Yuliia is our Head of Content at Lemon.io. With 5+ years in digital marketing, she is driving Lemon.io’s growth with her spot-on writing and clear messages. A writer and a researcher at heart, Yuliia knows how to engage with the readership and build a story that’ll stand out.

Yuliia has written over 1500+ pieces over the last few years reshaping the world of FinTech, startups, and content marketing with her skills.

How startups can overcome the competition for the best tech talent

Are you trying to hunt developers to join your small but promising team but they all seem not too eager to come onboard? We know that feeling! And it gets worse if you’re building an app using the same tech stack giants like Google, Facebook, Apple, etc. are using.  I mean it feels unfair to […]

How to hire employees for a startup, fast and pain-free?

Believe it or not but studies have shown that startup owners spend up to 40% of their time on hiring (and other tasks that do not generate income). Now, they could have been making money, working on their product, looking for the first investors, and strengthening their network. Yet, they’re stuck ankle-deep, fighting to find […]

The Future Of Work

We asked a futurist to think about the future of work. You already see a lot of change in this space — we’ve gone from most people working full time for companies that provide benefits to more of a world of free agents — working for more than one employer — and having the freedom […]

7 Best-in-Class Apps Built by Part-Time Software Developers

Do you want this world to be a better place? We bet you do. Mark Zuckerberg, Kevin Systrom, and Luis von Ahn wanted it too when they started building their apps that became the best in their niches.  If you want to follow their paths, here is one surprising fact for you to know: in […]

Freelancing Mythbusters: The Real Cost of Working with a Freelance Developer

IT companies have mixed emotions when it comes to working with freelance developers. On the one hand, freelancers are alleged to offer a cost-effective collaboration, but on the other, can their quality be trusted? While the internet is flooded with tons of articles trying to answer these questions, only a very few of them will […]

Java vs. Artificial Intelligence: The Best Programming Language For AI Solutions

In the complex world of AI solutions, innovation is a constant. As software continues to rapidly evolve, so does the evolution of programming languages. However, the newest ways are not always the best ways. And the trusted methods are usually seen as such for good reason. Java, for example, unmistakably falls into this category. Launched […]

The Rise of Freelance Developers: Pandemic Aftermath

There’s no denying that pandemic’s led to the rise of freelance developers. We’ve collected hard data to demostrate just how much it resaped the freelance market. Read on to find out!