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There is a classic dilemma every customer faces when outsourcing. It goes like this:

Launch your e-commerce platform

If you are looking to hire eCommerce developer, chances are you’re facing
it too. Too bad you can’t have everything at once. Or can you?


  • start selling your awesome product online
  • launch a full-scale e-store
  • add secure payment options to your existing eCommerce solution
  • adjust integrations with your HubSpot, Insightly, Salesforce, Zoho, or whatever other CRM you’re using
  • install and set up an eCommerce plugin for WordPress, Joomla, Wix, etc.
  • or do anything else related to eCommerce web development

Lemon is your go-to place!

Our eCommerce web developers can do all that and much more.

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Does it matter where to hire?

There is a classic dilemma every customer faces when outsourcing.
It goes like this:

It does.

As an American startup you already know how costly it can be to hire eCommerce web developer to work in-house. Along with salaries (we’ll discuss them later), employing in-house devs means additional expenses:

  • Office rent
  • Paid vacations and sick days for your developers
  • Insurances
  • Equipment purchase and maintenance
  • Paying FICA taxes (Social Security + Medicare payments)

To cover these indirect expenses, you will have to factor them in your
product costs.

This is not a problem when you are a bigger company with established clientele.

This IS a problem when you are a startup and every dollar counts.

And let’s not forget how high are the salaries of eCommerce web developers
in the United States.

What’s the average eCommerce developer salary?

You can expect to hire eCommerce web developer for $45K –– $111K per year.

ecommerce web developer wage

But, take a closer look at how much companies are willing to pay for the services of a competent retail software developer. As you can see, the average cost to hire an ecommerce website developer is unlikely to go lower than $68K per year.

top salaries for ecommerce web developers by company

Is it expedient?

No icon

Sometimes, it’s the hot season and everyone is working their asses off. Sometimes, it’s a standstill and everyone is slacking their asses off.

But you must pay your in-house eCommerce web developer regardless of the work amounts they do.

Time to say the F word loud

To build your eCommerce project, you don’t have to permanently employ expensive staff.

Instead, you can:

  • pic

    Call in great devs and have them work on your project

  • pic

    Pay only per hour and avoid additional costs / expenses

  • pic

    Enjoy direct communication with developers you hired

  • pic

    Make changes and fixes to your project on the fly

  • pic

    Make use skills precisely matching your project needs

  • pic

    Easily send off the devs you don’t need any more

Sounds like we’re talking about some perfect mercenaries.

No. It’s just freelancers. And here is why many of your fellow entrepreneurs prefer to work with them:

Why have you decided to start hiring freelancers?

Freelancers are more affordable than in-house developers 25%
Freelancers offer a bigger variety of available skills 20%
Freelancers are more flexible 25%
I’ve heard positive feedback 3%
I couldn’t find an in-house employee 3%
Our team is distributed 16%
No need for a full time developer 4%
Other 3%
Top 3 reasons to hire freelance developers are:
  1. More affordable than in-house developers – 25%
  2. More flexible – 25%
  3. Offer a bigger variety of available skills – 20%

Another popular reason to turn to freelancers is working with an already distributed team.

We’d say, working with freelance eCommerce developers can become your best customer experience, if you do it right.

Where to safely hire eCommerce developers

The advantages we listed above do not automatically apply to ALL freelancers. To make the fullest use of working with any freelance eCommerce website developer, you must know where to hire them.

Not all places are equally good for this purpose.

We know. Let us show you.

What people usually do

Looking for cheap solutions

Since hiring in the United States may be too expensive, many startups automatically turn their eyes to India.

Indian developers and IT

We can understand that. Indian IT industry has been on a rapid rise throughout the recent decade. Finding any kind of developer there is easy, and the rates they’d work for you are more than affordable.

Just look at that:

Web developer with e-commerce skills salary in India

That’s around $4K per year.

Indian rupee to USD

Looks great. But, low prices don’t come out of nowhere. When hiring freelance eCommerce devs in India, mind this:

  • Indian IT industry is attractive to many, and due to the intense competition the market is filled to the brim with developers of all skill levels. You will have to be extra careful if you want to hire eCommerce developer who is a competent professional.
  • Constant checks and tests will take a share of your time when hiring in India.
  • Communication problems are almost inevitable because of the significant cultural differences, and language barrier.

It’s not a mistake to hire eCommerce website developer in India or other countries with a more affordable labor force. It’s a mistake to expect that skilled professionals from whatever country will agree to work for cheap.

