Developer Placement Fees and Refund Policy

  1. Developer Placement Fees. In the event that Clients hire or contract with Developers directly, or pay Developers off the Platform, Clients agree to pay the equivalent of fourteen thousand dollars ($14,000 USD) of such Developer’s Services as a direct placement fee and not as a penalty (“Placement Fee”). Clients agree to pay such Placement Fee within five (5) days of such direct hire, contract or payment. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Clients hereby authorize to immediately deduct the Placement Fee from Clients' available balance. In the event that Clients' available balance is insufficient to cover the Placement Fee owed, Clients hereby authorize to charge the credit card or debit card for the Placement Fee associated with such direct hire or contract. In the event that Client’s credit card or debit card cannot be charged for the Placement Fee, Client agrees that it shall pay the Placement Fee pursuant to the invoice therefor.
  2. Late or Non Payment. For any payment due to that is more than three (3) business days past due including, without limitation, Subscription Fees and Placement Fees, fifteen percent (15%) interest will be added to the total amount due, compounded each thirty (30) days after payment is due, in addition to collections costs and fees incurred including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees, court costs and other related collection expenses.
  3. Refund Policy; Disputes Between Clients and Developers. Clients understand and agree that it is their obligation to communicate directly with Developers and to supervise and control the Services performed by Developers. In the event of any disputes between Clients and Developers including, without limitation, disputes related to the quality of Services performed by Developers, Clients agree that such disputes must be brought to within ten (10) business days following the month in which such disputed Services were performed. All disputes must be reported using the “Report a problem” feature in Clients’ account. Clients understand and agree that the only remedy for such dispute is the reperformance of the Services that are the subject of such dispute and, where such Services cannot reasonably and adequately be reperformed, the maximum remedy is the refund of an amount equal to the hours paid for the disputed Services up to a maximum of forty (40) hours. Clients understand and agree that there shall be no refunds above the amount equal to the hours paid for the disputed Services (up to a maximum of forty (40) hours).