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Java vs. Python for App Development: The War of Fierce Backend Rivals

The year 2022 continued the booming application development trend, concisely expressed in the line “Everything you need needs an app.” Boosted by the (post-)pandemic demand of the people secluded in their homes and unable to communicate live, application development continues to skyrocket. So, it’s the most logical and wise step for both junior and senior […]

Vetting Developers at Lemon.io: Our Mighty Way

Lemon.io is a marketplace delivering the best European programmers to the top American companies since 2015. Many entrepreneurs inquire, how do we make sure our devs are the best ones. There are two ways to answer. The short one is a pic on our main page. For the lovers of long-form narratives, we proudly offer […]

8 Hot Mobile App Development Trends of 2022

How does the COVID pandemic shape the business of mobile apps? Learn more about the latest top trends in mobile app development — and be ready for future changes! Introduction In 2020, people spent on average 3.5 hours a day on mobile apps. Pandemic has brought us all home and grasping at any chance to […]