Developer Reporting Policy

  1. Developers and partners should add reports on active subscriptions every week. When a subscription is placed on hold (“paused”), the work and reports should immediately stop unless the issue with a client is resolved and the subscription is re-activated.
  2. On the current week you should report for the current week only (not the previous ones!).
  3. The week starts on Monday 00:00 UTC and ends on Sunday 00:00 UTC.
  4. If you miss reporting the hours worked on the same week, you will have to submit a custom request through this form. We will review each case individually. We only guarantee payments for hours reported on time.
  5. There is a limit for weekly reportable hours (calculated as your agreed weekly commitment + 10%). For example, you have a full-time subscription with 40h/week commitment, so the maximum you can report every week is 44 hours. If you worked more, submit a custom request to report for additional hours through this form. Developers should request to add excess hours manually; these requests will be reviewed case by case. If your workload increases, please let us know, and we will adjust the weekly commitment limit if a client agrees.
  6. If you must return the client’s time (and money), use the button Deduct mistakenly reported hours.
  7. Enter the exact time with 30 min proximity. We don’t use time tracking systems, but honest and accurate charges ensure long and successful cooperation.
  8. All payments to developers and partners are calculated based on the reported hours in The payouts are made based on the reports done during the calendar month. We pay according only to the transactions. If your invoice differs from the amount, the data prevails.