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A readable open-source language plus a framework for enhancing developers’ business — what could be better for your app? Hire Ruby on Rails developers with no sweat at Lemon.io — and forget the troubles!


Ruby on Rails website development is currently a thing. A readable open-source language (Ruby) combined with a framework to enhance developers’ work (Rails) makes it a powerful tool.

When you hire Ruby on Rails programmers, you pay for web and application development, that is:

Whether you want Ruby on Rails application development, website creation, or something else, we suggest you hire Ruby developers on Lemon.

When hiring Ruby on Rails consultants or developers elsewhere

Good thing there is always a choice. If you are a startup with a limited budget, and your need for extra hands on the project is dire, you should consider hiring remote developers.

There are many arguments for working with independent developers. Here are just some of them:

Everyone’s occupied

Ruby on Rails web development is a thing. Hiring Ruby on Rails coders in Europe or the United States can be difficult. Many of them are already contracting because markets are overheating.

In-house RoR devs ravage your budget

What is the average Ruby developer salary? You should ask yourself, «What Ruby on Rails developer salary can I afford to pay?» Web development with Ruby on Rails can quite often devastate your budget. Check out the numbers:

USA ruby on rails devs salaries

Get ready to pay over $93K per year if you want to hire a RoR developer from the United States.

For the alternatives, you can look at the United Kingdom.

salaries of UK ruby on rails devs

That would be over $46K. Still expensive.

Hidden expenses

In-house and remote RoR programmers are reliable and all. But did you consider the additional costs?

  • Pay FICA taxes (aka Social Security and Medicare taxes)
  • Pay for your employees’ vacations, days off, sick days, etc.
  • Pay for the equipment your in-house devs will be working on
  • Pay office rent, on average, $13-15K per employee annually.

Even if all your employees work remotely and you don’t need an office, other additional costs can still take a huge bite out of your budget.

So, a Ruby developer’s salary is not the only thing you should worry about.

No juniors

Ruby on Rails is a difficult programming language with a steep learning curve, so experienced devs study it more often than newbies. They won’t do junior’s work for junior Ruby on Rails developer salary for you. If you plan to hire a Ruby jun for routine Ruby app development tasks, forget it.

They are picky

Many Ruby on Rails developers have little to no time for interviews, test assignments, etc. Your offer must be worth their time (as they see it).

Cheap alternatives are not an option

You could think front-end and back-end Ruby on Rails development in India or South Asia would be cheaper. But consider this:

  1. High-class dedicated pros don’t work for breadcrumbs, regardless of the country. A skilled Indian in-house developer will cost you as much as an American or European one.
  2. Low prices often mean poor quality of work. Again, regardless of the country you hire in.

You will probably receive unreadable, malfunctioning code if you’re looking for a Ruby on Rails developer for $5 per hour. You will have to spend additional money to train the dev, monitor their performance, and probably replace them.

«Affordable» does not mean «cheap.»

Development companies can kill your startup

So, in-house and remote RoR developers are expensive, and hiring them is difficult.

If you think that hiring a Ruby on Rails development company is a better solution, think again. This is what happens when you pay a company for Ruby on Rails development services:

  • Companies budget salaries and staff maintenance costs into the price.

    You don’t have in-house developers – but they do. Their devs like to be paid on time. Also, they like clean offices, coffee breaks with cookies, and corporate parties. Who’s paying for all this? You are.
  • You cannot control the development process directly.

    You are a client, not an employer. Development companies like to keep their dev routines «under the hood,» because this way no one can tell them how to do their job.
  • You lose direct contact with the dev team.

    There will be one entry point in your communication with the company: their project manager.
  • The company will probably charge you for every project iteration or revision.

    This is normal practice because companies care about their employees getting paid for extra work. Does that make you feel better about paying for everything?

Development companies are great for mature businesses. When you are starting up, you want more affordable solutions.

It’s time to hire remote Ruby on Rails developers

Remote specialists are more efficient than in-house devs

  • You pay them only when there is work to do;
  • No work – no expenses;
  • No additional costs: you pay the agreed price only;
  • Remote Ruby on Rails engineers take no sick days;
  • No vacations, no days off;
  • They can implement changes to the project on the fly;
  • You discuss project details directly with the contractor;
  • You can check with them anytime.

You can solve reliability concerns easily

When startup owners hire offshore Ruby on Rails developers, they usually worry about:

  1. Safety: «How do I avoid scammers and hackers?»
  2. Quality: «How do I find a skilled and reliable developer?»

Now, you have two options:

Option 1. Somewhat minimize the risks

Here are just some ideas you need to keep in mind if you want to minimize the risks when hiring Ruby on Rails developers on your own:

  • Inquire about their experiences;
  • Never agree to 100% prepayment requests;
  • Not put too much trust into specialists whose hourly rates are suspiciously low;
  • Create milestone payments;
  • Communicate and pay only via the platform;
  • Use licensed and updated antimalware;
  • Keep personal and sensitive business information secret;
  • Communicate with them via video calls.

Also, you need to know how to distinguish good devs from bad ones. If you can afford it, dedicate your time learning how to search, select, test, and interview remote developers.

