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hire jQuery developers

It’s often said that looking for the right programmer is like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, suppose you’re specifically seeking out jQuery developers for hire. In that case, it’s more akin to trying to find Nemo in an ocean full of fish – there are so many talented professionals. But where exactly to hire them from? This article will explore tips and tricks to help you hire top-notch jQuery developers who will take your project to the next level!

What is jQuery used for?

Let’s kick off with the definition of jQuery. jQuery is a lightweight, open-source JavaScript library that provides an easy way to add dynamic behavior and animation to websites. It is used to simplify Ajax interactions, HTML document traversing, animating, and event handling for faster web development.

What’s even cooler is that jQuery also enables developers to create plugins on top of the JavaScript library, which can then be reused in various projects or shared with others using jQuery’s plugin repository. As a result, it has become one of the most popular tools among front-end developers. It helps programmers to speed up the development process of sophisticated user interfaces without having to write large amounts of code from scratch each time they start a new project. 

Literally, “write less – code more.” 

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Benefits of using JQuery

Are there any other benefits jQuery holds within? Plenty!

  • Cross-browser compatibility. jQuery is designed to work across all major browsers, making web development easier and faster;
  • Easy DOM manipulation. With the help of jQuery’s selector syntax, you can easily manipulate HTML elements on a page without having to write complex JavaScript code;
  • Event handling support. There is no need to worry about different types of event handlers when using jQuery; it handles most events with ease;
  • Ajax Support. By leveraging AJAX capabilities in jQuery, developers can make asynchronous HTTP requests from within their scripts quickly and efficiently – thus saving loads of time for web applications;
  • Lightweight library. The file size of the minified version (the one used in production) is just 32KB which makes it very lightweight compared to other libraries like Prototype or MooTools;
  • Plugin architecture. With an abundance of plugins available, you can easily extend the functionality of your web application with just a few lines of code;
  • Easy to learn. jQuery is easy to learn and understand because it follows JavaScript syntax, which most developers are already familiar with.

What do jQuery developers do?

Building with jQuery could be seen as putting together a puzzle – developing efficient solutions out of many different pieces while ensuring they all work seamlessly together when combined in order to create a whole, great piece. 


jQuery experts are responsible for writing and maintaining websites using the jQuery JavaScript library. In addition to coding in jQuery, they must be familiar with various development frameworks such as AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

Whilst in order to ensure a website’s appealing interface, jQuery programmers must also work closely with designers and other team members. They are also responsible for performing testing of new features throughout the entire software development life cycle and debugging any issues before launch. 

If put into a bulleted list, this is what jQuery software developers’ responsibilities look like: 

  • Create and maintain jQuery code, ensuring its functionality;
  • Develop custom user interfaces using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery;
  • Ensure compatibility across different browsers for all webpages developed in jQuery;
  • Troubleshoot, debug and Optimize existing pages by refactoring inefficient or outdated code;
  • Implement new features into a website based on design specifications provided by clients or project managers;             
  • Collaborate with other web developers to ensure that the application functions properly and meets customer requirements. 

What to look at when hiring a jQuery developer

When looking to hire jQuery developers, there are several things you should check your candidate in order to make the right decision.


Education or certification.

  1. First and foremost, education or its equivalent -certification. This is important because it provides you with an assurance that the candidate has received and maintained the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience required to be successful in their job role;

Hard skills.

Next on the list are hard skills. These are the technical skills a developer must possess to succeed in the job. In the next paragraph, we have created a list of skills a professional jQuery dev has had to acquire to be successful in the software development field;


Soft skills.

Soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, and attention to detail are as essential in the job role as hard skills. Quite often, a jQuery developer would have to communicate with other team members and clients in order to deliver the best solutions, and without properly aligned communication, things will start to fall apart; 


Experience and client references.

You shouldn’t skip this step during the hiring process. Why? Hiring someone with the right set of skills is essential, but it’s also important to ensure they have proven themselves by working on projects for other clients. This will help you better understand what kind of work ethic and expertise a jQuery developer possesses, how reliable they have been, as well as any conflict or crisis resolution strategies they displayed. Ultimately, taking time to assess both experience and client references before offering a position can save significant headaches later down the line;


Test task.

Lastly, practical skill assessment – test task. Not only do these tasks provide information on how well candidates can code, but also if their coding style and approach are compatible with your project’s standards. Conducting a test task also gives you an idea of whether or not a potential developer has what it takes to complete projects effectively and efficiently within deadlines in your startup. 

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Skills to look for in a jQuery developer

We have created a list of soft and hard skills top jQuery developers acquired to remain competitive in the market. Check if your candidate has them!

