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Behold Fathom – the third eye of the podcast world! All-knowing AI that picks only the most relevant podcasts for you.

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Imagine having a friend who would listen to all of the 48 million podcast episodes in the world and knowing you, like close friends do, recommend only the best of the best. That is Fathom’s Artificial Intelligence for you. AI that has actually listened to and comprehended over two million podcasts and can give you laser-focused highlights perfectly tailored to you.

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Ask questions and get answers from your favorite podcasters or their guests. No request will be left unattended!

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Explore a personalized feed tailored for you by the high-grade AI. No more tedious harrowing in the digital piles of information. We know your tastes!

Digital degustation

Listen to the most exciting chunks of the episode before committing to the whole thing.

Memory aid

Heard something useful but forgot the episode? Fathom search can solve all of that and more! No more haphazard paper notes about the digital world.

Technologies used: SwiftUI


Kenneth Miller, Fathom founder, was working heavily in natural language processing AI when he discovered podcasts. And like any podcast listener, he ran into all of these issues that exist in the podcast space: discoverability is less than great, search exists, but it certainly is not deep, and there is no way to search inside a podcast. So he thought, what if he could take all of his AI experience and apply it to issues like podcast discovery and search. That’s when the idea was born.

It took several prototypes, the help and expertise of the second co-founder (and a brilliant designer!), and the support of a startup incubator for Fathom to become what it is today.

Fathom and

Fathom needed to expand its engineering horsepower, especially on the client side, and came to the rescue.

We really wanted to work with high-end talent, the candidates who hold their own. The candidates we were receiving from straight away were high quality.

Fathom reached out to on October 26th, and they were matched with their first hired dev the very next day. After that, they hired five more SwiftUI developers from

As a result:

24 hours for the perfect developer match

6 SwiftUI developers were hired

8 months of successful partnership

It all started with a desire to help solve many issues in the podcasting world so that every listener can enjoy the best possible experience. However, growing and expanding the product, as well as the developer team behind it, was no easy task.

The team was able to find a developer for Fathom within 24 hours, and the developer was the first of six hired by the startup to take their company to greatness.

Hire your tech legend

Dev Pic

Filip F.

// middle front-end web developer

Vue.js expertise, anyone? This gentleman is an example of a goal-oriented dev. Filip loves working with new tech and shines in communicating with clients.

  • javascript
  • typescript
  • vue
Dev Pic

Ali A.

// senior ios developer

Meet Ali — a Senior iOS Developer, proficient with Swift & Objective-C. Ali likes core animation & networking and has a good understanding of C and C++.

  • ios
  • swift
Dev Pic

Razvan R.

// senior mobile developer

Razvan is an iOs developer with 4+ years of commercial experience. He believes contributing to the community pays forward by deepening technical skills.

  • ios
  • swift
  • swiftUI

Igor G.

// senior mobile developer

Igor has been an experienced Android developer in the industry since 2008. He would be valuable to your project as a developer or a team/tech lead.

  • android
  • java
  • kotlin

Huseyin B.

// strong middle mobile developer

Huseyin is a mobile developer who knows everything of his job. He's been coding for 7 years, and his primary expertise is Android. Open to new challenges.

  • android
  • kotlin

Hire his brothers-in-arms

QUALITY GUARANTEE engineers proved to be equally gifted with their US counterparts. They are skillful, fast, and available for contact. Besides, checks and guarantees their proficiency and diligence, offering swift substitutions if anything goes sour.

If you were to hire an engineer from or an engineer from the States, would there be any difference in speed? There was really none. And that was the most impressive thing.

Hire with & elevate your product to a new level of greatness!

  • Fast and precise matching. Your order will be filled within 24 hours with a developer who is perfectly suited for your needs.
  • An extensive vetting process that includes live interviews, personal and professional tests, and a series of background checks.
  • Exceptional developers for the highest quality results.
  • Great value for money since most developers hail from Eastern Europe and Ukraine.
  • 98% of clients hired the first candidate the platform offered them.
  • Should something go wrong or you would like to switch developers, we provide free freelancer replacements.

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Listen to exactly what interests you

Behold fathom – the third eye of the podcast world! all-knowing ai that picks only the most relevant podcasts for you.

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