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Harsh as it may be, it’s still possible. How to boost your chances of timely scaling and conquering the app market? 

No tech startup can survive without a strong and dutiful team of web engineers whose regular updates and trimmed solutions secure it from taking water. 

Lemon.io is a talent marketplace helping young tech startups hire vetted web developers proficient in different languages, technologies, stacks, and frameworks. 

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Daniel R.

// senior full-stack developer

Software Engineer with 10 years experience specializing in Javascript; usually prefers to build UI complex websites but also feels comfortable working on backend development.

  • node
  • react
  • typescript
Dev Pic

Salih B.

// middle full-stack developer

Salih is an ideal middle developer - he can cope with a wide range of tasks and conduct research to dig to the root. He enjoys solving problems, boosting his dopamine level when finding solutions.

  • node
  • react
Dev Pic

Denys B.

// senior front-end web developer

Denys is a senior front-end developer with 8 years of experience who has completed a project through our platform. Proficient in React ecosystem, fluent in Javascript & Typescript.

  • javascript
  • react
  • typescript

Igor G.

// senior mobile developer

Igor has been an experienced Android developer in the industry since 2008. He would be valuable to your project as a developer or a team/tech lead.

  • android
  • java
  • kotlin

Huseyin B.

// strong middle mobile developer

Huseyin is a mobile developer who knows everything of his job. He's been coding for 7 years, and his primary expertise is Android. Open to new challenges.

  • android
  • kotlin

Vasyl B.

// senior sofware engineer

Vasyl has 15 years of experience, 10 of which he'd given to iOS & Android. Mobile development is his biggest passion. He's ready for any mobile project that boosts his experience.

  • android
  • flutter
  • +3 skills



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