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You are a startup owner and desperately want to put the best foot forward in app development, reach the MVP stage ASAP, and win the prizes that eluded your competitors. Impossible is nothing — but, alas, one can achieve only so much without brave and handy accomplices!

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A team of web developers will make your dreams come true quickly, but you’ve probably got wind of how expensive it is to hire them in your country.

Of course, current rates of in-house senior developers in the USA or the UK can wreak havoc on your plans — but there are plenty of possibilities to spare money while getting high-scale and neatly trimmed services

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In this article, we’ll explain to you…


Why do you need Spring Boot for your industrial-scale applications


Why is Spring Boot so popular nowadays


Who exactly is a Spring Boot developer?


What crucial skills are required for an excellent Spring engineer?


How to hire Spring programmers without devastating your budget?


Why do we advise hiring Spring programmers at Lemon.io?

Why use Spring Boot? 

Let’s start with the basics. 

Spring is a Java-based framework for creating enterprise applications. 

To make the framework even more agile in the construction and pregaming stage, the Spring development team opted to reintroduce Spring Boot, hailed nowadays as a core turning point in the Spring evolution.  With Spring Boot, coders can write code lines without pre-modifying their work environment and quickly create dev tools. All that can protect applications from becoming eye-poppingly expensive.

Why has it become a hot stack recently? 

Thanks to dependency injection, data access, and transaction management

It makes Java app development astonishingly smooth, quick, and money-saving

Spring lets developers use only the needed elements without overloading the system

Benefits of hiring a Spring engineer

Now that we’ve unraveled the peculiarities of the Spring framework, let’s talk about the benefits of hiring Spring engineers for your startup project. If your infallible ideas fell short of talented developers, read along — we’ll try to show what Spring developers can do for your business.


App versatility

Since Spring is now one of the most popular Java frameworks, and you can hire top Spring developers to boost all your Java-based apps.


App maintainability

Since Spring is easy to manage and set up, Spring developers have become masters of speed, guaranteeing your app will make a splash.

Time economy

Spring has ushered a time-sparing era in web development. Since it requires a minimum of coding, your skilled Spring developers will complete all the necessary updates with lightning speed, helping your business cut down on development time. 


Source code scarcity

Since Spring minimizes the amount of source code required, a Spring expert can make debugging more accessible while increasing the efficiency of applications.


Extensive community

A community of Spring engineers is large, multifaceted, and helpful. If you hire a Spring developer, they can also consult with peers about all the problematic issues. 

How much does it cost to hire a Spring Boot developer?

Suppose you keep tabs on the IT industry and average rate/price ranges for each of the most popular technologies/stacks. In that case, you are probably too well aware of price discrepancies between different countries. They are the most visible in the onsite realm. If you hire full-time onsite developers, their salaries will depend on the country’s economic condition, the local IT market maturity, taxes, and many other factors. 

For instance, Spring Boot developers in the USA can earn around $119,484 per ZipRecruiter and $56,921 per SimplyHired.com. Talent.com reports the salary for an American Spring Boot developer to vary from $140,000 to $103,350.

Onsite full-time Spring Boot developers in the UK receive up to £38,955 yearly, and Australian Spring engineers can count on getting up to AUD 112,000 each year. Of course, multiple factors can move the needle of this number to one side or another — for instance, the geographical location of the company, its size, or its profile. 

If you hire remote Spring developers, you can neglect the local rates and numbers and orient yourself towards average rates for remote Middles or Seniors in definite technologies and stacks worldwide.

However, before examining the hiring options, let’s name the core skills needed for a Spring Boot engineer.

Required skills for a Spring Boot developer 

  • Experience in programming and a good understanding of the Spring framework ecosystem and Spring Boot
  • VCS concept familiarity, file versions systems usage (Git, GitLab), hands-on experience with CI/CD and tools such as Bamboo or Jenkins
  • Ability to work with Starter POMs, autoconfiguration, Spring Boot CLI, and Spring Boot Initializer
  • Good soft skills (communication, time management, responsibility, keeping deadlines, remote work experience);

Why is it a good idea to hire Spring developers at Lemon.io?

