//clients you’ll fall in love with, projects you’ll brag about, money conceived in freedom

Why work with us?

Honest hourly rates

Justice for all, not just clients

No sales, just coding

Is this a cult?

We worship the incredible unions our clients form with our freelance developers.

Some say these are the matches made in heaven.
But we know they are made in Kyiv

by our awesome team. you’ll get to meet them during the application process. our acquisition specialists will lead you through all the stages of testing.

Don’t worry, our vetting process is simple and straightforward.

Start by registering. We’ll review your application & get in touch

Next step — 15-minute English test

Then, a live interview so we can get to know you better

The final reckoning? Tech interview by one of devs

That’s it. You’re all ready to start your first project.

Joining Lemon is easy, but not too easy. This is true for everyone, not just developers. Our clients have to match the standards too.

Imagine how cool it’s going to be to work with Matt:

// startup founder

Matt founded his startup 2 years ago after quitting his job at FAANG and built his MVP from scratch with his own two hands.

His company is growing rapidly and he now needs an extra pair of hands to help him deliver new features on time.

He’s ready to trust you the real stuff, not monkey tasks.

You won’t have
to dumb down

when you talk to Matt and will work directly with him and his team. No one in between.

Work with clients you won’t need to babysit

You’re not a sales manager, are you? You’re a developer.

A good one. Not a salesperson

The cake pic

We get it!

That’s why we take care of all the boring stuff and sales process. Just show up for the pre-launch interview with the client and jump right in.

Forget about the sales. Forget about those boring, endless, soul-crushing negotiations. They don’t exist for you in our world.

You still get to choose

tinder pic

We will only offer you projects that match your tech stack, experience, and availability. But you will always have the last word.

  • The task doesn’t seem challenging enough?
  • Didn’t click with the client?
  • The load is bigger than you can handle at the moment?

No problem, we’ll get you a better one!

Allergic to working for peanuts?

We will meet your hourly rate expectations at the market average, based on your skills and experience.

small salary pic

What are our commissions?

Ehmm...we don’t have any.

You get the exact money you earned, same time every month.

We won’t take anything from you.

At all.

We swear on our only eye.

eye pic

Are you the chosen one?
These are the signs:

Sounds about right?
Don’t be shy

Become the part of a bigger story.
Join the exclusive community of the coolest developers and enjoy the freedom of being yourself 24/7. Like these two:

// ann, full-stack javascript developer
// roman, senior python developer

Impressive, but do you work with teams? We do

// if you represent a devs team, apply here

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