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Mert P.

// middle devops

Mert is a middle DevOps/SRE with a Python background, also proficient in AWS and Kubernetes. He's got excellent interpersonal skills and shares a team spirit.

  • aws
  • django
  • +4 skills

Eugene S.

// senior full-stack web developer

A full-stack developer with 14+ years of experience. His core stacks are C#, .NET, and JS. Eugene is also proficient in AWS and has team-leading experience.

  • .net
  • angular
  • +4 skills

Dmytro G.

// strong middle devops

A strong middle DevOps, most proficient in CI/CD, Kubernetes, Ansible, and AWS. Dmytro likes complex challenges and appreciates teamwork in solving issues.

  • ansible
  • aws
  • linux

Bogdan N.

// senior react/react native developer

A senior React/React Native developer. Bogdan loves to make cross-platform applications. He's also proficient in AWS and has a Solution Architect certificate.

  • react
  • react native

Artem P.

// middle full-stack developer

A middle full-stack developer proficient in JavaScript and React. He knows how to find the right approach to any problem. Artem also has got an AWS certificate.

  • aws
  • java
  • +3 skills

Today, Amazon has the biggest share of the public cloud market: 39% of businesses rely on AWS. It is more popular than Azure (19%) and Google Cloud (9%).

Being an IaaS platform integrating over 70 other services for cloud computing, data warehousing, etc., AWS is huge.

This is both good and bad news.

Good, because it’s basically a one-stop solution for many of your infrastructure needs and concerns.

Bad, because it’s complicated. If you want to move or launch an app on AWS, you will most likely run into the question:

“Where should I begin?”

Brace yourself. Before you can start building or migrating your project on AWS, you will need to hire AWS developer fit for the job.

Drag yourself through this alone, or let us help you

head explodes


Hire AWS developers
Source: museumsvictoria.com.au

AWS is full of jargon and terms you never heard of: Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, VPC, CloudWatch, S3… What’s all that?

Also, cluttered UI, complicated subscription plans, and paid customer support can make it difficult for a new customer to figure things out.



Oookay, so you want to hire AWS developers. But do you REALLY know who you need for your project? Because there are AWS Developer Associates, and then there are AWS Solution Architects.

If you are new to Amazon Web Services, you may end up recruiting the wrong person for the job.

Here are just some core differences you need to know about before you hire AWS developers instead of solution architects, or vice versa.

What do AWS developers do?

AWS developers build and maintain applications that use AWS environment. To do this, AWS developers must:

  • Know AWS core services
  • Know how cloud-native apps work
  • Be able to use AWS SDK, CLI, and APIs for app development
  • Use CI/CD pipeline to deploy applications on AWS

What do AWS solution architects do?

AWS solution architects build and maintain infrastructure for customers to either move their app/project to AWS cloud services, or build a new one. A high-grade solution architect can develop infrastructure that is secure, cost-efficient, and high-performing.

To be able to do this, AWS solution architects must:

  • Be able to communicate with clients and figure out which technical solutions would meet their business goals in an efficient and cost-optimal way
  • Analyze customer requirements and problems, and break them down to solvable tasks for distributing across a team of developers
  • Design architecture for moving existing apps or projects to the AWS cloud environment
  • Know how to use AWS-specific services: EC2, Elastic Load Balancers, EFS and EBS, Cloud Watch, VPC, ECS, and so on
  • Be familiar with AWS CLI and APIs, templates, and management console
  • Keep on track with the latest AWS products, features, and services

So, what’s the problem?

If you aren’t a tech-savvy person and have little idea about AWS developer roles and responsibilities, you probably can’t really tell how good of an expert your candidate is in either of these areas.

Heck, even if you are, you will still have to do a lot of searching, researching, testing, and interviewing before you finally hire AWS developer suitable for your project.

So, either you’re buying a pig in a poke, or you spend a lot of your time and energy selecting and testing possible candidates.


High costs

«It would be nice to always have an AWS developer at hand,» you probably thought 5 minutes ago, but here we are to break your illusions and hijack your unicorns.

If your idea was to hire an in-house AWS developer, you might want to reconsider. AWS developer salary in the United States is on average $91,5K per year. For a newborn startup or for a small business, this cost might be unbearable.

aws developer salary
Source: Glassdoor.com

Hidden fists of the market

If you live and hire in the United States –– brace yourself and get ready
to pay:

  • FICA taxes
  • Office rent
  • Equipment
  • Paid vacations
  • Paid sick days

And of course, you must pay your in-house devs regardless of their workloads. They might just have the laziest day in their life – and you’re paying for it.

