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You’ve just made the first click. By the end of this page, we’ll show you how easy it can be to find front end developers. 

“Sounds too good to be true,” you might say. 

And we’d ask: 

“But why?”

Typical pains. Recognize yourself?

Multiple self-help sites for beginner entrepreneurs will try to convince you that “hiring a front end developer is a piece of lemon cake.”

Don’t believe them. People struggling to find front end developers run into all kinds of obstacles. Like,

  • They hire experts with the wrong skills and expertise. “How could I have known? She had the word “developer” in her CV, I thought it was what we needed.” This is not dissimilar to the  “you-are-a-programmer-fix-my-tv” awareness level your older relatives might have. 
  • They hire back end devs instead of front end programmers and vice versa.
  • They don’t hire devs at all. Instead, they end up hiring web designers. Because “hey, they draw websites too, don’t they?”
  • They have little familiarity with the market, so they can’t form up the budget properly

and fall for many other typical traps. Just like in “Monopoly,” when you land on the wrong square and lose a turn.

Similarly to the famous board game, when you hire front end developers without clearly knowing what you’re doing, you lose not just time. You risk :

  • Losing money or greatly exceeding the initial budget, which can cause other expenses to pile up
  • Receiving a half-baked, raw, rare, slack-baked, underdone product that will require more resources to fix and polish that its actual development
  • Hire an incompetent but “top-rated” freelancer on one of the widely promoted online marketplaces such as Freelancer or Fiverr. 

This list could go on and on, but why scare yourself reading about the horrors of poor recruiting decisions if

you can skip all this mess and hire front end developers easily. 

Fast. Safe. No sweat.


Just read on, we’ll get to it. But first, let’s make sure you really do need a front end developer. Lemon would not want you to make the wrong decisions. 

When a front end developer is all you need 

So, you think you need a front end developer. Legendary. But do you really have this need? 

To answer this question, let us first clarify what is front end development. Simply put, front end devs make site layouts created by a web designer interactive. Often referred to as client-side programming (don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you will have to code), the front end is often focused around UI/UX and users’ interaction with the website.

Based on this, we’ll now list some of the typical tasks front-end programmers work on.  

  • Reanimating website layouts and wireframes created by web designers
  • Cooperating with web designers on UI/UX, fixing user interface bugs, enhancing interaction between the user and the platform 
  • Optimizing websites and applications for mobile platforms
  • Inserting, editing, and removing all kinds of buttons, drop-down menus, forms, chat windows, interactive image galleries, and so on
  • Testing all this for proper functioning 
  • Troubleshooting, and maintenance
  • Many tasks related to setting up, adjusting, and maintaining WordPress are considered front end (check out our guide on hiring WordPress developers, by the way)

Compare your project tasks with this list. If you can find matches and similarities – yep, you truly do need a front end dev.

Before we forget, many people wonder, “Front end vs back end developer: What’s the difference?” 

Back end development (or server-side development) establishes communication between your browser and the website’s databases. 

A typical example is your login and password. You input them into a neatly designed field (hi, front end devs!), and press Enter. Your browser sends a request to the website’s database checking whether there is a user with such credentials registered. If yes, you are granted access. 

If no… well, you know how it goes. Just keep on trying different combinations of usernames and passwords until the site gives up and lets you in.     

This simple interaction – as well as other, much more complicated interactions – is a result of the back end developers’ work 

Front end developer salary: how much for professionalism?

Well, it depends on the qualification and the volume of duties of a developer you’re hiring. Here are some average figures on how much front end developers earn.

Junior front end developer salary

Junior front end developer salaries

Senior front end developer salary

Senior front end developer salaries

Lead front end developer salary

Lead front end developer salaries

Quite expensive, as you can see. 

Fortunately, there are alternatives. Front end developer salaries also depend on the country you hire in. If you wish to save some money but still hire a qualified professional, we’d recommend you pay attention to Eastern Europe – Ukraine, in particular. See for yourself: 

Average frond end developer in Ukraine

The average monthly salary of a Ukrainian front end dev is something around $1,100. If you fear that for this money you won’t get the high quality work, here is an article to change your mind: “Top 7 reasons for you to hire Ukrainian developers.

How to identify a good front end developer

Red flags

  • Working (or, rather, claiming to) in too many programming languages. Pros usually focus on 2-3 languages, which they know perfectly.    
  • Having a vague and/or basic skill set like, “HTML, CSS, responsible, problem-solver, out-of-the-box thinker.” 
  • The excessively long CV with tech jargon crammed in every line. Perhaps, they are good but don’t know how to write resumes. Or maybe, they are just exaggerating. Or trying to hide the lack of real work experience. True pros know employers care about the projects they successfully completed, not about how many clever words a candidate knows.
  • Do you have a LinkedIn account? As a business owner, we bet you do. It’s the calling card of your company, after all. For front end developers, a profile on GitHub or Stack Overflow, where they can showcase their portfolio serves the same function. If they don’t have it, it’s a reason to think twice about even interviewing a candidate.  

