining mobile apps — Java developers can handle it with no sweat. That’s why tech industry players don’t meddle and hire them big.

Financial institutions

Since Java is a universal and multi-purpose language, one can build finance-related apps and programs using Java too. Trading platforms (CoinTrader, MetaTrader, and the like) or risk management systems are the two most popular kinds of fintech tools built using Java.

Government agencies

One can easily come across Java-based components in big-scale government apps — public information portals in the cities, or tax collection systems.

Education & research

E-learning portals and education software tools are frequently Java-based. How many of your language learning apps are Java-based?

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Erion B

// senior back-end web developer

Having 9 years in software development and strong backgrong in Java and microservices, Erion has also dived into Blockchain world recently, mastering Solidity.

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Ivan S.

// senior back-end web developer

If you are searching for the top Developer in Golang and Java, Ivan is the cream of the crop. More than 10 years of commercial experience make Ivan even more required.

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What are the benefits of Java development?

Portability (runs on different OS thanks to JVM)

Security (Java is one of the most secure languages)

Rich API set covering many domains

And these are by no means all benefits of Java web development!

In addition to all the above, it’s worth saying that Java programming language grants its pundits many more bonuses.

Object-oriented programming. It makes Java modular and maintainable.

Reliability. Strong type-checking and efficient memory management enhances robustness and reliability.

Community support. Java hasn’t appeared yesterday. It’s relatively old, that’s why its community is mature, ever-increasing, and vibrant.

What are the responsibilities of a Java developer?



Java app maintenance

Dedicated Java developers with rich experience design, test, and develop different Java-based apps and programs. Java aids them in developing UI, sending requests to databases, and testing software.


Team collaboration

Every Java developer cooperates with other team members (managers, designers, QA specialists) to ensure the end product is delivered on time and complies with all the requirements.



With the QA team, Java coders are responsible for finding and correcting all the critical errors and bug issues that hinder the program from reaching the needed quality level.


Staying updated

The best Java developers should keep updated on the latest trends and technologies. Awareness of the newest frameworks, tools, and libraries helps them improve tech skills and remain afloat in the vast competition ocean.


Documenting and communicating

If the Java devs work in a company, they must collaborate and communicate with the whole team (colleagues, stakeholders) to guarantee that everyone is on the same page.

Java developer salaries

The salary for Java developers can vary greatly — depending on a multitude of factors. Some of them are geography (IT firm location), industry, or job responsibilities. According to the open data of Payscale and Glassdoor, the average onsite Java developer’s salary in the USA ranges from $80 000 to $120 000 yearly.

What are the most crucial factors influencing the salary range? 

dollar-1 dollar-1

Experience. As a rule, seniors get much more than juniors, and middles earn something in between. In the USA, the beginner’s salary can be a staggering $50 000 lower than the experienced coder’s one.

dollar-2 dollar-2

Location. Even for remote specialists, location casts its shadow on salary range. Every Java developer for hire lives somewhere, and their living place influences their expectations.

dollar-3 dollar-3

Industry. Specific demanding industries have higher salaries, just as particular complex projects. For instance, those Java aces who work in fintech earn more because financial apps are complicated and take more time to work on.

At Lemon.io, our clients can find Java developers and hire them at the following hourly rates:

Middle-level developers: $25-35

Senior Java developers: $40-60

Java tech leads: $60-65

Steps to hire Java developers

If you’re eager to find and hire Java professionals by yourself, you’ll surely get some use of our description of the most traditional steps separating you from hiring a perfect Java engineer. So — what should an entrepreneur do to find Java coders for hire?

Define the job requirements

Before looking for Java developers, you should define job requirements according to which you will later filter out the candidates. Coding experience, languages and tools, soft skills — what else can you add?

Get your candidates

Now, it’s time to turn your job offer public. Post it on job boards and social media, ask your friends and colleagues to share it in their professional circles.

Review CVs and applications

If your search goes well, you will get plenty of CVs. How to get the best of them? Define your evaluation criteria and pick up the most promising candidates.

Perform initial screening and soft skills interviews

Having chosen the best applicants, you should start with soft skills interviews. They help you understand if the candidates’ soft skills (time management, empathy, remote/onsite work experience, teamwork experience) comply with the job you offer.

Schedule a hard skills interview

It’s the next level of the screening process. Here, you should check the candidates’ Java skills. In some cases, startup owners prefer performing code reviews on the job interview to see if the programmer can analyze their code and ponder about the best/worst/quickest solutions.

Make an offer and onboard the new hire

After you’ve chosen the best possible option for hire, it’s time to make an offer and start onboarding the successful candidate. Be ready for the situation when the candidate requests for more money than you expect to pay them (prepare a counter-offer), and work out the efficient onboarding procedure.

How can you hire Java developers?

As an entrepreneur, you always have multiple options for hiring Java programmers.

Apart from hiring them yourself, you can use the option of marketplaces. 

Bidding marketplaces work by the reverse auction principle. The smaller the developer’s rate, the more chances they have to get hired. Quite beneficial for entrepreneurs — but not without its caveats. For instance, most strong middles and seniors don’t look for work on bidding platforms, so if you want to get a seasoned professional, this option may not be quite your pair of shoes. Lastly, bidding platforms don’t filter their developers: anyone can come and register. No pre-testing, no tailored matching: you get plenty of cheap workforce, but all the screening procedures are entirely on you.