If you are looking for cheap alternatives, prepare to overcome additional difficulties stemming from low prices.

Hiring at generic freelance platforms

By «generic» we mean marketplaces that offer no other value than a huge selection of freelancers of all professions, from all over the world.

Such platforms are very well promoted, and Google will show them on the first page. But are they good? User reviews on resources like Trustpilot are often polar, and it’s easy to get confused.

Freelancer feedback
Freelancer negative review
Upwork positive review
Upwork negative review

Need a hand?
we got plenty.

get best hands
Fiverr positive review
Fiverr negative review

These are just some examples, and you can find much more of both positive and negative reviews.

Our point here is:

Your experience with generic freelance platforms may be inconsistent, and finding a good eCommerce developer there may be difficult.

What you should do instead

Seek out of the box

FYI, English speaking freelancers are not exclusive to the US.

According to our study, 40% of the American startups choose to hire freelance developers in Eastern Europe. The three main reasons to do so are:

  1. Great experience they previously had with Eastern European developers
  2. They’re great to communicate with
  3. Diverse talent.

Here is the full list of reasons, based on our study results:

  • 1.They have the best rates
  • 2.They have the biggest pool of talent
  • 3.Because of the language spoken/ communication specificity
  • 4.The location is in the most convenient time zone for me
  • 5.I have great previous experience with developers from there
  • 6.I’ve heard only good references
  • 7.I have no preferences
  • 8.Other

As you can see, American companies hire freelancers from Eastern Europe as often as from the United States or Canada.

download full report
Use vetted platforms

We already figured that marketplaces like Upwork or Freelancer may deliver inconsistent customer experiences when it comes to hiring freelancers. But what’s the alternative?

Our answer is: freelance platforms for vetted developers. Such platforms usually serve as entry points to look for freelance ecommerce website developer for hire. Typically, the process of searching for a freelance developer on such platforms looks like this:

You contact the
platform’s manager
You explain your need
The platform assigns
a suitable freelancer
to your project.

Such a model makes vetting platforms fully responsible for customer’s experience. Which means, they are interested in collaborating only with the best freelance developers. Which means each vetting platform thoroughly tests freelancers’ professional and personal skills before choosing to work with them.

For you, it means that your project does not get into some random, unskilled hands.

Hire Ukrainian developers

Ukraine is one of the most popular Eastern European countries for IT outsourcing. This is because Ukraine has:

  • The 8th place among top-10 countries with the best developers
  • Rapidly growing IT industry and more than 185,000 IT specialists of various profiles
  • Convenient time zone and developers who speak English
  • Affordable fixed and hourly rates
  • Western work mentality and ethics.

Your project will be in the good hands if you hire freelance eCommerce website developers from Ukraine through a vetting platform.

And Lemon.io is just the place you need for this.

The best eCommerce developers in one place

Lemon.io is a vetting platform working with the best Ukrainian developers.

We made sure that once you discover us, you don’t have to look for developers anywhere else.

We have everything you need to develop your eCommerce project.

Extra-class eCommerce devs for any platform

300+ qualified developers in our talent pool mean you always have a wide choice of skill sets, experience levels, and technologies.

Our developers work with Magento, WooCommerce, Drupal Commerce, CodeIgniter, and Shopify.


This is exactly what it takes to hire eCommerce developers on Lemon.io. Just press the button below and our manager will take care of the rest.

Lighting-fast matching

A 24-hours lightning. But still, this is how short it takes us to find eCommerce developers specifically for your project.


You know what a real bummer is? When you pay a freelance dev to do the job, and they deliver you a barely working, glitchy code.

We want you to never experience this.

To keep you safe, this is how we scrutinize our freelancers before deciding to work with them.

These 4 stages are called vetting, and only 4 out of 100 candidates manage
to pass them all.

As a result, you get to work with some of the best developers out there.

Even more security

As an American Delaware C-Corp, Lemon’s terms and conditions fully comply with the laws of the United States. Freelance developers working under our T&C automatically agree to keep any of your project-related or other information in secret. Also, intellectual property rights are transferred to you once you pay for the work done.

And if you don’t like a freelancer we assigned to your project, you can always count on a free substitute.

We make eCommerce development easier

Not too easy, but manageable.

At least, you can be sure that:

  • your project is safe
  • nothing goes wrong
  • the work our devs do for you is top notch
  • you’re paying the right price

eCommerce development does not have to be a pain in the neck. Just hire some of the best freelance eCommerce website developers, and

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