Senior Java developer

Senior Java developer job description

Java is an object-oriented programming language and platform that can be used to create robust, scalable applications. It is multi-paradigm, reliable, secure, high-performant, portable across different devices and platforms (including mobile), and has excellent documentation and support resources available online as well as many libraries of existing code. With this many aces in the hole, we don’t blame you for looking to fill in the position of a senior Java developer at your startup and grow your project on the Java framework. We hope you can use this senior Java development job description template to post it on job boards and attract the most skilled Java engineers out there. 

Company description

This is an introductory paragraph where you need to sell your company to a potential senior Java software developer. There are multiple similar to your positions on the market. Ask yourself why should a skilled senior Java programmer choose you specifically. You can answer this question by discussing your company’s history and values, mission statement, and goals. Most importantly, don’t forget to describe your work culture, as it is something most employees consider when choosing whether or not they want to apply for a position.


We are “ABC” nutrition company. At “ABC,” we value transparency, sustainability, customer satisfaction, and organic production above all else. Our team of experienced nutritionists works hard to create quality products that promote health and wellness for everyone who trusts us with their dietary needs. “ABC” team is committed to finding and using only high-quality ingredients from trusted sources, so you don’t have to worry about what you’re putting into your body each day. 

Working together as a cohesive unit is important to our company. It isnt just about every individual separately, but also how they fit within our mission of creating affordable and available healthy lifestyles for everyone through excellence in nutritional science. A supportive work culture and mutually beneficial partnerships make it possible for everyone to thrive and grow personally and professionally while working at “ABC.”

Senior Java developer job brief

This paragraph aims to introduce a potential senior Java software developer to the role they will be filling in. Consider talking about responsibilities and skills as well as the personal qualities of a potential candidate that are desired for this position without going into too many details. 


“ABC” nutritional company is looking for a senior Java developer to join its team. In this position, you will be responsible for developing, designing, and implementing software solutions to grow our company. The ideal senior Java engineer should have four-plus years of experience in building high-performance web applications using technologies such as J2EE (Java Enterprise Edition), Hibernate, Spring Framework, RESTful Web Services, or SOAP-based services.

Additionally, a successful candidate has to possess strong knowledge of database design and development technologies like Oracle or MySQL. In this role, we also expect you to contribute to the software development of new features from scratch and enhance existing systems by analyzing business objectives and assessing current architecture.

Senior Java developer responsibilities and duties

In this section create a detailed bulleted list of duties a senior Java developer will be in charge of in your company. This will help candidates to see whether this job aligns with their career plan and what their daily routine will look like, as well as understand the level of responsibility they will have in your team. Quite often, but not necessarily, senior Java developers are expected to manage and lead junior devs in the company. Ask yourself whether this is what you expect your senior engineer to be willing to take on, and make sure to discuss it during an interview. 


  • Analyze user requirements to determine the feasibility of design by focusing on time and cost constraints;
  • Design, develop, test, release and maintain applications using Java technologies;
  • Develop technical specifications based on business requirements;
  • Debug existing source code; 
  • Write clean, well-structured, efficient code in accordance with accepted standards;   
  • Implement automated testing platforms such as JUnit or Selenium;                  
  • Troubleshoot problems identified by users or quality assurance team members;
  • Document all programming tasks and procedures performed during development stages.

Senior Java developer requirements, skills, and qualifications

This paragraph sets performance expectations. Be clear with what you expect your senior Java developer to be able to accomplish, and make sure not to miss anything!


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems, or related field;
  • 4+ years of experience developing software applications using Java technologies;
  • Expertise coding with core Java and J2EE technologies (JSP/Servlets);
  • Experience working on web-based projects utilizing the Spring Framework, including MVC design patterns;
  • Knowledge of HTML5, JavaScript, and XML/XSLT;
  • Knowledge of relational databases like Oracle or SQL Server; 
  • Experience writing complex queries;
  • Hands-on experience in debugging code;
  • Problem-solving skills;
  • Agile methodology; 
  • Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively with a team;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication.

Benefits and perks for Senior Java developers

The closing paragraph gives you an opportunity to shine and show how much you care about the people who work for you. Think of the values your company shares and what kind of benefit could be offered to your employees based on that. Is it a sports membership or an educational opportunity? How many vacation days and sick leave days do you provide? Maybe you are looking into setting up insurance coverage for employees? Elaborate on these questions to create a paragraph that would attract the best and most skilled senior Java developers.


At “ABC,” we provide competitive benefits and perks that reward senior Java developers for their input into the company. “ABC” offers comprehensive medical coverage options, including dental and vision care programs. Additionally, we would like to reward you with annual bonuses based on performance goals and paid vacation days off each year so you can enjoy some restful time away from your job duties!


  • How much can a Senior Java developer get in the USA?

    According to Galssdoor, in Silicon Valley, a senior Java developer will make a yearly worth between 93k USD to 146k USD, or a median annual salary of 117k USD, which makes an average of 56 USD per hour. If we take a look at New York City, wages for the same level dev are slightly lower. The annual salary of a senior Java developer in NY sets between 93k USD and 138k USD or a median yearly of 114k USD and a median hourly of 54 USD.

  • Who is a Senior Java developer?

    A senior Java developer is a software engineer who possesses an in-depth knowledge of the Java programming language and has extensive experience designing, developing, testing, releasing and maintaining high-level applications using it behind their back.

  • What should a Senior Java developer know?

    Three main things every senior Java developer should know are: 
    Object-oriented programming;
    Core Java APIs;
    Design patterns and architecture principles;
    Knowledge of how JVM works;
    Spring Framework to develop web applications.

  • Is Senior Java dev a high-paying job?

    Yes! Even though it varies from company to company and also depends on where you are from, the salaries of senior Java developers are higher than the average salary in most countries. 

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