Vetting marketplaces 

The name speaks for itself. Vetting platforms check all the candidates they work with. To get into the database, a programmer should pass an initial CV screening, a soft skills test, and a hard/coding skills test. Most vetting platforms also check English language proficiency since English has long ago become a lingua franca of international IT teams.

Besides, you won’t come across junior Java coders on such marketplaces: they don’t pass the very first pre-screening stage. So, this is the viable variant for startup owners who are looking for talented mature professionals.

Lemon.io is one of the prominent vetting marketplace examples. We vet developers from Europe and Latin America, connecting them with Western startup owners. Our Sales, Matching, and Recruiting departments work hard to secure the best quality of hire, and our Customer Success department does its best to take care of our clients.

How we help you hire the most qualified Java developers?

If you hire Java developers with Lemon.io, we will save you the hassle of hiring. Our standard screening and onboarding mechanism allows you to save plenty of time (and spend it on growth instead of burdensome HR activities).

How will Lemon.io save you from the hassle?


Job requirements

Do you want to know how to write a proper job description? We’ve got you covered. Enjoy our 40+ job description templates for nearly all the popular technologies (Java included).


Sourcing candidates

Our Matching and Recruiting departments will do that job for you — even before you contact us. CV check included: after the initial discovery call, we will provide you with the most suitable candidates’ resumes.

Screening interviews

That’s our daily bread. English proficiency, soft skills, coding skills — everything you need is covered.


Reference check

You’ll be surprised — but we also do it.



We connect you with your chosen dev and provide all the organizational details. We don’t have any micromanagement or extra time tracking tools: our app will help you track time and money (and that’s the basis you need). If something goes awry, we have a Customer Success department. It will take care of you and resolve (almost) everything.

professional networks check (LinkedIn, GitHub, forums)
dots dots-mobile
english proficiency test (oral/written communication)
dots dots-mobile
soft skills test (communication, time management, empathy)
dots dots-mobile
coding proficiency test (live coding & code analysis)
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that's it. you are ready to hire your first engineer

Why hire a Java developer from Lemon?

  • Lower rates compared to the American onsite & remote top developers’ market (up to $120 per hour for seniors in the USA vs. 65-70 at Lemon.io)
  • Convenient devs’ location for suitable time overlap with the USA
  • Awesome Sales and Matching teams that will find you candidates within 48 hours after you leave your requirements
  • 3-7 business days between the start of your work with Lemon.io and the start of your work with the dev we offer
  • We substitute programming professionals if you don’t like them
  • No hidden commissions: you pay the rate you know.


  • What is a Java developer?

    A Java developer is a software developer who specializes in creating applications using the Java programming language. Java is a widely-used programming language that is known for its platform independence, which means that Java applications can run on different operating systems without the need for modification.

  • Can I hire a large development team?

    Yes, depending on your needs and budget, you can hire a large development team. Many companies offer development team services, ranging from small teams of a few developers to large teams of hundreds or even thousands of developers.

    When hiring a large development team, it’s important to consider factors such as the team’s expertise, experience, and communication skills. You’ll want to ensure that the team has the technical skills and knowledge required for your project and the ability to work collaboratively and communicate effectively with your organization.

  • How fast can I hire a Java developer?

    The time it takes to hire a Java developer can vary depending on several factors, such as your location, the current job market, the level of experience you are looking for, and the complexity of your project.

    If you are using a recruitment agency, they may be able to help you find a Java developer within a few days or weeks. They may have access to a pool of candidates who have already been screened for technical skills and experience.

    If you are conducting the hiring process independently, finding the right candidate may take longer. You may need to advertise the job opening; review resumes, conduct interviews, and negotiate compensation packages. The time it takes to complete these steps can vary depending on the number of applicants, the quality of their applications, and the availability of key decision-makers on your team.

  • How can I determine if a Java developer is skilled enough for my project?

    To determine if a Java developer is skilled enough for your project, there are several factors you can consider:

    1. Technical skills: Check the developer’s technical skills by reviewing their resume, portfolio, and any code samples or tests they have completed. Look for evidence that they have experience with the specific technologies and tools you will use in your project.
    2. Work experience: Review the developer’s work experience to see if they have completed similar projects. Ask for references and contact them to learn more about the developer’s work style and performance.
    3. Communication skills: Evaluate the developer’s communication skills by conducting an interview or a trial task. Good communication is important for effective collaboration and problem-solving.
    4. Problem-solving ability: Evaluate the developer’s problem-solving ability by asking them to solve a coding challenge or explain how they would approach a specific technical problem. Look for evidence of creativity, logical thinking, and attention to detail.
    5. Teamwork: Evaluate the developer’s ability to work in a team by asking them to describe how they have worked with others in the past. Look for evidence that they can communicate effectively, work collaboratively, and contribute to a positive team culture.
  • Are Java developers in demand?

    Yes, Java developers are in high demand in many industries and markets. Java is a widely used programming language, and its popularity has created a strong demand for skilled Java developers across a range of sectors, including finance, healthcare, government, and technology.