SMILE & SAY «Cheese» to the satellite:

space photos for everyone!

Meet SkyFi, the magicians who are making the impossible possible. A platform uniting satellite providers and customers.

How about a personal photo from the space?

For the longest time, satellite images were top secret. When you think about someone getting a high-resolution satellite image of any place in the world, you think of the FBI or CIA. But what if for 20 bucks and in a few minutes you could do that too?

We are trying to make satellite imagery as accessible and inexpensive as possible.

– Marc Horowitz, COO of SkyFi

Meet SkyFi, the magicians who are making the impossible possible. It is a platform that unites satellite providers and customers around the world.

SkyFi are pioneers in solving the key struggles concerning satellite imagery:


Before SkyFi, it was almost impossible for an individual to receive satellite images. Think months upon months of excruciating calls and meetings. It would take six months to sign a contract, and you couldn’t do anything without a contract. Now, with SkyFi it is a matter of minutes or days.


Even if you could get access to these images, the process of actually getting them was so painful and complicated, you would wish you never started. With SkyFi, you only need a credit card and a phone to buy satellite images. And imagine, no human interaction needed – a great perk for those of our more introverted friends, eh?


SkyFi has done an excellent job on the price as well. The goal was to make it as affordable as possible. In short, you can get one of nearly 4 million archived images (it was taken a day, a week, or a month ago) for as low as $20. And you can actually task one of 70 satellites to take an image specifically for you for another hundred.

Technologies used:

1. Python

2. React Native

3. DevOps

The idea. what was the birth of SkyFi

Bill Perkins, SkyFi founder and hedge fund manager, fell in love with the power of data from satellite imagery. He would find those satellite images, employ a data scientist to work with them, and build powerful tools. The only problem was that getting those satellite images was like getting blood from a stone. He walked around with a checkbook begging people to sell him satellite data.

It was so extremely frustrating that he decided enough is enough. He will make satellite images available to everyone. You won’t have to have a contract; you won’t have to make multiple sales calls; you won’t even have to talk to a person at all. You can use your computer, phone, or whatever device you have. If you have a credit card and a need, you can buy satellite images. That was the birth of SkyFi.

skyfi logo

SkyFi and

A little into the development process, SkyFi management felt overloaded with the process of hiring people and building teams. To onboard people as quickly as they needed them was quite a challenge. That’s when SkyFi learned about

«The first person who joined us from was Alexander. He is a phenomenal team member. We have decided that we need to in-house the building of our front-end as opposed to outsourcing. And we needed to do that quickly.

We have four people who already started working with us officially, and they’ve all been fantastic, and we have a couple more starting soon.

«So we were able to find some talented front-end developers at as well. We brought them on, and instantly they were part of the team,» – Marc Horowitz, COO of SkyFi.

Currently, SkyFi hired five developers from a Python developer, a Sr React Native developer, two RN developers, and a DevOps developer. The first dev request was on February 18th, after turning down a few candidates, SkyFi was matched with Alexander within five days. After a two-week interview process by SkyFi, Alexander started working on March 3.

The Lemon devs have been a huge improvement to team performance. The key feature is that we have brought some capabilities in-house that were previously being outsourced. This has led to cost savings as well as significant quality improvements.

As a result:

5 days for the first perfect developer match

5 developers hired with already great results

5 months working with and loving it

Hire your tech legend


Meet сhosen оne


Meet сhosen оne

Dev Pic

Maciej K.

// senior software developer

Maciej is a senior software developer with 12 years of experience and a solid background in UI/UX. He has also successfully delivered projects as a team lead.

  • node
  • node.js
  • +4 skills
Dev Pic

Oleksandr T.

// software engineer

During the last 15 years, he’s been working on Python but is also interested in Clojure and is ready to work with it. Healthcare or educational projects are welcome.

  • clojure
  • kotlin
  • python
Dev Pic

Orkun M.

// middle full-stack developer

Orkun is a strong Middle full-stack developer. He is self-confident & honest; he has two Master's degrees in Engineering and 7 years of commercial experience.

  • react
  • react native
  • typescript

Mert P.

// middle devops

Mert is a middle DevOps/SRE with a Python background, also proficient in AWS and Kubernetes. He's got excellent interpersonal skills and shares a team spirit.

  • aws
  • django
  • +4 skills

Bogdan N.

// senior react/react native developer

A senior React/React Native developer. Bogdan loves to make cross-platform applications. He's also proficient in AWS and has a Solution Architect certificate.

  • react
  • react native

Hire his brothers-in-arms

It all started with a dream to make satellite imagery accessible to everyone. A small revolution in the satellite world, no joke. But the main struggle was finding, hiring, and onboarding people who would develop the software behind it with lightning speed.

This is where came in and saved the day. A fairy godmother to all the startups with the same need: get high-quality, affordable developers and get them fast. It took our team five days to find the perfect match for SkyFi after a few other great candidates didn’t make the cut. After that, SkyFi hired four more superheroes from our pool who have been up and running for five months.

The experience with has been fantastic. The interview process has been good, the caliber of people – excellent and integration has been very smooth.


  • Highly skillful developers for the best quality results.
  • Thorough vetting process that includes professional and personal tests, live interviews, test tasks, and a number of background checks.
  • Nearly perfect price-quality balance, as the majority of developers are from Eastern Europe and Ukraine.
  • Super precise and fast matching. 24 hours to find you a perfectly suitable developer for your particular order.
  • 98% satisfaction rate. That’s the percentage of clients who hired the first candidate they were offered from the platform.
  • We provide free freelancer replacement is something goes wrong or you want another developer.

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Meet SkyFi, who are making the impossible possible. A platform uniting satellite providers and customers.

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