Option 2. Completely negate all the risks and disadvantages of working with remote professionals

Hire at Lemon.io

Simple as that.

How to hire Ruby on Rails developers

Lemon.io is a platform for vetted web developers. We test developers’ coding, communication, and personal skills. After multiple checks, we hire the best ones to assign to your projects based on your requirements.

We do the hiring routine for you and do it well.

Lemon.io accommodates developers of many specialties, Ruby on Rails included. Think of us as a hub connecting you to tested devs on demand.

Other vetting platforms might be doing a similar thing. But Lemon was created specifically with startups, startup budgets, and startup needs in mind.

vetted platforms to hire devs

Pick from 350+ software and web engineers

We house hundreds of back-end, front-end, and full-stack developers. There will always be a Ruby on Rails developer available for you.

Skills to look for in a RoR developer

Lemon has a 4-stage vetting procedure to ensure that all the RoR engineers possess needed skills. We never hire candidates who fail at any stage.

We replace developers free of charge

If our Ruby on Rails developer does not meet your demands or cannot continue working on your project, we will replace them free of charge.

All you need to do is to describe your concern or problem with the dev to us. We will find you a perfectly suitable substitute in no time. With this feature, your project is always safe.

Save thousands of dollars

Rates up to $75 tops. According to ARC, this is at least 15-30% less than average hourly rates in North America.

See for yourself:

Hourly rate for ruby on rail devs

This is how we keep our prices affordable

We work with Eastern European developers. Costs of living in Eastern Europe are about 40% lower than in the United States, hence the rates. On the other hand, the work ethic and professional mentality are the same.

Find your perfect match within hours

  • We will find a perfectly suiting Ruby on Rails expert for your project in 24 hours or less
  • You can trust our experience. 98% of our customers agree to work with the first match we offer and are satisfied with the results
  • More satisfying than matching on Tinder
perfect dev match within hours


  • We have super fast and precise matching within 24 hours or less
  • We provide free replacement if something goes wrong or you want another developer
  • Our highly skilled developers are always available.

Need more facts and answers? Here's a FAQ for you!

  • Why hire Ruby on Rails developers? 

    Hiring RoR professionals is a nice choice nowadays for your IT startup. Why so?
    First of all, because of RoR itself: it’s a highly readable open-source language with a framework to speed up your development business. All that makes RoR an extremely powerful tool for app building and developing your star application. Remember that RoR is a difficult language; it has a steep learning curve, so most developers who’re fond of it are already strong Middles or Seniors, and RoR isn’t their first language. Therefore, you’d better collect some more money before starting to hire them yourself — or address vetting marketplaces like Lemon.io for qualified help. 

  • How much does it cost to hire a Ruby on Rails developer? 

    By asking how much it costs to hire a RoR developer, you ask what the average salary of the IT specialist proficient in Ruby on Rails is. For instance, web developers with a high RoR proficiency can frequently devastate your budget if they live in the US. The average base pay for a US RoR engineer is $93,500 per year. In the UK, the sum is a bit lower — “just’ $46K. Still tough, right? Besides, if you hire a full-time onsite developer, you are bound to pay many extra taxes and expenses. Hiring remote RoR specialists — either by yourself or via marketplaces- is much cheaper and easier. Hiring them through Lemon.io (that’s a vetting marketplace checking all the developers it offers) can be much cheaper than finding them by yourself. 

  • What should I know when hiring Ruby on Rails developers? 

    We’ve penned down an ultra-brief but super useful list. Enjoy!
    Never hire developers with no completed projects and no actual practical experience in RoR.
    Demand for a portfolio with previous experience.
    Ask for references from previous employers (at least two).
    Check out the candidates’ soft skills so that you understand if there’s a chance you two can and will cooperate fruitfully, understanding each other’s requests. 
    Don’t ground your final decision on money only. Consider the whole picture.
    Use freelance websites to advertise your vacancy.

  • What if I am unsatisfied with the hired RoR developer's work and would like to exit? 

    We will gladly share our baseline procedure at Lemon.io with you. You have access to our Customer Success department specialists if you’re our customer. They will surely resolve all the troubling issues in no time. Just contact them. If the developer you hired doesn’t do their job well, we will sanction them and pick up a new specialist for you as soon as possible. Most of the time, it happens over a few days. We won’t demand any extra payment for that.

Our experience with Lemon was second-to-none.

Our experience with Lemon was second-to-none. We were matched with a great engineer who’s incredibly smart, proactive and punctual. We will be using Lemon again for upcoming dev project!!

Oct 22, 2020
Great communication + Sourcing

Lemon was excellent to work with! They are quick to respond and I have always have positive interactions with them. Not to mention the most important part – they sourced us a great iOS engineer who was better than what we were expecting!

Apr 19, 2021
I was looking for a backend rails...

I was looking for a backend rails developer to lead the charge on developing our APIs and platform integrations. We reached out to Lemon.io and they found the perfect engineer in a day. He’s been on the project for almost 2 months and has consistently delivered quality work.

Dec 22, 2020

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