Hard Skills:

  • Strong knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery;
  • Proficiency with AJAX;
  • Familiarity with Bootstrap or other popular front-end frameworks such as AngularJS or React;  
  • Ability to write well-structured code using standard-compliant practices like Object Oriented Programming (OOP);
  • Knowledge of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around them; 
  • Understanding of SEO principles;
  • Experience with version control systems such as Git or SVN;   
  • Familiarity with unit testing and debugging tools like Jasmine, JSLint, Firebug, etc.  
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field.

Soft Skills:

  • Great communication and teamwork;
  • Ability to work independently; 
  • Problem-solving mindset;
  • Ability to creatively approach issues;
  • Strong attention to detail;
  • Not afraid to take ownership of tasks. 

Why hire remote jQuery developers?

Hiring remote jQuery developers can be a great way to save money and time for a startup. The benefits of hiring developers remotely are:

  • Cost-efficiency. Remote developers are often more cost-effective than in-house staff because there is no need for your company to cover the office rent, equipment, utilities, etc.;
  • Bigger talent pool. Your options are no longer limited by geography, which turns into a broader range of opportunities. There is a chance for you to find a highly skilled jQuery developer as good as in your country, or even better yet, for a lower price;
  • Flexibility. Your startup can aim to find a developer located in the time zone that works best for you. You can choose to have completely synchronous work or a three-hour gap. Or maybe even a seven-hour difference, so each of you works independently based on the earlier feedback. Plenty of options on how to manage workload across multiple time zones! 
  • Communication. Last but not least, a remote developer reports only to you unless decided otherwise. Based on how you choose to manage communication, you can schedule daily, and weekly calls over Google Meets or Zoom, as well as continuously stay in touch via Slack chats or alike platforms.

While these benefits sound attractive, they might turn into a months-long nightmare if you don’t know where to find and hire the best jQuery developer. 

Why hire a jQuery developer with Lemon.io?

Are you already anticipating the headache a hiring process can cause you? We are here to offer you a better way to do it. Hire with us to avoid unnecessary hustle and worry! At Lemon.io, we take a serious approach to matching you only with the right jQuery programmer. Here is how we do it and what we have to offer:

  • Thorough vetting procedure. It all begins with vetting developers. To be able to offer startups only the best of the best, we have mastered a four-step process. It includes:
professional networks check (LinkedIn, GitHub, forums)
dots dots-mobile
english proficiency test (oral/written communication)
dots dots-mobile
soft skills test (communication, time management, empathy)
dots dots-mobile
coding proficiency test (live coding & code analysis)
dots dots-mobile
that's it. you are ready to hire your first engineer
  • Phenomenal custom matching. Give us 48 hours after your request, and we will offer you the right jQuery dev that matches your needs, requirements, time zone, and, more importantly, budget!
  • Prompt weekly reports. You will be able to access a report with the list of tasks your developer managed to curb, together with the time count they dedicated to your project
  • Support on the spot. Our Customer Success team is always there for you. Shoot us an email stating an issue, and we will make sure to resolve it;
  • Fair budget. Developers in the Lemon.io talent pool come from various countries, and most of them have a lower cost of living than the United States does. If you are afraid your wallet will go thin after hiring a highly skilled jQuery developer, be certain it won’t be the case with us; 
  • Little to no bureaucracy. At lemon.io, we know you can’t wait to implement your ideas into reality. Therefore we made it so you don’t have to sign tens of pages to start working with your dream employee unless you want it otherwise. We got you covered!
  • Smoot and pain-free onboarding. Lemon.io’s talented Customer Success team, for who your pleasant experience and success are top priority, will prepare effortless onboarding to soothe your soul.
    Sit tight and enjoy the ride!


Planning to use jQuery web technology in your startup? We hope this article helped you navigate the vast ocean of developers. But are you still trying to decide whether you want to deal with the extensive and complicated hiring process? Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Do you see that light that shines the way? That’s us. We are here to make your dreams come true.


  • Is jQuery outdated now?

    No, jQuery is still widely used, actively maintained, and is not considered outdated.

  • Is jQuery a backend or front-end?

    jQuery is a front-end library.

  • Does jQuery make coding easier?

    Yes, jQuery makes coding easier by providing a library of pre-written JavaScript code that can be used to quickly and easily create dynamic webpages and a wide selection of plugins and utilities to help speed up development.

  • What has replaced jQuery?

    The most popular replacement for jQuery is the JavaScript library called Axios. It is an open-source library used for making asynchronous HTTP requests from the browser. It is lightweight and supports modern browsers, making it a great alternative to jQuery.

  • Is jQuery based on SQL?

    No, jQuery is not based on SQL. jQuery is a JavaScript library developed to simplify HTML document traversal and manipulation, as well as event handling, animation, and Ajax.