We're offering strong Middles and Seniors only

We pre-vet all the devs, checking their skills

If you won't like a dev, we'll offer you another one

How do we vet developers at Lemon.io?

professional networks check (LinkedIn, GitHub, forums)
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english proficiency test (oral/written communication)
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soft skills test (communication, time management, empathy)
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coding proficiency test (live coding & code analysis)
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that's it. you are ready to hire your first engineer
Our experience with Lemon was second-to-none.

Our experience with Lemon was second-to-none. We were matched with a great engineer who’s incredibly smart, proactive and punctual. We will be using Lemon again for upcoming dev project!!

Oct 22, 2020
Great communication + Sourcing

Lemon was excellent to work with! They are quick to respond and I have always have positive interactions with them. Not to mention the most important part – they sourced us a great iOS engineer who was better than what we were expecting!

Apr 19, 2021
I was looking for a backend rails...

I was looking for a backend rails developer to lead the charge on developing our APIs and platform integrations. We reached out to Lemon.io and they found the perfect engineer in a day. He’s been on the project for almost 2 months and has consistently delivered quality work.

Dec 22, 2020

What extra services will you get?

  • Super fast matching (we offer first Java Spring Boot developers in 48-72 hours after the introductory call where you state your requirements);
  •  Extra big talent pool (more than 500 available developers anytime);
  • No hidden commissions: you pay just the rate we announce in the beginning;
  • Customer Success department catering to all your needs (well, almost all!);
  • Swift substitution guarantee: if you aren’t satisfied with the Java Spring dev we find, call us, and we’ll swap them for another one!

Spring applications are booming — drop us a line, and we’ll find you the ace you crave


  • What does a Spring Boot developer do?

    A Spring Boot developer is a Java developer who uses the Spring Boot framework to develop stand-alone, production-grade Spring-based applications with minimal configuration and effort. It provides several useful features, such as embedded web servers. A Spring Boot developer typically uses Java and Spring to maintain web applications. They may also be responsible for designing and implementing application logic, writing code to access databases, and creating and consuming web services.

  • Why is the Spring framework widespread?

    The Spring framework is widespread because it provides a wide range of features that make it well-suited for developing enterprise Java applications. Some of the main reasons it is famous include:

    • Dependency injection (DI): Spring’s DI feature makes it easy to manage and configure dependencies between different objects in an application, which can make code more maintainable and testable.
    • Modularity: The Spring framework is modular, so developers can use only the specific features they need for their project rather than an entire monolithic framework.
    • Abstraction from different technologies: Spring provides several abstractions that can help insulate the application from the specific details of underlying technologies like JDBC, JMS, and transactions.
    • Testing support: Spring provides features that make writing tests for an application more accessible, such as easy mock dependencies and integration testing support.
  • What are the tools used by Spring developers?

    Spring developers typically use various tools to develop and maintain their web applications. Some of the most commonly used tools include:

    • Integrated Development Environments (IDEs): Spring developers often use IDEs such as Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and NetBeans to write, debug, and test their code. These IDEs provide a range of features, such as code completion, debugging, and refactoring, which can make development more efficient.
    • Building tools: Spring developers typically use tools such as Maven and Gradle to manage dependencies, build the application, and automate other tasks. These tools are commonly used to manage and configure dependencies and automate tasks such as building and deploying the application.
    • Version control systems: Spring developers use version control systems such as Git to manage the source code for their applications. These systems allow developers to track changes to the code over time, collaborate with other developers, and roll back to previous versions of the code if necessary.
    • Application servers: Spring developers often deploy their applications to Apache Tomcat and WildFly. These servers provide a runtime environment for the application and manage things like connections to the database, security, and scalability.


  • What are the Spring developer prerequisites?

    Spring developer prerequisites typically include a strong understanding of the Java programming language and experience with the Spring framework. Some specific skills and knowledge often considered prerequisites for a Spring developer include strong knowledge of Java and OOP, experience with relational databases, good command of REST web services, proficient orientation in Agile, and testing/debugging skills.

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