What about AWS developer salaries in India?

Okay, but what if you hire outside the United States?

In search of affordable AWS developers many startuppers turn their eyes on India. It’s a good choice, at the first glance. India is famous for the rapid development of its software development industry, and the salaries Indian developers work for raise many eyebrows.

Just look at how much (or rather, how little) Indian AWS developers sell their labor.

Indian salary for AWS developers
Source: Glassdoor.com

In USD, an AWS developer salary in India is $5,900 per year.

Indian Rupees to USD

Looks like a reasonable option, yes?

No, because:
  • Statistically, you will most likely run into unskilled, inexperienced beginners –– just because the IT market in India is so large.
  • Communication problems can effectively obstruct discussions on your project.
  • Some freelancers working for cheap will do anything to get hired. When you ask them, «Can you move my app to the AWS environment?» they will say «Yes» even if they can’t. Watch out.
  • Intense internal competition forces many Indian developers to keep their rates low. Indian economy is not your problem. But do you really want to build your business using the labor of people who have no choice but to work for pennies?

So, there’s no affordable alternative to American developers?

There is! Just read on, we’ll cover it later.

Or, here’s a shortcut for you to jump right there.

You don’t need in-house AWS developers


Freelancers. At Lemon, we believe freelancers are God’s third most wonderful creation after democracy and America.


Because with them you can solve your problems easily:

  • Pay only for the time they spend working on your AWS project.
  • Pay only the price you and the freelancer agreed upon. No taxes, no insurance payments, no paid vacations or other extra expenses.
  • Hire a developer with the exact skill set that you need. You don’t have to to waste time and money retraining your devs for the new tasks.
  • Communicate all your project requirements, changes, and suggestions directly to your freelancer. On the fly.


On generic freelance marketplaces, you have to pick gems out of the dirt.

On vetting platforms, every developer is a gem.

Lemon.io is your diadem of gems.

Hire AWS developers on Lemon and see your project liftoff like SpaceX Dragon.

Lemon makes AWS development a piece of cake

AWS experts to always match your project needs

We have AWS developers. We have AWS solutions architects. Depending on what you need to do, we will find you an expert with appropriate skills.

You don’t have to guess whom to hire anymore.

Matching you with devs real quick

You are a click away from hiring your AWS developer.

Just press the big yellow button below and tell us what you need to do.

We will assign a developer to your project within the next 24 hours.

Price-quality balance close to perfect

We figured that affordable prices + high quality of work = more customers.

We knew we wanted it.

The only question was, «How do we achieve perfect balance?»

Through trial and error, we developed this strategy:


  • We mostly hire developers in Ukraine. Costs of living here are about 40% lower than in the United States. For you, it means lower prices.
  • We set lower commissions that our competitors.
  • Lemon’s team is working from several countries. Our maintenance costs are mostly salaries, and our overhead expenses currently don’t exceed $60,000. For you, it means that we don’t add our expenses to your prices.

With us, you no longer have to google AWS developer salary.


  • Developers from Ukraine share Western mentality when it comes to work ethics, responsibility, and quality. For you, it means high performance standards.
  • We organized a set of meticulous vetting procedures to ensure high quality of our developers’ work.
  • We have an extra fast and highly responsive support team to help you solve whatever issues you may come across when working with our developers.
  • If you are unsatisfied with a developer assigned to your project, we will provide you with a free substitute.

Safe and reliable developers

Lemon is your safe haven: our freelance acquisition team does wonders to weed out unreliable devs.

Here is how we test every developer who wants to collaborate with Lemon.io.

No such thing as too much security

We are an American Delaware C-Corp based in Ukraine. Our terms and conditions fully comply with the laws of the United States.

Each freelancer applying to work with us agrees to work under these terms and conditions, including two important thesis:

  • they must keep your project details in secret
  • when you pay for the finished work, they must transfer intellectual property to you.

Cut the crap

Forget the «No pain, no gain» nonsense.

Leave research, recruiting routine, and trial and error to people who have the luxury of wasting time and money.

Your way is right in front of you.

A single click –– and you hire AWS developers that Amazon itself would want to employ.