Front end developer skills

Having figured out what a front end dev shouldn’t be like, let’s take a look at what they should know.

  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript and PHP, their libraries and frameworks (ReactJS, AngularJS, jQuery, Kohana, PHPixie, etc.)
  • Familiarity with REST and RESTful APIs
  • Understanding cross-browser compatibility, knowing how to identify and eliminate possible compatibility issues
  • Knowing how to optimize websites for mobile platforms
  • Understanding the principles of UI/UX
  • Working with code versioning tools such as Git, CVS or Mercurial.

Of course, the knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and JSON should come by default.

Looks cool, huh? 

And what if we told you we know where to find front end developers like this? 

Just a little more patience, we’re now moving to the most interesting part of the article.

Front end developer responsibilities

Where to find front end developers?

Here are the three main options you have when it comes to recruiting front end devs.

In-house devs

Can be easily found on job boards. 

Why you want them

They come to your office, they drink coffee, they get the job done. Plus, they are easy to manage when gathered in one place.

Why you don’t want them

In-house workers (not only developers but any employees) are costly. Pay them salaries, insurances, pay taxes, pay for their vacations. Even when they don’t have much work to do. 

Development companies

Just google them.

Why you want them

A one-stop-shop that can get you through the whole development cycle, from project idea to the final product.

Why you don’t want them

Prices! They can get ridiculously high. Oh, and get prepared for endless adjustments and coordination meetings when it comes to implementing changes mid-project.  

Remote and freelancers

Why you want them

When there is a project at hand, you can quickly find a freelancer and pay them for the job. Once it’s done, you don’t have to pay anyone (looking at you, in-house developers!)

Economic gains intensify as you learn that on average, freelance front end developers tend to cost less than in-house workers. 

And finally, you can hire a developer of whatever profile you currently need. You won’t have to re-train or educate your employees. Just find your perfect match and hire them! 

Why you don’t want them

All the wonderful benefits above work in just one case: when you know where to find good freelancers. 

Upwork and other crowdsourcing marketplaces are too much of a guessing game when hiring. So, what should you do? 

Look at the freelance platforms for vetted developers. 

Top-3 platforms to hire front end developers


  • Lemon.io specializes in web development. Not having to disperse the effort on multiple specialties, the platform can focus on testing and vetting web developers exclusively.
  • Remember we listed the skills front end developers should possess? Lemon.io freelance developers have them all (and some more on top of that). 
  • To make certain of this,, Lemon.io uses a thorough vetting procedure when choosing which devs to work with. It includes professional and personal tests, live interviews, test tasks, and a number of background checks. Nowhere else have developers been scrutinized with such a wonderful meticulousness!
    (the previous sentence should be pronounced in a voice of a Victorian-era British gentleman)  
  • Lemon.io mostly works with Eastern European and Ukrainian developers. Why is it good? In brief: it’s a nearly perfect price-quality balance!
  • It takes the platform only 24 hours to find a front end developer who is perfectly suitable for your particular order. Join the club of the happy  Lemon.io clients, 98% of which hired the first candidate they were offered from the platform.
  • They have a yummy website design. 


  • A  platform that is widely known for its thorough vetting procedures. Toptal claims only 3% of all the applying candidates actually make it to the service’s talent pool. 
  • It may take some time before Toptal managers find a match for your order, but it’s totally worth the wait. 
  • Like Lemon.io, Toptal has a specialization: the platform mostly works with software engineers and developers, web and graphic designers, and finance experts. 
  • Unlike Lemon.io, Toptal can be costly, especially for new businesses with smaller budgets. Otherwise, Toptal’s prices are justified by the skill of its developers.
  • The platform’s support can be slow.  


  • A platform of narrow specialization: Codeable focuses on vetting and hiring developers who work with WordPress.
  • Their vetting procedure includes an extra step, which is a 45-day trial period for newly hired freelance developers.
  • It can be costly, and it’s difficult to find a non-WordPress developer here.


When you need a front end developer, don’t rush hiring an in-house programmer or a development company right away. Consider hiring a freelancer instead. A freelance front end developer can do wonders for your project, and for a pleasant price. 

The only question is, “How do I know the freelancer I hire is going to be good?”

A reasonable question, indeed. Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru – there are many crowdsourcing platforms on the internet. But, if you read clients’ reviews, you may feel doubtful about ever using their services. 

So, if you want a skilled front end dev, you should look to a freelance platform for vetted developers. Such as Lemon.io. 



  • Thorough vetting and numerous tests leave no chance to scammers, newbies, or just mediocre developers. Only the best make it to the talent pool.
  • Matching is super-precise and fast. Describe your project, and get a front-end developer suitable for the job in just 24 hours.
  • The balance of price and quality is nearly ideal. Ukrainian developers, known for their professionalism and reasonable prices, make up the majority of Lemon.io talent pool.

What other reasons do you need? Squeeze the Hire button and get your project taken care of by a top-tier front end developer.

Hire front end developers!